The Metropolitan train system in Melbourne is not to a German or Japanese standard.

Consistently deprived of infrastructural or development funding from governments, public transport is traditionally seen as a transport for the poor. No one is chasing the poor's vote. Despite this, there is a continued refusal to allow the young to decorate the trains. Foolish.

The Melbourne metro train system has one striking flaw, visible as soon as the map is seen - it's completely radial. There are a total of 17 distinct train lines, although there are only three that leave the city - one to Richmond station for the southern and eastern lines, one to North Melbourne station for the northern and western lines, and the last for the two north eastern lines South Morang (née Epping) and Hurstbridge, bifurcating at Clifton Hill.

From North Melbourne, anticlockwise, are the train lines to Upfield; Craigieburn, which has a short, infrequently used offshoot to the Melbourne Showgrounds and Flemington Racecourse between Newmarket and Ascot Vale; and the to Footscray. From Footscray we get further bifurcations - Sunbury, with a VLine extension to Melton; and Werribee and Williamstown sharing a line until Newport.