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2013-05-23 15:08:18   Welcome to the Wiki, Todd. Please do not delete pages or other people's comments such as you did with Seville at Mace Ranch Apartments. People do have a right to have their opinions heard. I'm assuming that you are related to Seville? If something is not to your liking, you can post a comment explaining your position and why the previous comment may be inappropriate. Thank you. —PeteB

2013-05-23 15:36:58   Using a persons name without any proof of anything is slander... NOT A GOOD PERSON? GHETTO? I am related to the Seville and I want those comments deleted. —ToddContini

2013-05-23 15:38:11   Todd—then post a comment expressing your distaste with the comment but please do not remove any comments from the page. —PeteB

2013-05-23 16:06:47   Todd-thank you for participating in our process of addressing your concern. I started a discussion at Seville at Mace Ranch Apartments/Talk. Any issues such as this are discussed and addressed by consensus of the Wiki Community. I believe I captured your concern appropriately. —PeteB

2013-05-23 16:44:46   Todd—again—I understand you have concerns but there is a process for addressing it. I have made a page for the DavisWiki community to discuss this: Seville at Mace Ranch Apartments/Talk. Please do not continue deleting the page. —PeteB