Greetings to you, if reading this. I actually reside in Woodland myself, but I am linked to the city of Davis by the fact that my boyfriend worked for the UC for the past 5 years and I have been a student at the UC for ~2 years now. BUT I just joined the Davis wiki..

I do enjoy eating general. I like good/decent food, and will eat just about anything. I must seriously recommend The Waterboy if you're looking for a nice meal in Sacramento- it's fine dining, but not overpriced. Probably one of the best restaurants in Sacramento.

I also highly recommend Addis Ababa, an Ethiopian restaurant. While this is simple fare (and probably not very interesting for vegetarians) I was struck by the overall excellent quality of food and attention to detail paid by the owners of the restaurant. What I mean by this is that the food was flavorful and well prepared, the cold beer was very tasty and fresh, and the spiced tea (not unlike a milk-free chai) was perfectly prepared. I received an overall good feeling from this restaurant, and would recommend it highly to anyone seeking to try something new.

Also recommend: buying wine in Davis. Valley wine company, Davis co-op, and Tucos wine bar are all excellent wine retailers that are not looking to rip you off... unlike, say, David Berkeley's in Sacramento.

About myself...cooked professionally for a while. Fine dining, grill, saute, salads, shucking oysters, flipping eggs- Will be graduating soon from UCD with a degree in clinical nutrition.

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