The Old Yellow Store

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  • Google map location, also the Old Customs

S.H.S. Collection

  • S.H.S. Collection : ROA - ROC. F3T1. Rock Island, file 2 of 6. Coupures de presse « Local progress in eight years », Stanstead Journal, 13 février 1936, [n.p.].
    • Traite de projets immobiliers qui ont transformé Rock Island entre 1928 et 1936.
      • "At Rock Island the “Old Yellow Store” had been replaced by the present attractive customs building."

The Stanstead Journal

  • Stanstead Journal : « Pioneer Life on the Frontier », 31 janvier 1952
    • 1830: 5 buildings on the « Island » :
  • Article du Stanstead Journal : « Pioneer Life on the Frontier », Feb. 7, 1952
    • “Twin houses”: residence to Mr. L. R. Robinson and Mrs. J. W. Baxter: in trade in the “Old Yellow”
    • 1835: There was but one building (the old Yellow) btw the bridge and the Kelly House on the right hand of the road. On the other side were Foster & Spalding’s, the Gaylord and Walton building, the Wood tailor shop (now O’Rourke) and the Spalding dwelling house on the corner.
  • Article du Stanstead Journal : « Pioneer Life on the Frontier », 14 février 1952 (biographical sketches)
    • J. W. Baxter: had business with different partners in the old Yellow. (d. 1863).
    • Porter and Wiley: Started in the Old Yellow as clerks in the employ of J. W. Baxter
      • Purchased the business after the death of Baxter in 1863 and later became the owners of the Old Yellow store.
  • E. D.Struthers, “Custom Houses of Stanstead County”, in Customs and Excise Examiner, November 1956. (p. 68)
    • The Old Yellow store at Rock Island, which had been built in 1809 by the Hon. Timothy Hinman on the site of the present Rock Island office, was bought and became the Rock Island Customs House.

Forests and clearings

  • Forests and clearings (original publishing July 15, 1874)
    • “The Old Yellow Store”
      • Built in 1809, by Hon. Timothy Hinman. It was first occupied by Nehemiah Colby, of Derby. The property has passed through various hands and is now owned by the heirs of the Hon. P. Baxter. The store has been successively occupied by Baxter & Chamberlin, Baxter & Edmonds, Judd, Bates & Holmes, Judd, Bates & Wood, Baxter, French and Haskell, P. & J. W. Baxter, and Porter & Wiley. (p. 33)

The Who's Who

  • The Who’s Who
    • 1809: Hon. Timothy Hinman
      • Of questionable allegiance according to the Governor of Lower Canada.
      • Being a Vermonter, he built the “Old Yellow Store” on Main Street which was a front for the illicit liquor trade with the U.S.

Documents visuels

Image du Old Yellow Store dans une annonce de BAXTER, FRENCH & CO, The Stanstead Journal, Nº33, Vol. II, 17 juin 1847

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