Inside loop north of tracks

Avenue A - This is a diagonal SW-NE street that was the primary link between Old Town and the Courthouse to the new downtown and railroad area.  It existed on the earliest maps of the town in 1885.  Paving of Avenue A from Spring to Church St was done in 1908 by the Rudolph S. Blome company from Chicago using a granitoid blocked pavement (PDH 4/27/1908 p. 3)

Bluff St - See Perry St.

Cemetery St - Formerly known as West St (1890s).

Cotton St - Former name (1885) for Mallard St.  This was changed in 1891-1895.  See Mallard St.

Cranberry St - The former name for Granberry St.  The name was changed after 1935.  The reason cannot be determined at this time without further research.

Crawford St - Exists on earliest maps (1885), however the portion west of Elm was known as Magnolia Rd until 1891-1895.

First St - Former name for Tennessee St south of West Point Rd (Lacy).  At some point in the 20th century the First/Second/Third Sts were moved to the far west side of town near the current-day Loop 256.

Granberry St - Formerly known as Cranberry St.

Lacy St - Lacy St was named in 1901-1904 from pre-existing streets.  Before this time it was known as Maple St (west of courthouse) and Rusk St or Rusk Rd (east of courthouse).  In 1900-1905 the name of both streets were combined into Lacy St.

Langston St - Langston Street was a very old name (from 1891-1896 to 1900-1905) for N. Sycamore St.  Prior to this it was Station St, and after that it was Palmer St.  The 1891 Sanborn map lists a Lansing St north of Magnolia (Crawford).

Line St - See Queen St.

Magnolia Rd - This was the name for what is currently Crawford St west of Elm.  The name was canceled 1891-1895 and the Crawford name was used.

Maple St - See Lacy St.

Mallard St - Formerly known as Cotton St until 1891-1895.

Oak St - Paving of Oak St from Tennessee Ave to Avenue A was done in 1908 by the Rudolph S. Blome company from Chicago using a granitoid blocked pavement (PDH 4/27/1908 p. 3)

Perry St - Perry St is the N-S street that bounds the east side of the courthouse.  In 1881 it was known as Bluff St, then by 1891 it was split into Perry St (N of courthouse) and Bluff St (S).  Between 1911-1919 the entire street became Perry St.  It is possible this was named after a prominent chief of police (serving circa 1900s) but this cannot be confirmed.

Queen St - This street began as two segments: Line St starting at Spring and ending at Crawford, and a second unnamed segment from Lacy north past Palestine Ave.  Between 1905 and 1911 it was joined into a single street and renamed Queen.  The Line St name was dropped.

Royall St - Named after Nathaniel Royster Royall who moved to Palestine in 1873 and established a bank in 1904.

Rusk St / Rusk Road - See Lacy St.

Sycamore St - This street went through a nearly comical series of renamings during the 1890s and 1900s: Station St, Langston St, Palmer St, and Lansing St.  Sometime between 1900-1905 all previous names were dropped and the street took on its current name of Sycamore St.

Tennessee Colony Rd - Former name for Pine St.  In the 1890s it extended from Cedar St west to a segment that became Queen St in the 1900s, then went north becoming a trail and joining with a segment coming from Tennessee St.

Tennessee St - Existed as early as the 1890s.  South of West Point Rd (Lacy) it was known as First St.

West St - In the 1890s this was the name for Cemetery St, a N-S road which divides the current Sheriff's Office from the Cemetery.