What is Dirtbags?

Dirtbags is a local bar & grill located off of Speedway and Campbell in Tucson, Arizona. It is a dive bar that has been around since 1982 and has served as a local hotspot ever since. Dirtbags has served as many roles in the Tucson community such as a popular place to grab food and drinks before Wildcat sports events, serving lunch and dinner to the business community and residents, and a crowd favorite for University of Arizona nightlife. Dirtbags is known for their classic shooters and drinks, such as the Buttery Nipple, Dead Nazi, and Sicilian Whore. Alumnae of University of Arizona look forward to coming back to this traditional location to take a trip down memory lane and see how Dirtbags has continued to thrive in the community today. Dirtbags has continued to serve as a social hub for legal students who attend the U of A. It is also a local favorite for bar food, drinks, and fun! Dirtbags is well known by most residents in the Tucson area and has proved its popularity ever since its opening. 

The Dirtbags Tradition

The tradition of dirtbags started roughly 4 decades ago when it opened in the early 1980s. Dirtbags' slogan is "...a part of growing up" which makes it clear that the tradition of dirtbags was strong right out of the gate. Students look forward to a night out at this local bar every weekend- or even during the week! On Fridays, Dirtbags does "Free Wing Friday", for every beer you get 2 free wings. Many students represent Dirtbag's by promoting its iconic T-shirt. Alumnae look forward to homecomings spent at Dirtbag's, where they can reconnect with old friends and enjoy continuing to grow up with the locals. When you enter Dirtbags, you are welcomed with framed photos of alum, signed jerseys from athletes of the U of A and professional sports teams, license plates, framed newspaper articles, autographs of current students and alum, and many photos of people who call Dirtbags family. Arizona basketball alum who are now currently coaching NBA teams have said that a staple of coming back to visit Tucson is visiting Dirtbags for a night. The memories made in Dirtbags is carved into the hearts of all University of Arizona and Tucson locals forever. 



Dirtbags Layout and Location

Dirtbags is located on the corner of Campbell and Speedway, across the street from McDonalds and Aloft hotels. It is also within walking distance of the U of A campus and the high. rise apartments located near Park and Tyndall Ave. It is a one-story establishment that is separated into three parts. When you enter the front doors of dirtbags, you are presented by a large rectangular room with an oval bar in the middle where most of the commotion takes place. Around the oval bar are tall stools and tables where waitresses walk around to take peoples orders. It is all wooden interior, and hasn't been renovated since it opened. The wooden interiors have witnessed decades of lifelong college memories, relationships, friendships, and bittersweet-drunken nights. The antiquity that lies within its walls are what makes Dirtbag's one of a kind-something that they have never planned to change. Dirtbag's has served as a home to most college students in the area and it is a nostalgic feeling for alumnae to visit this local bar and feel right at home. The second room is another smaller area with another bar, and has doors that open to the third section which is the back patio. The back patio has about a dozen tables that people sit around with friends and family. It has black bars gating the area, and a white overhang. 

Legalities and more

Dirtbags is certainly the center of fun around Tucson, however, the local bar promotes safe and legal drinking. Don't try to fool the bouncers in the front unless you are of age. Dirtbag's employed bouncers are trained to spot any underage or fraud forms of identification. Be prepared to face the consequences. Dirtbags has experienced complications with underage drinkers in the past and has a zero tolerance policy for Fake ID's. Sorry to those underage who cannot enjoy the fun quite yet- but everyone will get their time to experience Dirtbag's in a fun, safe, and legal manner at the U of A. Like the slogan says, Dirtbag's is all about growing up. Good things come to those who wait patiently, so cruise on over to Dirtbag's to celebrate your 21st with some classic shooters! 

As for the waiting lines outside Dirtbag's: it is advised to arrive as early in the night as possible to beat the long waits and crowded lines that often wrap down the streets. While it is said that Dirtbag's guests are family, there are no ways to avoid the brutal lines. But again, good things come to those who wait and the wait is certainly worth it. After standing in the lines that approach those wooden doors, visitors are welcomed with loud music, socializing, and yummy drinks and food. Long nights spent at Dirtbag's are the best nights! 


