Katmo is an Adams Point resident and one-time Dec-o-Winner.  



  • The Rumford and I-980 freeways that divide the city

  • Messes left by Canada geese and illegal dumping

  • Dangerous intersections and potholes



Julio (Feb 1, 5pm): I don't want to keep editing your page, but since you have some interests listed (thank you, btw), I wanted to share some links/pages.

I don't know you, but I want to edit your page, since Julio did! Since 980 bugs you, check out the history of the Grove-Shafter part- very interesting ties to Black Panthers (maybe you already know?). -lb Feb 1, 5:09 pm

  • Geography (Group of us planning to take over mapping galore)
  • Great Bike Parking (the city maintains a good amount of information on this, among other things, but it's hard to find sometimes, maybe worth an OaklandWiki entry?)