Templergraben 59,

52062 Aachen


Mo-Fr: 08:00-24:00

Sa: 09:00-24:00

So: 11:00-24:00


Silent study room in Bib2Bibliothek 2, (library 2) or usually referred to as "Bib2" contains literature on economics, law, the arts, and social studies.

More importantly, it is one of the largest study rooms on campus. Most of the rooms in the building are silent study rooms. There is a few group study rooms as well.

Bib2 gets very crowded during the exams.

There are lockers on the ground floor and you are obliged to deposit your bag and your jacket in the locker, before you enter the study rooms. Look for an empty locker with an open door, put your stuff inside, close the door and invent your personal four digit number code. On the number patch on the locker, type in that code twice to lock it and memorize your number code and the number of the locker, which you used.