There are so many Rhode Island restaurants that they cannot be adequately contained on a single page. This page acts as a portal, helping users find culinary option by location and to some extent by cuisine. Each restaurant district page will offer more information on each restaurant's cuisine. 

Restaurant Districts and Streets

Rhode Island has many restaurant districts and streets. The state's diverse culinary community supports and is supported by local farms and purveyors in the tradition of small towns, or in this case micro-city.

While there are restaurants all over Rhode Island, several key areas stand out. The links on this page will help users identify places they are most likely to find the culinary experience they seek. Often, Rhode Islanders will go to a restaurant district and then, on-site, choose a specific venue based on availability, menu specials, etc. The editors recommend this approach.

Users should note that such an ever-changing culinary landscape is difficult to keep up with. We seek to keep this portal and its subsidiary pages as current as possible. Please add relevant changes/additions on the appropriate pages

Top Outliers

  • RI Outliers - The most notable venues not associated with any specific culinary scene


  • Atwells Avenue (Federal Hill) - many options, closely spaced; historically Italian cuisine; a tourist must-see
  • Wickenden Street (East Side) - Fellini's Pizza, Coffee Exchange, Brickway, sushi and Asian choices, Pizza Pie-er, et al...
  • Hurricane Barrier - includes world-famous Al Forno and other options south of Point Street
  • South Main Street - Hemenways, Barnsider's Mile and a Quarter and l'Elizabeth's (for dessert and a fine aperitif) 
  • Ives Street (College Hill) - small cluster of uniquely Providence options
  • Broadway (West Side) - most venues specialize in locally-grown ingredients
  • Wayland Square (Wayland) - 
  • Thayer Street (College Hill) - options near Brown University 
  • Westminster Street (Downcity) - 
  • Hope Street (Summit) - 
  • Waterplace Park (Downcity)
  • Providence Outliers - notable venues outside recognized clusters

See also, Providence Restaurants


  • Oak Hill - 
  • Outliers - 


  • Thames Street
  • America's Cup
  • Memorial Boulevard


  • Narragansett Avenue


  • Thames Street


  • Boston Neck Rd./Narragansett Blvd.


  • Oakland Beach


  • Watch Hill