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'Descendants of Daniel KUCHEL, Johann George KUCHEL & Anna Dorothea SEIFFERT, Anne Elizabeth STEINBORN & Johann Christian LIEBELT, Anna Dorothea GREISER & Johann Gottfried LUBASCH '

and covers the marriage and descendants of

Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL (1854-1932)

8th child of:  Johanna Dorothea Elizabeth KUCHEL and Johann Gottfried Erdmann KUCHEL.

Photo's by Rudolph Richard Edmund DIEDERICH - from the 'MULLER Photo Collection'


Janis Haynes, I am the author of this article

I am an amateur historian/genealogist and contributor to articles on this Adelaide Hills LocalWiki.  My attention focus's on any and all things to do with the passengers of 'Zebra' which arrived here on the 29 December 1838.  I write on their marriages, homes, farm lands, movements, interactions and stories, and where possible I base it around the many photographs and records that are still available today in descendants homes.  By adding 'Janis Haynes' to the 'Search Adelaide Hills' space you will find all of my articles, some of which are a work in progress.  

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This article was last updated 27 July 2022.

Aim of this article

Display the photographic collection belonging to John Mueller connected to Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL.

Through family tree analysis identify the individuals captured by the camera.

Through record and documentation research identify their early land acquisitions and possibly farm/home sites.


Table of Contents

1.  Anna Elizabeth Kuchel  (1854- 1932)

1.1.  Married:  Rudolph Richard Emund Diederich 1891

1.2  Edmund DIEDERICH worked with photographer Carl Wilhelm HAEHNEL from 1882-1884c.

1.3   Fire at Carl Haehnel's home in Goodwood, 26 May 1883.

1.4   Family:  2 children between 1889-1895

1.5.  Obituary of Diederich 1923

1.6   Muller Photo Collection

2.  References and Notes

1.    Anna Elizabeth Kuchel  (1854-1932)

  • Born 1 Feb 1854, Hahndorf, S.A. [01]
  • Married 19 April 1891 [02]
  • Widowed at 69 years of age, in 1923. [03]
  • Died 27 August 1932 Riverton, residence Hahndorf, aged 78 years. [04]
  • Buried Hahndorf Public Cemetery [05]

1.1  Marriage

"The only daughter of Gottfried born in Australia (Elizabeth) married Edmund DIEDERICH.  She died on 27 August, 1932, at the age of 78 years.  Her husband had emigrated from Hamburg, where he had a photographic studio.  In Australia he built a travelling studio and took many photographs at various places.  He kept a pictorial record of the Hahndorf of yesteryear.  He attended most of the weddings, anniversaries, family gatherings, and funerals, taking photographs which are fascinating to those interested in our early history.  Their son, Wilhelm, lived at Riverton and is now in Adelaide.  Their daughter, Ida, married Samuel SCHARENBERG..  She still lives in the cottage occupied by her parents near Hahndorf.  For the christening at Lobethal she was taken by her father and mother from Hahndorf in a dray pulled by a team of bullocks.  These bullocks were bred from a heifer given to Johanne Dorothea (Johanne Gottfried's wife) by her sister, Mrs Maria Elizabeth LIEBELT  (nee KUCHEL).  Mrs LIEBELT  (born on 11 January 1798, died on 2nd August, 1879) was an early immigrant."  [06]

"Trained in lithography and photography in Germany, Edmund Diederich emigrated to South Australia in 1881.  He worked for a short time in Adelaide before pursing a career as a travelling portrait photographer and artist with his mobile studio. He travelled through the mid-north in South Australia before settling in Hahndorf around 1895 where he worked as both a photographer and farmer."  [07]

Anna Elizabeth and her husband were both 37 years of age when they married on 19 April 1891 at her own residence near Hahndorf, to Rudolph Richard Edmund Diederich 1854-1923.    Edmund is registered as the father of both of their children, the first Ida was born 12 October 1889 and the 2nd Wilhelm 2 November 1895 when Anna was 41 years of age. [08]

In 1895c Edmund had a Crown Lease on Section 4126, Vol 343, Folio 60.

