Barbecued meat is a long tradition for whitey in Australia, and there are plenty of places to partake, even if you don't have a backyard. The following parks have BBQing facilities - in some cases you will need to get in early as the spots are limited and very desirous.  In some cases you will need to pony up a twenty cent coin. You are always expected to clean the hot plate mate. C'mon. It's a barbie, not a bain-marie. Stop with the shenanigans and clean that mofo down.

Of course, despite all of our best intentions to erase other cultures when they don't suit us, it turns out that we aren't the only country that does a BBQ. The Chinese BBQ tradition is well catered to in the Melbourne - between Victoria St, Richmond, the Footscray station area, Springvale and Box Hill Melbourne has a pretty good spread of Chinese BBQ.

There isn't a lot of Malaysian or Indonesian BBQ around, unfortunately, although Kedai Satay on King St in the CBD is great.