Max Vidrine is a Graduate and former Undergraduate Student of Biochemistry at UC Davis. Max Vidrine, Fall 2008

Max is on a research track and has, on occasion, expressed distaste for the grade-centric aesthetic of pre-med students with whom he shared many classes. In the winter of 2007 Max interned for Professor Peter Wainwright during which his principal duty was skinning small tropical wrasses. Max declined to continue on with Professor Wainwright's lab. He is remembered as saying in explanation "fish morphology isn't really my thing". He joined Professor Lesilee Rose's lab in the summer of 2008 and worked in the Rose Lab until fall 2009. He is currently employed by Monsanto in Woodland.

Max Vidrine is a former KDVS DJ. His show The Odyssey was a conceptual rock'n'roll show that first aired 4am-6am Sundays during the spring of 2007. The show continued in the winter of 2008 Thursdays 6am-8:30am and again Thursdays 9:30am-12pm that summer. Max has been a DJ under various monikers, all of which included his first name. He has been known to DJ live with Marly Young.

Though on his facebook profile Max describes himself politically as a Libertarian Democrat, Max would be more accurately described as a moderately big government fiscal conservative, a social liberal and a strict constructionist. Max is a psuedo-intellectual and enjoys discourse on nearly any intellectual pursuit. His blog The Dilettante, started in the summer of 2008, talks about philosophy, politics, bicycles, style, travel and cuisine, among other things.

2008-04-15 12:49:13   Max has figured out what the best music in the world is. Check out his facebook profile to find out what the best music in the world is by seeing his favorite bands. He takes a lot of pride in his favorite music list :)—brandonhkey