Rudolph Richard Edmund DIEDERICH  

Hahndorf Public Cemetery Burial Register [.  ]Born 5 February, 1854 [. }

Buried Hahndorf Public Cemetery 26 April 1923 [13]                                      

Arrived on Catania 26 July 1881 [10]

5 June 1883 Coroners Inquest [11]

Died 24 April 1923 Ambleside, aged 69 years. [12]

1.2   Edmund DIEDERICH worked with photographer Carl Wilhelm HAEHNEL from 1882-1884c.

Anecdotally it has been suggested that Edmund DIEDERICH was the 'Co' in 'HAEHNEL & CO, Australian Photographers'.  The following incident at Goodwood in June 1883 will confirm that they were in fact partners in business for perhaps these two-three years, 1882 to 1884. This reverse of a KUCHEL photograph is an example of the 'Haehnel & Co' advertising stamp. 

A fire referred to in the story below, destroyed the Goodwood home of recognised photographer, Carl Wilhelm HAEHNEL who five years previous and at 36 years of age, arrived alone from Leipzig, Saxony, Prussia on the 'Eduard', 1878. [14]   On 20 November 1879 a Carl Wilhelm HAHNEL applied for a Hawkers Licence which expired 25 March 1880, the year he apparently married.[15]  According to his family history he stayed seven years in South Australia before heading to Victoria to farm in circa 1884.[16]  The newspaper coverage below confirms that Carl started his photography business in circa May 1882 which confines  his career in  South Australia as a photographer as being between 1882-1884.  [17]

Edmund DIEDERICH arrived in South Australia, also alone, in the winter 1881 and soon began work for W.H. Hammer, photographers  at 172 Rundle St.[18]  Edmund  left that employ before circa April 1882.[19]  Perhaps this is when he went into partnership with Carl and their premises may have been in Hahndorf Main Street.  Perhaps it was the 1883 fire that encouraged Carl to start a fresh in Victoria, which means there business together would have lasted less than 2 years, circa 1882-1884.

The inquiry into this fire was reported in four Adelaide papers on the same day, and was held by the  City Coroner over two days, Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of July, 1883 at the Goodwood Hotel.  The Jury foreman is named: Mr James POOLE and the South British Insurance Company was represented by a Mr. JACOB.  

1.2     Fire at Goodwood Friday 26 May 1883

Evening Journal Tuesday 5 June 1883 page 3There were several lines of inquiry put to Carl Wilhelm HAEHNEL and most of the information below has come from the newspaper reports attached..

Carl's Wilhelm HAEHNEL miller and photographer and his wife Augusta nee HARDE married 1880

  • children:  Augusta Adelaide b14 May 1880 in Adelaide and Charles Wilhelm 23 July 1882 at Goodwood ? died at birth
  • their home in Goodwood valued at 120-150 pound and they had a mortgage of 45 pound on the land, all of the house construction materials had been paid for. He had 111 pounds in the Savings Bank.
  • began his photography business 12 months before the fire, circa May 1882, shortly before birth of first son.
  • had seen boys light fires on the land at the back of his premises.
  • It is unclear who this reporting refers to:  "On receiving the telegram about the fire returned to town, and the first person he saw was MULLER. Had borrowed 45 pound from Lyons and Leader on the house that was burnt".

Gunpowder in Carl's  house

  • Gunpowder in his home was purchased from a neighbour,  was stronger than ordinary powder, had been used for blasting limbs of trees, largest amount held in the house weighed 1 pound.Add a caption
  • about 2 years ago (circa 1881) he bought three pounds of gunpowder, which he kept in the house for a week then used it for blasting wood.

Carl's & Augusta's movements on Friday 25 May 1883

  • Augusta left her home at 9 o'clock on Saturday 26 May followed by  Carl  at 11 am.
  • they used to have two sets of house keys but lost one some time ago, Carl told some neighbours to 'look after the place'.
  • Carl went to his neighbours house, then to the baker's house, then caught a tram to the city then to Hill & Co's booking office asking about a Lobethal coach, & had lunch with Anthony MULLER at the coach office at 2.30 pm
  • then to Anthony MULLER'S house where Carl's wife was, stayed with Muller and his wife talking for some time, no mention was made of a 50 pound loan
  • MULLER'S wife walked them to the station where they took a train to Aldgate where they arrived ahead of the coach and then got onto the coach and left for Lobethal.
  • Carl's wife slept at the Lobethal Hotel and Carl went to 'ZINCER's' to sleep.

Carl's movements on Saturday 26 May 1883
by arrangement Carl met Edmund DIEDERICH  at 11 o'clock in Lobethal.

