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2010-05-31 17:34:41   Hello and Welcome to the Wiki! I'm guessing you are the owner or employee of Expressions Hair Design. Here's a couple helpful pages for you:

Welcome to the Wiki -- Business Owner - How best to interact with the Wiki Community as a business owner

Templates/Business - A basic template for making a new business entry.

Feel free to ask anyone for help! —ARWENNHOLD

2010-09-08 09:01:14   Hi Anamaria. Thank you for your comments on my page — you don't owe me an explanation, but I appreciate it anyway. It's always hard when a stylist leaves a salon, and it's even harder, I'm sure, when business partners separate. I agree that the wiki pages should say which salons the stylists have gone to — that's the sort of information a client might want. Some of the people who edited the page did go a little beyond that and seemed to be trying to steer customers from one salon to another. But anyone can make a mistake, and I understand that these were not edits that you made, but edits that others made. So, thank you again for the clarification — I think the pages look good now, and as someone involved with neither business, I hope that both of your businesses thrive. —CovertProfessor

2010-09-09 14:35:03   Hi Anamaria, in my point of view, many businesses go apart for many reasons, of which needs to be handled in a professional manner and kept confidential between each partner. Of what I observed on your part was no professionalism at all. And you are right, your clients deserve to know where you have moved, of which you had ample time to notify your clients of your new location. My intensions were not to start a battle but to put on here the correct information in a professional manner. And like CovertProfessor mentioned, who ever did edit the page did go a little beyond just editing. —ElizabethL

2011-11-08 17:20:31   Hello Anamaria! While I do understand updating business info, try to refrain from removing history. The wiki is above all a Davis information source, and the history of where people have been is the kind of thing that is generally held onto. But as a fellow salon owner I love seeing more info added! —Davidlm