I am a Davisite! I know its sad but true =) I grew up in town, went to Valley Oak, Holmes & Davis High and went off to LA for awhile only to return with my hubby Nate in tow. I have a almost 6 year old daughter and am a stay at home mommy although I do work outside the home doing organic skin services at girlgonegreen skincare and was formerly at Pure Beauty in South Davis. My passions include parenting, skincare, Bikram yoga and eating & shopping locally. I am trying to live as green as possible & I enjoy the challenge!


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2008-08-16 15:31:00   Welcome to the Wiki. Have a few links! —JasonAller

2011-08-03 09:00:40   I'm confused... first you say that PureBeauty has relocated, and then you say that it's closed — which is it? If it's closed, then we still keep the page around for historical reasons and mark it as departed. If it's moved, we can indicate that, too. But please don't delete the content, which belongs to the Davis community, from the Wiki. —CovertProfessor

  • She did the "ah, a delete button... I'll use it to delete this one bit of text", and accidentally deleted the whole thing. It happens now and then. I got a polite but panicy email that I just read. -jw

2011-08-03 09:45:32   Hey, I just got your email. No worries... people accidentally delete entries now and then. It's easy to restore them (CovertProfessor already has). Although sometimes people think you're trying to remove the whole thing (thus the questions). —JabberWokky

2011-10-08 21:09:44   Hi, Maybe you would like to start your own Business page. I would be happy to help if needed. It's a bit confusing in the Pure Beauty page. :) —jsbmeb

2011-10-17 16:12:25   Did you add it to the the salons page? —JabberWokky

2011-10-19 06:16:40   Hi sorry it took me a long time to reply. Added girlgonegreen to Beauty Salons and Barber Shops :) —jsbmeb

2012-04-05 10:07:38   No problem. You add "thumbnail" and how big you want it. You can also add a caption to each of them. I added an example caption to the door photo, but feel free to add whatever explains what is in the photo. Just like all thumbnailed photos, you can click on them to view them full size.

The Image() format can be a little confusing. If you mess anything up, don't worry about it... somebody will notice and come along to help fix it. —JabberWokky

2014-09-21 10:30:23   It was a little joke. Just that. I'm used to the phrase: there is no such thing as bad publicity. Only publicity. I quote: "The thought behind the proverb had been expressed earlier by Oscar Wilde:

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." LinkConstantiaOomen