Anthony MULLER, cabinet maker had known Carl for 4 years before Anthony moved to Grey Street, MULLER  lent Carl 50 pound provided  in instalments when he started his photography business.
This money was leant on the security of 'HAEHNEL's goods at Lobethal', Anthony had never asked for a payment and had received 1 pound 17 shillings and 6 pence interest for two and half years. 
Anthony had not been at the Goodwood home for 3-4 months but his wife had been staying with the HAEHNELS's at Goodwood from circa 16 May 1883, for 8 or 9 days. Anthony last saw Edmund DIEDERICH on Wednesday 23 May. Anthony was made aware of the fire from a Mr SCHREIBER  between 9 and 10 o'clock on Saturday morning and immediately telegraphed  HAEHNEL.  Went down to see the burnt house on Saturday then met HAEHNEL at the coach office on Saturday evening in the city.  

Edmund W Diederich, photographer, unmarried was in a business partnership with Carl, 50/50, He received 3-4 pound a week profit, the same as Carl.  Had no financial interest in the premises at Lobethal. He visited Carl at his Goodwood home on Sunday 20 May, between the 20 May and 26 May saw Carl at 'Winkler's wine saloon.'  Edmund had arrived in Lobethal on Thursday 24 May, by prior arrangement Edmund met Carl  at 11 o'clock in Lobethal.

Edmund was with Carl when he received the telegram in Lobethal and asked Carl if he was insured and Carl said he was. Edmund said Carl 'looked frightened and turned white', and then showed me the telegram and said "look what has happened to me."

Caroline SCHREIBER, married woman, lived next door to Carl and Augusta and would regularly visit with Augusta. Caroline saw Carl leave his home at 11 am on Saturday 26 May, heard Carl's dog bark at 9pm but saw no one about saw the fire at 4 am on Saturday 26 May, 'burning in the front room', did not hear an explosion, and saw no one about the premises after Carl left.

Anton SCHREIBER, carpenter, by the time he was alerted to and saw the fire it was all in flames and he did not hear any explosion. 


Coroner in summing up said:

  • all of the witnesses had given their evidence 'in a very straight forward manner'.  
  • there was no fire brigade at Goodwood.
  • The Jury after about "ten minutes consideration returned a verdict that there was nothing to indicate how the fire was caused."

1.3   Family:   Anna Elizabeth and Edmund Diederich Kuchel's 2 children. 

├──  Ida Clara Auguste Kuchel  (1889-1978) married Ludwig Theodore Harry SCHARENBERG.[20]

└──   Wilhelm Paul Kuchel  (1895-.) married Kath NEWCOMBE.[21]

1.4   Obituary of Rudolph Richard Edmund Diederich 1923

Death rather suddenly removed a respected and old resident of Ambleside on April 24, in the person of Mr. Rudolph Richard Edmund Diederich.  The deceased was 69 years of age, and was born on February 5, 1854, in Berlin. Germany. He left Germany when 28 years of age.  He settled at Hahndorf, and carried on the business of photographer.  In 1891 he was married to Miss Anna Elisabeth Kuchel.  He leaves his sorrowing widow, one son, P.W. Diederich, Adelaide, and one daughter, Mrs Scharenberg, of North Adelaide.  His remains were interred in the Ambleside Cemetery on Thursday April 26, the Rev J. Homann officiating at the grave. [22]

1.5   ' Muller Photo Collection '  taken by Anna's husband Edmund DIEDERICH)

Reverse - 'Diederich'   Timber slab small home near Hahndorf, identified as being taken around ca 1895.  making the small child in the foreground being 6 year old Ida, and her new born brother is in his mother's arms.



Reverse: 'Diederich' Circa 1891, possibly Edmund DIEDERICH with his first born, Ida Clara Auguste b1889. Stamp - E. Diederich, Australian Photographer, Portraits taken in any  Weather. The author believes there is a resemblance of this unidentified adult male with that of Edmund DIEDERICH.  What do you think?



Reverse - 'Mrs Diedrich & Gustav Kuchel Family'  Probably Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL is the woman in the middle 3rd from left in a dotted top. Anna's nephew is Gustav Adolph KUCHEL on the far right with his wife next to him, Louise Martha  BRAENDLER.  Is the woman on the far left a sister of Anna, either Louise (GREGOR) or Dorothea (GUST) Kuchel?Add a caption


Reverse - 'Gottlieb Kuchel and sisters'.  Compare the above photo of     
Louise, Dorothea and Anna KUCHEL to decide if any of the sisters
are in the group family photo far left. 


2.   References and Notes      


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1.3   Family:   Anna Elizabeth and Edmund Diederich Kuchel's 2 children

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