Car-free in Liverpool

Liverpool is a fairly small city in terms of locational proximity. This is partly to do with its age. Most of the streets follow street patterns created in the 1600s. Liverpool is expanding, and has recently had the addition of the Liverpool One shopping complex. In the coming years there will also the the arrival of Liverpool central village. This scheme will take up the unused space in between Bold Street and Renshaw Street. As this is so, it will still be in easy reach of the existing streets and will not pose a challange to pedestrians being able to walk to it.

With the plans for Liverpool Waters however, the pedestrian may well have to revert to public transportation. Liverpool waters will take up the disused and deralict docklands next to Stanley Docks and further on too. The time it would take to walk through to the end of the proposed complex without even stopping is for the average person about 45 mins. A mono-rail is planned.

There are quite a conciderable number of streets in Liverpool which are pedestrianised. The bottom end of Bold Street is noteable for this. The city centre is very much taylored to the pedestrian.