About Us | Dirtbags

Activities and Entertainment 

Stated above, but Dirtbags is more of a late night bar crawl type of venue. Sometimes this place hosts bands, and gatherings some include tailgating for the football games. The crowd usually would flock here before and after most University of Arizona sporting events. During the day this venue looks even like it has gone out of business, at night that changes and on sporting event nights and band nights this place is the late night spot in Tucson. 



Dirtbag's is more than your regular bar and grill. They offer a large selection of both hearty and healthy options. Anything from sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, appetizers, and more. Don't want to sit down and eat, they offer take out as well so you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.  

Apps range from 5 to 9 dollars

Burgers range from 10 to 11 dollars

Salads and Sandwiches range from 7 to 12 dollars

Drink Selection

 Dirtbag's (@dirtbagsbar) • Instagram photos and videos

These are Dirtbags world famous drinks, that are handmade at the bar... All are very refreshing and will make you feel great as well!

Alabama Slammer... Southern comfort (Amaretto, Sloe Gin, Orange Juice)

Oatmeal Cookie... Mom's Secret Recipe (Reminds one of fresh baked oatmeal cookies)

Cherry Cheesecake ... Pop a Cherry Cheesecake (Taste just like a slice of Cherry Cheesecake)

Sicilian Whore... Its a full pitcher of shots (Mixer of different kinds of vodka, with pineapple flair)

*Should be served to a group of friends* 

Cocaine Shooter... Shot thats been around since the 1980's (Vodka, Raspberry liqueur, Grapefruit Juice) 

Sex On The Beach... Vodka Mixer Shot (Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice, Touch of Orange Juice) 

Mind Eraser... Three Layered Shot (Choice of Vodka)

Surfer on Acid... SURFS UP (California Dirtbag Style Drink) 


Daily Lunch Specials 

  1. Monday (Tater-Time Dirtburger... $6.00) (Coors Light, Miller Light 32oz Pitchers... $5.75)
  2. Tuesday (Tater-Time Dirtburger... $6.00) (Coors Light, Miller Light 32oz Pitchers... $5.75) (White Claw... $4.00)
  3. Wednesday (Tater-Time Dirtburger... $6.00) (Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light Pints... $3.50)
  4. Thursday (Chicken Filet Sandwich... $8.50) (Well Drinks... $3.50, Double Well Drinks... $7.00)
  5. Friday (Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich... $8.50) (Well Drinks... $3.50, Double Well Drinks... $7.00)
  6. Saturday -NONE- (Fireball... $3.25)
  7. Sunday -NONE- 

Local Reviews 

Currently Dirtbags holds a 4.o/5 stars on "Google Review".  The bar only has 288 total ratings on the "Google Review" page. Here are some local reviews based on the overall vibe. 

09/1/22 - 5 Star Rating

Dirtbag’s is a great college bar. The drinks are somewhere affordable and the bartender was very attentive. The crowd is really young, since it’s close to the college, but this is a great place to go out for a drink. Also, the bar has a great name. 

2021 - 5 Star Rating

A Tucson MUST! Been around forever.
ATMOSPHERE: great drinks, very popular with the college crowd. Get there early when school is in session. The staff is SPECTACULAR!
FOOD: I HIGHLY recommend the Buffalo Chicken sandwich. Forget all about Popeye's , Chik Fil A, etc. The sauce blows them out of the water. Made on site, so only Ron knows how to make it. Believe me, ive asked.

Love it? Rep it.

Now, everyone can shop the merchandise on their website, www.dirtbagsbar.com, under the tab "Shop". They have everything from both women's and men's hats, shirts, shorts, and even class graduation stoles! 


This crewneck runs for $50

Dirtbag's Tradition Crewnecks | Dirtbags

Class of Graduation Stole costs $50


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