Name: Andy Hilliard

Personality: An average Joe living in Davis


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Howdy, Andy. The reason the Village Homes entry lacked any sort of critical viewpoint is simply that nobody had yet made one. Your comment has been integrated into the entry itself now, slightly rewritten to fit the text. Talk pages are for temporary conversations when people disagree about an edit, not for discussion of the actual subject... that can (and should) go right on the entry itself. If you feel an entry lacks a particular point, feel free to add that point directly to the entry text itself (making sure to respect the other points already there). That way, all of the accumulated viewpoints from different perspectives start to reflect the views from the entire Davis community.jw

2008-09-17 06:01:23   Out of curiosity, who was the other periodontist you went to that you liked? —WesHardaker