Judging by his wiki edits, AlphaDog is probably one of the coolest people in Davis: social justice, plants, animals, and alcohol! AlphaDog was a prolific wiki editor, contributing thousands of edits, hundreds of pages, and hundreds of images. It's a shame he's stopped editing, whatever his reasons may have been. You're always welcome back here, Mr. AlphaDog! —PhilipNeustrom

With Spring just around the corner, I eagerly anticipate your/her/his continued insight into the town flora! CraigBrozinsky

AlphaDog was named as one of JabberWokky's Best Authors.

Can you email the pdf of the wiki sticker to info AT titaniumpress.com? —SharlaDaly

Sorry I didn't get to you sooner, or else I would have asked about them. They probably would have, or at least some kind of gardening things. I'll ask ahead for next time!! —ChristyMarsden

You are the only one on the VMTH page who didn't automatically attack me for telling my story. Thanks; I really appreciate that. -AnsateJones

-Nice job on the horses page! -Once fell off a horse

- Thank you SO MUCH for adding the horse info. I have wanted to find out more info about riding in Davis, and you did all the research for me! -JanelleAlvstadMattson

- ASUCD doesn't have a fraternity site, maybe you mean SPAC? The black frats are not part of IFC either. They may also not be registerd student groups, but there are several, at least 3 international ones that I tknow of. JimSchwab


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2006-11-22 13:50:13   Thanks for the volunteer info, AlphaDog! —EliseKane

2006-12-14 16:11:29   Re: Your question, which I didn't notice. I agree that entries should sit around and gather momentum, but Talk pages tend to be a different story. In that case, it seemed that everything had been tied up, and I couldn't really see any more to discuss and wanted the Talk page deleted so the focus could go back to editing entries (which in an odd way supports my "give entries time to expand" concept). —JabberWokky

  • I understand what you're saying and your response above offers additional perspective. I suppose I envisioned the Davis Enforcer Talk page as more of a "Chronicler of Ostrowski." Not appropriate I realize, yet when people choose to make the wiki a Tool, in my mean, spiteful way I think it somewhat righteous to keep a record of their actions for the benefit of future employers. ; -) —AlphaDog

2006-12-19 03:42:34   Nice rewrite of Royal Oaks. That was a thorny one. I assume you noticed the current Featured Page? —JabberWokky

2006-12-20 03:23:17   Ever since you (AlphaDog) wrote what I interpreted as a veiled personal attack on me, I am not a big fan of yours. Apparently a lot of people really appreciate your contributions to DavisWiki but I find you to be a coward. —EfremRensi

2007-01-09 10:58:40   What happened to the sandbox? Why don't some sites have a comment line? I would like people who have used contractors or subcontractors to be able to leave feed back about their experience. For instance, Paradise Pools remodeled my pool, we had some difficult issues, like we have to stop working until this is settled. In the end both parties were happy with what was done. I figure it is more useful to know that you can work out problems than to just know, the contractor does good work. I've tried to get homeowners to post the people who have worked for them so we have a network of referrals. Seems like a real Wiki thing to do. What say? —BarbaraClowers

2008-01-20 20:20:20   Is Alphadog related to X-Ray Dog? —JaimeRaba

2009-01-14 09:21:59   Welcome back, AlphaDog! I've appreciated reading your wiki comments ever since I started here, but I've especially enjoyed your edits to the dog-related pages. —CovertProfessor

2010-08-19 03:17:09   alphadog, i noticed the picture you added for hiking/backpacking (http://daviswiki.org/Hiking_and_Backpacking) and wanted to know where the location is. I want to take my rylee, my german shepard =) —tapioca.queen

2011-08-16 18:29:41   Hey! Welcome back, stranger! You have been missed... I'm always coming across your photos and realizing how much you contributed to the success of the wiki. —JabberWokky

2011-08-16 18:55:26   Welcome back! (Or: thanks for stopping by!) —PhilipNeustrom

2013-06-24 14:09:23   Here it is, Summer of 2013, and I'm still happily tripping across photos you added. Thanks. —JabberWokky

2014-08-01 17:47:52   It's been so long since I've checked in that I've actually forgotten how to edit! Love reading all the nice comments folks have posted during the in-between years. You guys are the best!! —AlphaDog

2014-08-01 22:31:07   Good to hear from you AD ! Be well —StevenDaubert