Germanic Immigration to South Australia - Unplaced Germans in Shipping Lists

The following list of German Immigrants to South Australia was compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian) and consists of those individuals not yet included in the Germanic Immigration - Shipping Lists.  The lists may include certain additional information regarding the people and families concerned.

Please Note (disclaimer):

These Lists were created basically 'as is' from Reg Butler's unpublished computer working files as at c2014. 

Although it is certain that when compiling such data Reg took all available means to ensure accuracy, it is emphasized that not all of the data has been verified.  As a result. the Lists created may be incomplete, not state sources used, and might contain errors.  It is therefore left to the reader to determine the validity of all such data.

Under no circumstances will Reg Butler correspond about or discuss any of the material or data included in any pages containing information extracted from his computer files.
Where additional information or corrections are known, please login and make such alterations/additions (retaining the original information) stating your User Name along with any supporting sources.

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Names Beginning - A*

ABERLE, Johann Carl (//c1813-10/10/1876).

Died Hundred of Mayurra SA. Farmer; Blumberg 1849. Accident (Observer 3/2/1855 p36c).

ABERLE, Mrs JC nee Ernestine Wilhelmine GREGOR (//c1821-3/8/1906).

Died near Millicent SA. Also Elisabeth Wilhelmine nee KRUGER as his wife early 1850s Blumberg.

ADICKES, Adolph (//-//).

Draper; Adelaide (Hindley St) (Observer 26/8/1854 p360b).

AHRENDT, (//-/11/1890).

Died Adelaide SA, at the Hospital of injuries sustained from falling into a copper of boiling water at Primrose’s Brewery. Brewery employee; Goodwood. Widow and two young children. (Observer 8/11/1890 p894a).

ALBRECHT/ULBRECHT, Auguste (//-11/11/1854).

Died Pt Adelaide SA, murdered by her de facto husband William BELL at her residence. Also the de facto wife of

ALTSCHULER, S In SA by 1899.

Nephew to David EDLER, who d 15/11/1899 Berlin, Germany, aged 79 (DN Observer 23/12/1899 p1320b).

AMBRECHT, Mr (//-//).

Imprisoned 1848 for smuggling. Partner with A PHILIPPY.

ANDERSON/ANDERSEN, Johann John Friedrich (//-//between 1877-1884).

Labourer, water carrier; Adelaide (Union St). Returned to Germany.

ANDERSON/ANDERSEN, Mrs JF nee Johanne Justine Wilhelmine ? (//c1817-11/1/1905).

Died Hamburg-Barnbeck, Germany, aged 87 y 4 months (DN Observer 21/1/1905 p126b).

ANGELIN, Adolph (//-//).

To SA by Dec 1853. Settled; Adelaide.

APPMANN, Hermann (//c1812-14/10/1852).

Died Adelaide (Rundle St) SA, of a ‘visitation from God’. An insane German forced to emigrate because of his insanity (SA Gazette 30/8/1851 p280a). Lived in Adelaide (Grenfell St) for many years. (Observer 15/10/1852 p336d).

APPMANN, Luise Caroline (//-//).

m 14/2/1853 Holy Trinity Adelaide, George FREIBERGER.

ATZE, Ernst Wilhelm Heinrich (26/9/1852-16/6/1930).

To SA c1871. Farmer; Halbury. m 1/9/1876, Immanuel Lutheran Light Pass, Caroline nee Saegenschnitter (nb)


Names Beginning - B*

BACHMANN, Ernst Eduard (//-19/8/1936).

Born Mittlau nr Bunzlau, Kreis Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia. Died Greenock SA. Carpenter, cabinetmaker; Greenock. Lutheran. (Obit Chronicle 10/9/1936 p780a). To SA 1881 Lousitania.

BAEHR/BAHR/BÄHR, Wilhelm (//-//).

Born Harz, Hanover. Died . Farmer; Blumberg, Mt Gambier. Lutheran. To SA c1850.

BAEHR/BAHR/BÄHR, Mrs Wiilhelm nee ? (//-//).

Died at sea.

BAEHR/BAHR/BÄHR, Mathilde Caroline (//c1844-//c1919).

Born Harz, Hanover. Died St Arnaud Vic. m dnr SA, Christian Habner.

BAEHR/BAHR/BÄHR, Julia (//c1845-//).

(Obit Chronicle 27/8/1936 p604d). m Johann Peter HERBST (//-//).

BAEHR/BAHR/BÄHR, family (//-//)

BAENISCH, Rosine (//c1792-//).

To SA c1849.

BAENISCH, Ernst Wilhelm (//c1833-//1905).

m 4/5/1852 Langmeil Lutheran Church Tanunda, Francisc nee Ruciak.

BAENISCH, Caroline (//-//1908).

Died Bendigo Vic.

BAETKE, August Wilhelm (//c1794-13/12/1871).

Died Lobethal SA, of dropsy. Tinsmith; