Esotouric is not your ordinary tour company. Their routes veer off into fascinating, neglected neighborhoods. Their expert guides are passionate, brainy and hilarious. Their tour themes are provocative and complex, but never dry, mixing crime and social history, rock and roll and architecture, literature and film, fine art and urban studies into a simmering stew of original research and startling observations. Even their snack stops are unique: a Chinese dumpling picnic in a garden of concrete sea monsters, donuts in the parking lot of Charles Bukowski's favorite liquor store, or Raymond Chandler-inspired gelato at Scoops in East Hollywood. When you climb aboard for an Esotouric bus adventure, you’re guaranteed an intelligent, unpredictable ride into the secret heart of the city they love. These tours are recommended for natives, tourists and anyone who likes to dig a little deeper and discover the world beyond the everyday. Come ride and see for yourself.