The Mareeba Riverside Caravan Park has an assortment of long-term residents, backpackers on working holiday/work & holiday, and grey nomads.  As of March 2015, caravans are $165/week for one person $180/week for two people, or $210/week for three people.  Tent spaces are rented out at $60/person/week, rather than a per-tent rate.  Tents with electricity are $65/person/week, but the caravan park provides the tents.  Rental includes free wifi as well as communal showers and toilets.

The communal kitchen has jam-packed refrigerators, no freezer. It's a BYO kitchen supplies sort of kitchen.  That is, they provide a stove, microwave, sink, water heater, and communal table.  You provide the rest.  Unsuspecting passers-through have been known to resort to using their hands for lack of silverware.  There is a GIANT sign in the kitchen which states "NO SMOKING OR DRINKING" that is completely ignored.  Expect to share the kitchen with at least one smoker at any given time. 

The location can't be beat.  At 13 Egan street, it's just a hop skip and jump to town, and it's called Riverside for a reason.  There's a swimming hole right next door.  And if you're looking for work, it's a great place to live.  Hang out at the picnic table up by the office long enough, and someone might wander up, looking for coworkers!