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2009-02-27 13:57:34   Hi there, why did you remove the information about short-term leases for University Village? Do they no longer offer this option? —ElleWeber

2009-02-27 16:07:33   That is correct, University Village only allows the standard 12 month lease (early September - August 31st). —JPowell

2009-03-03 09:51:13   Hi again. I put back the crime stats you deleted on Tanglewood. It may be false, but it was a part of someone's comment and it's generally preferred that others' comments be respected and not deleted; this does not mean that others can make nefarious claims and get away it, however. A few alternatives would be to leave a comment of your own on Tanglewood or on the user's page, stating that you couldn't find any evidence of these claims. —ElleWeber

2009-03-03 10:33:14   Okay, I'll try that. I just didn't think it was fair. The link they provide doesn't have anything to do with Tanglewood (it just links to a snapshot of Davis crime) and I figured uncited data (like 9x the crime rate) should be removed. Thanks. —JPowell

2009-03-12 20:56:48   I'll set up the archives, but for future reference see Wiki Community/Archiving Comments. —JasonAller

2009-03-13 11:52:43   Hey, you should be aware that those 866 numbers don't work outside the local area. If somebody is calling from the East Coast or Asia (for example, a student looking for housing, or a resident traveling and trying to reach the office), those numbers won't work. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-03-27 10:37:16   Howdy, Mr. or Ms. Powell... I tried calling Sequoia Properties to get in touch with you, but they don't know anybody by your name. I'm guessing you're associated with one of the local properties? The reason I (and now also William) put back the 530 numbers is because those 866 numbers do not work outside your area. I am sitting in central Pennsylvania right now, and when I call those 866 numbers, they do not work. If somebody from this area is moving to Davis, they cannot use those 866 numbers to find an apartment. When we moved from Davis to here, we got our town house via the internet. It would be a shame if people interested in those apartments could not contact you, or if current residents couldn't contact management when they were traveling, which would be fairly common given that students commonly travel around and/or are originally from outside the area. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-05-12 15:22:48   Thank you for the info. I will let my superiors know that this is any issue, for the reason we have these numbers (besides tracking) is to give non-local residents a toll free option. And yes, my office is not based in the corporate office if that is where you called.