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A Franciscan place of worship, San Damiano Retreat has been providing solace, guidance, and tranquility to its comers since 1961.

Located in the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness of San Ramon, CA, locals may find a scenic view of Mt. Diablo among the retreat's peaceful setting. Sharing its name with the Franciscan church located outside the Italian town of Assisi, the facility itself holds its roots deep within the mission of Franciscan Friars. Today, San Damiano Retreat opens its doors to peoples of various religious backgrounds who seek out the beautiful scenery for private events, personal retreats, and even those seeking refuge.

Although primarily catering to adults seeking a spiritual getaway, the retreat offers overnight stays lasting anywhere between 1-5 nights as well. A small number of individuals are also able to find hermitage among the Franciscan community located here. San Damiano Retreat has also opened itself to house political and religious refugees whenever the need arises.

San Damiano Retreat also sees many individuals stop by for brief respites along the intersecting Las Trampas Regional hiking trail. Among the steep incline of the path, many congregate here to witness the gorgeous mountain scenery of the Las Trampas hills. The facility's significance has become much more localized among hikers residing in Contra Costa County as a result.

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Origins of San Damiano:

The origin of San Damiano's namesake lies deep within the Franciscan branch of Christian faith. The original San Damiano, located outside the Italian town of Assisi, was the first monastery of the Order of Saint Claire. The Italian church also stands as the site where St. Francis of Assisi heard the church's crucifixion idol speak to him. St. Francis heard the voice of the Lord speak to him three times through the idol, from which he heard -

"Francis, go and repair my church which, as you see, is all in ruins!"

With this directive, St. Francis took it upon himself to physically repair the church of San Damiano, and from there to expand his mission to restore the spirituality of the Christian Faith. In Danville, the Order of Franciscan Friars hoped San Damiano Retreat would remain a bastion against the stresses individuals faced today. In this manner, they continue to carry out the teachings imparted by the legacy of Franciscans who came before.

Giotto di Bondone, St. Francis of Assisi


Retreat And Event Offerings:

San Damiano offers several Sponsored retreat programs to individuals in need of spiritual refuge. From spiritual evenings spent in prayer to group book readings, their programs tailor towards those seeking community away from the stress of modern life. Though their programs remain inclusive to all faiths and backgrounds, a strong focus on Christian spirituality remains present on their events page. But even if a retreat isn't feasible, spiritual directors remain on-site to provide direction for those seeking aid.

Prices may vary depending on the chosen retreat - while spiritual prayer evenings remain free and open to the public, overnight and week-long programs vary depending on the accommodations offered. San Damiano Retreat also offers bookings for conferences and meetings to folks seeking it.