For short term accommodations, Parkmerced is an option where you are able to find housing along with a roommate if needed. On the Parkmerced website, you’re able to virtually tour the apartment.

Parkmerced is only across the street from San Francisco State University meaning the location is very convenient for those who attend SFSU. Parkmerced also offers a $100 credit for public transportation for it to be easier to get around the city.  

Student Living


Parkmerced Information

 Location: 3711 19th Ave San Francisco, CA 94132

Contact information :  415-301-5194


Another way to find housing near campus is through Facebook.

Facebook has an active group where those people around the University are constantly updating and advertising a room nearby for others to rent. In addition to sharing housing locations, this Facebook group is convenient for those seeking roommates. If someone is looking for a roommate, they'll simply tweet and ask if someone is interested. 


The Facebook group is helpful because of how interactive people are on it. They update and add new and different locations that become available which students can rent temporarily if wanted.