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Opening Hours
Project Club 5.00-7.00pm Wednesdays (14-18)
Friday Club 4.30-5.45pm Fridays (4-11, parents also welcome)
Youth Club 6.15-9.00pm Fridays (11-18)

Friday Club - £1 per child


Youth Club - £3 Non Members, £2 Member


We never what money to become an issue for a young person to attend our clubs, so please come talk to Dan



Youth Angels is about involving our community in making a difference in the community. Originally working as detached teams on Friday Nights we have expanded the work to included other diversionary activities including Youth Club on Fridays, Project Club on Wednesdays and Friday Club early evening on Fridays for under 12s.


As a church based scheme, we believe that to achieve our aims we need to demonstrate the practical love of Christ in our community, to be the Church in our community and to do this by being a visible presence. Our tag line is, 'If you need help, we're there for you.'

Youth Angels operate various Youth Clubs. Through relationship and leadership Youth Angels can be more proactive than Street Angels and be involved in education towards a safer, more healthy lifestyle, including the avoidance of risky behaviour. We can provide knowledge and support to help young people to enjoy and achieve, to make a positive contribution and to achieve economic well-being. As Christians we believe an essential aspect of being healthy, staying safe, enjoying life and achieving is spiritual exploration and awareness.

The Team

The Youth Angels have a loyal and super team of volunteers that enable all the work of youth angels to happen! The team is lead by Daniel Abell