The Arizona Snowbowl located north of Flagstaff in Arizona. The ski resort is a reason why Snowbowl very famous in the Arizona. The flagstaff base elevation over 7000 feet, the Snowbowl base elevation over 9500 feet, which make flagstaff area become a nice and cool place in the hottest summer. Arizona Snowbowl also very close to other famous tourist attractions such as 70 miles to the Grand Canyon, 2 hours driving to Antelope Canyon, 2 hours driving to Phoenix. Yellow Prine forest located here, which is a paradise for people hiking mountain biking and for all outdoor enthusiasts. The North University of Arizona got a lot of benefit from the Arizona Snowbowl. Every year the American Cancer Society will hold climb to conquer cancer event.

The Arizona Snowbowl officially opened in 1938, open 365 days in a year. The interested story about the Snowbowl establishment was when skinner skin to the downside. They could only grip a rope back to the top, and this rope tow powered by a car engine. In the summer, tourist can play golf or hiking or cable car tour. In the winter, this is a wonderful place for skiing.

 They offer a cheaper price for their official website, but only offer next week tickets. In ski area, they provide ski gear for rent, but usually a lot of people around here. Tourists can rent ski gear at the foot of the mountain, which gets a better price, fewer people. Even tourists don't know how to ski. There are beginner area and training available. There only a small food area available in the ski area, which offers drink and burgers. But in the downtown, Thai food, Chinese food, Mexican food, any food you can find in this small town. The Arizona Snowbowl brings over thirty million incomes in the skiing season, which become the pillar of the economy for the Flagstaff.