Neutral Point Of View

Visitors to our Wiki benefit from hearing the individual perspectives of our editors. However, it is important to differentiate between objective, verifiable facts and personal opinions.

Facts are generally published or otherwise posted in a public medium; they may be found in reports, on signs, in ads, on web sites, etc. In cases where such facts are inconsistent, it is a good idea to reference the source, as well as the fact that other sources disagree.

Opinions, on the other hand, are where Pawtucket's local flavor can be introduced. Regardless of your feelings in terms of service, quality, prices, etc., you should distinguish these edits from verifiable facts. Both positive and negative comments are beneficial, but commentary should be restricted to the topic on hand. Comments on the appropriateness of another editor's comments should go on their user page.

To voice your opinion, use the Comments feature found on many pages, or, if editing the page manually, insert your commentary in a new paragraph and attribute it by appending your user name (and the date) at the end of the comment.

For more information, please read Wiki Community/Etiquette.