Location: 7927 Lincoln Ave, Skokie IL

Hours: 9AM-5PM

Website: minimanmonkeybrains.com

Phone: (312) 543-0098

A local penny candy store in downtown Skokie. It is located at 7927 Lincoln Ave. Mini Man Monkey Brains is a non-profit that works with local autistic programs to provide occupational skills. It is owned by Jim Iverson, along with his son frequently coming to also help out with the store. Many middle school kids and family visits the store regularly, as it's a friendly and welcoming place to visit after a long day from school or just to spend time with your loved ones. As soon as you open the door, you're rewarded by the musical tastes that range to many genres; classical, jazz, pop, anything that you can name they have it softly playing in the background for you to enjoy your stay.

The store offers a wide variety of candy to choose from, as you can find sugary treats and even a number for piñatas for any child to choose from! A Batman, to a clown, Tinkerbell, and even Wolverine! All of the objects within the store is affordable as long as you have a dollar in your wallet-no worries for skipping the store over if you think you don't have enough money for the children, or yourself! The sweets usually costs as cheap as a quarter, enough for one piece of candy.

Next to the candy store lies an art gallery, featuring multiple local artists in Skokie and from other places as well! You can walk through the gallery to unwind all your worries from life, seeing all the artists that you've never heard of possibly create a piece that you can connect with.