Title: Urban Series - Progress 

Year: 1995 

Artist: Gloria Kagawa 

Medium: Acrylic and lacquer on canvas 

Location: Kitchener City Hall, 2nd floor lobby 

200 King Street West Kitchener, ON N2G 4G7 

Acquisition Method: Other (Arts Works Festival) 

Today the synthetic environment rivals nature as a driving force in our lives. In 

Urban Series: Progress, the foreground is dominated by 20th century urban 

architecture, while the arches and battlements of past eras, seen in the middle 

ground, are in better harmony with the glimpses of the natural world seen in the 

background. We seem to have lost that balance. Progress is a cautionary piece 

indicating a need to keep our organic origins in sight...otherwise we could 

progress to extinction. 

-Gloria Kagawa, 1989