San Francisco State University offers opportunities to branch out and explore a different learning style through aAdd a caption
variety of options to study abroad in many countries around the world. The two campus offices below can help you.

SFSU Office of International Programs (OIP) Division of International Education 

Location: Village at Centennial Square, Building C

Information meetings-Monday 10 am, Tuesday 11am, Wednesday 2pm, Thursday 2pm. Services are provided remotely from during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Funding workshops- Fridays 2pm
  • Application workshops- Monday 11am, Thursday 3pm
  • Drop in advising-  10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (415) 338 1293

International Education Exchange Council (IEEC)

Location Cesar Chavez Student Center Room T-125

Phone: (415) 405 0743

Email[email protected]


The International Education Exchange Council, better know as the IEEC is an official student organization what is there to assist students who are interested in going abroad and who are abroad studying at SFSU. They're the largest on-campus organization with over 1,700 members and 70 officers per semester. Their goals are to encourage studying abroad and educating about different cultures within the international and domestic students. The IEEC offers students a place to get involved through various committees that work to plan events for the organization. This organization also works closely with the SFSU Office of International Programs.

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Within the study abroad program at SFSU the Office of International Programs has over 30 different countries where it is possible to study. It can be either just a semester or a whole academic year. The cost for such programs is the same as a regular semester tuition payment at SFSU. All options are varied, all in order to provide different programs depending if you want to learn a different language or the location where you would like to study.


This service is provided on campus with information provided both the office of International Programs at Village C and the IEEC in the Cesar Chavez Student Center where valuable information is given to welcome any student to become more knowledgeable of the locations and opportunities that studying abroad is capable of providing.