Newman, Sam - trained monkey, encouraged to throw shit at the public. Mock outrage ensues and the working class is split between uptight academics and the he's-one-of-us football bufoons. The one percent and Unseen Art are laughing at all of us.

So, John - a former conservative Lord Mayoral puppet. Taught Turnbull and Ludlum that the young will flock to arch conservative wankers if they put on a leather jacket, turn up to festivals and encourage meme creation. 

Minogue, Dr. Craig - One of the perpetrators of the Russell St bombing, Dr. Minogue was sentenced to life with 30 years parole. In that time he has completed his high school diploma, gained a Bachelor of Law from Deakin and completed a PhD thesis, which has been suppressed by the state government. His crime was horrific, his efforts at changing his life are unparalleled in the history of the Australian prison system. He is currently still in prison, and acts as a jailhouse lawyer and creates art. He is sorry for what he did and asks for redemption. This author thinks he deserves it.