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2010-01-20 16:25:06   Welcome to the Wiki. Please read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner. It will explain why your edits are going to be reverted. —JasonAller

2010-01-20 17:58:52   Karen, I'm sorry that the earlier message was so short, but now I'm in front of a keyboard and can explain a little better. I looked at your edit history and saw that you'd been around the wiki for a while even though all your edits are on one page so far. I glanced at the edits you were making and saw that you'd removed content, links, and formatting from the page. I thought I'd give you a heads up that those edits were going to be reverted, and I see that someone has done that. I want to reach out and explain why. If you read the Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner page it will explain a little bit of general information. In addition to that I'll go on to explain a few other bits. The || characters that were at the start and end of lines near the top of the page are the way that the wiki knows to display something as a table. The words in ["square brackets and quotes"] are links, and I see you removed a bunch of those while you were editing. Images can be quite large when the are uploaded and then formatted to display using the image macro: [[Image(photo.jpg, right, thumbnail, 400)]]. Let us know if you have questions, but Please Remember to Preview. —JasonAller

2010-02-12 14:21:17   The photo was restored because to remove it disrespects the efforts of the photographer. —JasonAller

2010-04-01 15:11:24   How about you stop removing the photo? I see the photo that you want to replace the old one with. It is low resolution, poorly scaled, super-saturated, and in a file format unsuitable for a photograph. —WilliamLewis

2010-04-01 15:53:53   Can you please stop editing The Arbors? You've been here for months and you haven't yet made an edit that didn't make the page worse. —WilliamLewis

2010-04-01 19:55:09   Karen have you read the messages for you on this page? —JasonAller

2010-04-01 20:04:42   I think the point can be summed up this way: all of the wiki pages — including pages about businesses — are co-written by members of the Davis community and meant to reflect the multiple perspectives of the Davis community. They are not free advertisements. While businesses are encouraged to contribute, they have to work with the rest of the community on the content of pages. —CovertProfessor

2010-04-01 21:17:54   Ms. Mattis, do not attempt to contact me outside of Davis Wiki again. Any discussion about content on here needs to take place in public where the entire wiki community can read it. —WilliamLewis

2010-04-01 21:39:17   I think that William is frustrated that you've been coming to the wiki to edit only the page about The Arbors and it has been three years and you've not bothered to learn some very basic things about the wiki or ever contribute anything anywhere else on this wiki of over 15,000 pages.

To an editor who came here to help the entire wiki grow, encountering someone who only edits for their own monetary interest is rife with potential conflict. You or someone at the Arbors pays for them to have a website; on that site you can do whatever you want. Here on the wiki it is a free community resource; your history of edits shows that you don't understand that. The page about The Arbors is a community resource, not an advertisement. Taking a good photo off of it and putting one of lesser quality back without proper formatting is vandalism. Vandalism gets reverted. —JasonAller

2010-04-05 10:37:44   Dear Jason and William,

Thank you for your comments, thanks for sending me this link Jason, I had not seen it before. I contacted both of you off the Wiki site as I did not get a response when I posted a comment on your page, I apologize if that was disrespectful in any way, that was certainly not my intent. I do only edit the Arbors page-because I am the manager and I want to get out as much info to people has possible with the most updated photos. I understand that this is a community website and I cannot change/alter/delete comments, I thought I was permitted to add info on to the page such as the texting info/rent up info. Thanks again for the info.

Karen Mattis —KarenMattis