Gianni Rosas-Maxemin can be described as a "Doer". Someone who wakes up in the morning and makes positive changes in society, one step at a time. To the student he is known as the book worm, to the family he is known as the Soprano, to the business partner he is known as the "rake" and for everyone else he is known as Gianni. He is exceptionally hard working, motivated, energetic and engaged with profound interest in society, judicial values, helping and contributing to others.

Extracurricular activities include:

  • Active member of Theta Xi Fraternity,
  • External Affairs Commissioner (EAC) for UC Davis,
  • Vice President of Senate for ASFC,
  • Senator and Media & Communications Coordinator of ASFC,
  • Student Representative on Scheduling Committee for ASFC,
  • Student Representative on Curriculum Committee for ASFC,
  • Captain of the Palo Alto High Varsity Wrestling Team,
  • Statewide experience for Student Government at: SSCCC, COUGH, PUENTE and CCCSAA.

Volunteer Service Includes:

  • Speaker for the UC Davis PUENTE program during a Conference Transfer Panel,
  • Tour guide for college campus tours for underprivileged/troubled
  • Smoking Awareness representative for the students at Foothill College,
  • +/- grading and Block scheduling representative for the students at Foothill College,
  • Speaker on behalf of the students at Foothill College at the San Jose City Hall for the VTA Bus routes,
  • Community Charitable Service organizer,
  • Wine cultivation in Portola Valley,
  • Environmental awareness (ACTERRA)


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2008-10-29 23:48:12   Why are you editing Gianni when there is this page? —JasonAller

2008-11-08 19:03:31   There is a difference between a personal page (like this one) and a public figure page (like Gianni Rosas-Maxemin). Traditionally there has been a separation between a public figure page and a personal page. It is considered poor form to remove information from your own public figure page. —JasonAller

2009-02-25 20:28:32   I removed the information since I am no longer running for senate, but thank you for noting the importance of my information and putting it back up. —Gianni

2009-02-26 03:32:04   I honestly don't see what you have against the word slate. ACT is a slate. It fits the definition. i.e. "Slates are UC Davis school government candidates' version of political parties on Campus. While some view them as cliques, many in ASUCD recognize their purpose in providing support and assistence to candidates and senators."

ACT ran senate candidates, "providing support and assitance" to them. ACT has a platform with set goals, like all other slates/political parties.

Let's call a spade a spade here. You aren't fooling anyone, you're coming off as immature by consistently denying the fact that ACT is a slate. Maybe you feel ACT transcends traditional boundaries of political organizations, i.e. slates. That's great. It doesn't however transcend boundaries set by definition, especially the consensus ones of the Daviswiki community. —MattBlair

2009-02-26 11:02:27   Seriously, stop changing it back. ACT is a slate, get over it. —MattBlair

2009-02-26 11:13:47   Whatever makes you happy... but it would be false to encapsulate definition as your reason because by definition, ACT is not a slate. You cannot register as a slate on UC Davis, it is important for people to shake off this idea because the connotation of slate has been polluted by previous organizations. Here is your definition - "a list of candidates for nomination or election" (Merriam Webster). We can argue semantics for as long as the dictionary supports me and until SPAC starts registering "slates", I will call ACT an "organization". However, this does not stop you from changing the wording on daviswiki. I understand you are in LEAD and like to stir up trouble, however neither of these extracurricular activities makes you the expert nor does it give you the proper equipment to call anything "immature". —Gianni

Get over yourself. The official ballot says ACT is a slate. That means you guys presented yourselves as such to the elections committee. Silly ASUCD drama whores... when will you learn that we don't care about your cutesy little political aspirations? —WilliamLewis

  • For the sake of information, I would like to point out that Merriam Webster is not the sole source of "definitions". Here is one example from the ASUCD Bylaws: "A “Slate” is any group of candidates and/or Tickets who run together under a common name or common slogan." - Bylaw 401 B. ACT in this past election appears to have fit this "definition" quite nicely.
    • Yeah, it was intended to be a pretty loose definition. I wrote it so that we couldn't have any punishments against a slate, but to make it easier to do endorsements. While the idea of a slate may have bad connotations to some people, ACT is clearly a slate and LEAD is clearly a party. To see why... well, just go read Slate. —BrentLaabs

2009-02-26 11:19:06   I'm not in any ASUCD thingy, and never have been. You're arguing spirit vs letter of the definition in a ludicrous way. Nowhere in the definition of slate does it say the group must be registered as a slate. That's a silly argument: becuase then we can say there's no such thing as a slate anywhere. The definition from Wikipedia has this right below the main definition: "The common platform may be because the candidates are all members of a political party or have the same or similar policies, or simply that they are a group of friends." Slate is a general term. And it is *exactly* what every single group/political party in ASUCD actually is. Same political party, similar policies, or a group of friends. You may dislike the connotation of the word and want to not try to use it, but that doesn't change the fact that that's still what it is. —EdWins

2009-02-26 11:20:02   I would still like to point out that if it is on the wiki, it needs to conform to the standards of the wiki, which includes the publicly accepted definitions the wiki presents. I would also like to explain to you why such matters are important for conformity on this type of website.

However, I shall not for I have trouble to go stir up. —MattBlair