I'm Amy. I live in the Mission. I helped start this wiki.

My favorite things are Zeitgeist and Zante Pizza.

My favorite SF Wiki pages are DeadBird, Tuesday Noon Siren and How to Drive Across Market Street.

My kingdom


Laughing at your edit comment on Ben Daux's macallister page :P —PhilipNeustrom

2007-11-18 11:15:47   No, not Mel's. Although that's open reasonably late too. It's next to Mel's. It's a kinda divey cafe. I used to go there to study late into the night because they have excellent lighting. —Mingwong

2007-12-08 00:16:21   Nobody calls it "san francisco caltrain station." Maybe it should say forth and king in big letters on the page? —PhilipNeustrom

2007-12-29 17:45:35   Awesome San Francisco Zoo addition! —PhilipNeustrom

2008-01-23 12:03:57   I'm actually working for the city of West Sacramento and I'm finishing up school at Davis after having a silly hiatus. I'm trying to contribute to the different wikis but it's sooooo hard to find the time these days >_<

P.S. Zeitgeist huh? I know a lot of riders that hang out there =P —MasumiWatanabe

2008-02-04 20:09:39   I remember telling you that plastic bags were banned because they contained that synthetic estrogen, Bisphenol A — turns out I was wrong, btw. —PhilipNeustrom

2008-02-15 11:37:34   I talked to Mike and because he's so smart: The way the deductions work is that you "deduct" to get your taxable income. So you can donate up to 50% of your income and then that decreases your taxable income. So if you made 50k, donated 2k, then you can deduct the 2k to have a taxable income of 48k — you still pay the normal taxes on the 48k, but it's less than you would otherwise.

So you can kinda think of it as a "30% off!" deal you make with the IRS.

(this is philip) —

2008-09-22 18:26:36   Somebody's on the sfbc mailing list :) —PhilipNeustrom

2010-12-01 11:42:13   Thanks for making the Samtrans page! Also check out the awesome Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport page. —NickSchmalenberger