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2009-03-08 15:24:11   These are beautiful photos, Marc! Mary —MaryHotaling

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2009-03-27 02:59:41   Marc. Thank you for the warm welcome to HSL Wiki. I am posting from many miles away; Regina, Canada. My great-great grandfather was James McClelland, owner of land that was divided after his death, and became known as French Hill, hence the parallel James Street and McClelland Street. I was hoping that in some way, I could help and be helped in my genealogical research by sharing here. —ScottHazelwood

2009-03-28 00:01:32   Thanks Marc. What was the title search you mentioned when looking for your house? How did the name come up? I have used the Northern New York Library Network; it is amazing and has helped so much. Thanks for making the page, I will add what I know to help with the site. —ScottHazelwood

2009-03-28 21:59:41   Thank you for adding the tombstone photo! Quite a nice surprise! I was hoping at some point I would see one. I'm not sure where the photo of Mary E. McClelland was taken, it just stated "Grandma McClelland" on the back of the photo. I only have two of her, and none of James. Four of their children died young (Roswell W., Sanford, James D. and Roswell) and according to the Northern New York Tombstone Project, are buried in the same plot. Do you happen to know if their are other names on this stone? —ScottHazelwood

2009-03-30 03:21:06   In this site it says the following which leaves me a little confused:

McCLATCHIE Section 8

James June 1831 - Oct. 1897 Children of J. & M. McCLELLAND Roswell W. June 1864 - May 1866 Sanford Dec. 1877 - Jan. 1878 James D. Sept. 1868 - 1890 Roswell Mar. 1852 - Nov. 1853

Are the children in fact buried in the McClatchie family plot, or is this an error in publishing, as the previous entry is McClatchie? Are they on the same stone or buried elsewhere in the cemetery?

I have read that story of Fred McClelland before, and was trying to find more details. I have little information on the boys of this family. —ScottHazelwood

2009-03-30 14:51:33   Thank you. That's exactly what I was trying to do! —ScottHazelwood

2009-04-02 07:00:18   And thanks for what you've added to help me out. I hope that I don't overstep anything by adding too much of a place that I have never been... yet! —ScottHazelwood

2009-10-31 18:17:29   No problem, if I can't help directly, I can at least point toward help. And just so you're aware, this page can be commented on again. —JabberWokky

2010-01-13 16:57:28   Your email got pushed down the mailbox in the "okay, hyper busy after the holidays, I'll get to that later" rush without my flagging it to make sure I got to it. Sorry about that. I should have flagged it. I wanted to give a more complete answer I could reuse for other people with the same questions, but the short version is: Wiki Spot is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a board of directors (diverse geographically and by background) whose job it is to keep it running. The current usage is well within what we can handle, both technically and organizationally. The software behind Wiki Spot is Sycamore, which is free software and maintained for a few different projects beyond (and unrelated to) Wiki Spot, so it is fairly robust and can be installed without much difficulty on different OS and server setups. If you have any specifics you want expanded, I'd be happy to answer your questions. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-02-04 03:33:27   Hi Marc! I noticed a photo of Washburn Cottage at 4 McClelland Street. Do you know anything of the history of this house? Seeing that it is on what was McClelland land, I'm wondering if it was occupied at one point by Garrie & Martha Washburn, the daughter of James McClelland. Any ideas?

Cheers! —ScottHazelwood

2010-06-03 21:16:26   This logo will look better, due to color mis-match, on the wiki here:

it's set to be transparent —PhilipNeustrom

2010-11-04 03:06:14   Fixed that search hiccup. Thanks for heads-up! —PhilipNeustrom

2011-01-19 21:45:18   I think the comment I just typed got lost. Re photo of Charles R. Henderson Jr. - I don't have any, alas, but would love to see one myself. I do have one of his mother, and also one of his sister who eventually inherited the Henderson cottage. Do you know where I'd find property records to see who my mother sold the house to after she inherited it from Janet in 1958?


The house is in the town of St. Armand, so they should have the property records. But the village directories, of which the library has an incomplete collection, lists Martin J. Fitzpatrick as resident 1965 through 1969.

2011-02-02 19:18:45   Thank you for your beautiful photography and contribution to the history of this incredible area. I would like to know if you can tell me the style of home at 103 Old Military rd. It was originally part of the McClellan homes and then the Hoffmans. I am also aware of some sort of controversy regarding one of the houses owned by the McClellans. Do you know which house held the deceased bodies that I read about? Thank you for any information you can offer me. [email protected] —

2011-05-22 23:33:46   Greetings Marc! Thank you so much for posting the photo with the other two sides of the McClelland tombstone. Do you know if there is anything engraved on the fourth side? Thanks, Scott —ScottHazelwood

2011-05-29 20:37:04   Hi Scott. I just got over there this morning, and no, the fourth side of that stone is blank. —Mwanner

2011-12-21 07:40:49   Marc, regarding a previous message about ownership of the Henderson house: those records are held by the relevant county in the county seat; that is, Elizabethtown for Essex County, and Malone for Franklin County. Disregard Village boundaries — it's the County lines that matter. Mary —MaryHotaling


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