LOCATION: 1101 South Ave. to 400 W. Borden Ave.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Acerage: 33.00 Community Park


Seals Community Center

Swimming Pool The pool at Kirk park is a 25 yards long, nine lanes L-shaped outdoor pool, with a wheelchair disabled access ramp and shallow end stairs entry into pool, and a capacity of 464 bathers. The water depth ranges from 3 feet to 11 feet, and children must be a minimum of 3 feet, 11 inches to swim. The pool also has a spray fountain. Please see the Aquatics page for information on our swimming programs.

Athletic Fields and Courts Kirk Park has 1 softball diamonds, a multi-purpose athletic field (for football, soccer, and lacrosse) with bleacher and a press box. Kirk Park has 9 tennis courts, 3 basketball courts, and an outdoor roller-skating area covered by a pavilion.

Playground A playground consisting of swings, slides, seesaws, and climbing bars.


HISTORY: Kirk Park was known in 1890 and earlier as Kirkwood Driving Park and contained a good half mile track, grandstand, and several good sized stables. Horse and bicycle races were held there, and also the County Fair and circuses. Across Onondaga Creek and reached from the Driving Park by a wooden bridge was a picnic grounds known as Kirk Woods. In 1910, it became a City Park and was developed for recreational purposes.