I'm Alexis Caligiuri, I'm 21 years old, and I am a graduate of UC Davis. I finished my undergrad in  Science and Technology studies in 3 years, and now I am studying law at UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall!

Davis Activities

Freshman Year Fall 2013-Spring 2014 I dormed in Thompson Hall on the second floor with the DHC kids when I was a Freshman. I was Webmaster for Davis Anime Club from January-March 2014. I was an intern and peer advisor in Science and Technology Studies all of freshman year. You can check out my blogs at to learn more about STS and our faculty! At the beginning of June 2014 I was nominated and confirmed as an Associate Justice of the ASUCD Court.

Sophomore Year Fall 2014-Spring 2015 I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy with UC Davis Quarter Abroad; I was be reinstated in my position as an Associate Justice of the ASUCD Court when I returned in January 2015. I am also currently the Morale Officer (and part-time Diplomatic Officer) of the Star Trek Club at UC Davis. I'm probably going to be chilling with the Anime nerds again this year— especially as I'm rooming with 3 of them <3 at Le Tournesol Apartments. In March 2015 I was nominated and confirmed as Chief Justice of the ASUCD court. I have also been involved with the Pride Month Planning Committee and its' subcommittees on panel programming and the Out List Social. 

Junior Year Fall 2015- Spring 2016 Graduated! I worked at Computer Lab Management and served as the Communications officer of Star Trek Club. I had a few fun encounters at the makerspace and published a Senior Honors Thesis on speculative fiction and government surveillance. Hit me up if my fellow wikizens are in Berkeley!

I was so happy to be with the wonderful people and community in Davis! This wiki has seen me through some truly excellent adventures. Thank you all.


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2013-03-15 22:03:31   Welcome, Alexis! —PhilipNeustrom

2013-03-16 09:14:24   it is never too early to participate. Are they going to force you into the dorms? —StevenDaubert

2013-03-16 09:21:30   I agree with SD. Welcome!! —CovertProfessor

2013-03-17 14:24:02   Thanks guys! I just visited again yesterday— and fell even more in love! —AlexisCaligiuri

2013-04-22 10:41:15   Alexis what is your favorite star trek series and what are some of the animes you peep? —StevenDaubert

  • My favorite series is TOS, then TNG and then VOY. I actually have a science officer's uniform from the original series! My anime tastes are very immature— I especially love traditional Magical Girl and Hetalia, though I strive to be among the gentler, calmer, less psychopathic members of the fanbase of the latter. -AC
    • If you haven't given it a shot, check out the fourth season of Enterprise. The change when Manny Coto took the series over is startling, and as a fan of TOS, was absolutely perfect (other than the horrible finale). I say this because I know Trek fans who couldn't get into Enterprise and missed out on the fourth season refocus. Coto wraps the prior plotlines in a couple episodes and then launches headlong into classic Trek themes and concepts. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
      • Yeah, that was me. I think I only made it through two seasons of Enterprise, and that was after surviving all of Voyager, which had its moments but was not my favorite. (My ordering is TNG, DS9, TOS. Someone could probably do a psychological analysis of different people's Trek orderings). —CovertProfessor
        • I agree about the psychology of Trek preference! I only made it through the first two seasons of Enterprise— I couldn't stand the "Temporal Cold War" storyline or the crews initial incompetence. But I will be sure to check out the fourth season! My only other gripe about that show was the fact that they put a coherent song as the theme song. They were singing the words. Why would they do that?! -AC

2013-09-27 16:15:56   It was nice meeting you! I would love the chance to get to know you better and continue nerding out re: metaphysics of star trek... —StevenDaubert

  • Definitely! Would you be up for coffee and trek talk sometime? Or should I just keep buying crepes? Or both? -AC
  • yeah sounds good. Do you have a caffeine preference or would Cloud Forest do? I was brought back to the crepe for a few more weeks b/c the normal guy got injured. Owner usually departs by 14:00 if you come by after then I can hook it up! Daubert
  • Cloud Forest sounds great! What day/time works for you? And I will definitely have to hit up the crepe! :) -AC
    • Sometime that is conducive to actually kicking it instead of rushing... Next weekend in the early afternoon? Daubert
      • Next Saturday around 2pm sound good? -AC
        • fantastic - rendezvous around 2 ~SD

AC: I totally forgot to ask what your middle name was, also when get your bike & finish midterms here is a list of stuff to go check out... The Dominoes which are part of Northstar Greenbelt, Big Kids Park & the Arroyo Park UFO East D has Slide Hill. In South D check out Willowcreek Greenbelt & the home/castle occupied by the partial inventor of the artificial heart (he did a valve and a right ventricle?) South of El Macero . There are other noteworthy spots but this is a good start to exploring Davis ~Daubert

  • Thanks! -AC

2014-09-06 14:26:24   Hi AC, One of my friends is taking philosophy & really wants to read star trek & philosophy. Whenever you get a chance drop me a line so he can get his bite at the apple! —StevenDaubert

  • Absolutely! Unfortunately I'm in Florence, Italy for this quarter, and won't be back in the states until January, but I will definitely let you know then! Thanks for your patience and generosity!! :)
    • awesome, enjoy Florence! Are you staying there or are you euro rail pass modes? SD