Douglas Hall, aka Decterlove, in Sum Slightly Mad Arcane, and Mild to Moderately Archaic Circles...

I am a writer with a fanciful imagination and I entertain kids at schools and birthday parties and many other events with live snakes. My favorite snakes are pine, bull, gopher, milks and the larger rats in North America. Not as much into tropical boas and pythons. I like big colubrids. I breed Black Pine snakes, some years more successfully than others although I much more enjoy handling and presenting them.


I Googled snakes in Davis a month or two ago and was fascinated to find out that your Giant Garter Snake in the valley gets almost six feet long and is mostly aquatic. I knew about giant garter snakes but I didn't know they were in California and didn't realize they got quite that big. I was also amused that the rattlesnakes in Davis usually get here by getting washed over in the water channels. I'd love to see a striped gopher in the wild someday over here. We have a one at the Petaluma Wildlife Museum.

I'm also fascinated by wetlands. We have a fantastic wetlands park over in Petaluma and after having hiked there for the past 9 years, I was absolutely riveted by the Suisun Marsh and the valley farmlands in general on my first trip via Amtrak over here last March. It's so different than the landscape of the North Bay. I loved watching Diablo Mountain change angles as the tracks curved and wondered to myself if the Native Americans (Ohlone? Miwok?) had considered it as the central landmark in their world 500 years ago and what their spiritual relationship was to it.

I am also very fascinated about how the web can do community. And marketing for small businesses at the "grass roots" level in this ever changing Global Economy is something I get passionate about. I distribute cards for an interesting forum community website over here called

Well, that's a good start. Had an incredible chicken grilled sandwich last night at ? Sudwerks? I think. Yummy!

P.S. (for now...plan to add a lot more to this page soon...this is fun!) Does anyone know of any wikis over this way in the North Bay areas? I've done a cursory search but it seems like Davis is an exceptional little hub here. And yes, I would be willing to start one once I figure all this out a little better. Thanks!

Oh P.P.S...As I mentioned, I'm also a writer and here's a sample of my bizarre and slightly arcane sense of humor. Cow bellow!


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2008-10-22 07:45:04   Hi Douglas! I merely fixed some links and formatting on the page because it was broken. I did add the bullet list in order to fix things, but I think a table would actually work better. You might start by reading the Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner page if you're new to the wiki! It'll help you get started. Note that if you're curious exactly what someone edited, you can use the "Info" button on the top of any page to compare points of history. —WesHardaker

2008-10-22 10:26:17   Howdy, Douglas! I saw your trepidation regarding posting a link to another editor. Everything on the wiki is common sense (of course, sometimes people disagree on what is common sense, but that's why we talk things through). Posting a link to your personal website isn't a problem if it's to somebody who might be interested. Posting it on the Real Estate entry is probably not cool. Posting it on the front page, after deleting everything that was there is pretty much considered a Bad Thing. But there's not a list of rules or anything, just a bunch of people working together and trying to make a good resource for the community of Davis. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-10-24 13:20:58   After that recent edit: "(doggy!)", I just have to ask if you're a fan of Freefall. —JabberWokky

2008-10-24 16:08:00   Hi Douglas, thank you so much for the info! I definitely plan to use those treatments! I haven't yet because I had some work done on that arm anyway and it really helped. Julie's wiki info looks great! Also, I've heard of Harbin from a friend and heard it was wonderful. I have a ball python - still not too big but getting up there as well as a bearded dragon and 3 cats! Also,!! my mother is writer as well, she has some published stuff. If you google her, you'll find lots of good information. Her name is Rebecca Fransway. She now sells vintage costume jewelry online at I guess that's a lot of information - but there you have it! —Rachelottlinger

2008-10-25 06:21:29   Check out the Wiki Directory for local wikis, and if there isn't one, you can create a wiki. —JabberWokky

2008-10-25 09:47:43   Thanks, I'll check out that snake site when I get a chance and Julies other wiki sites! —Rachelottlinger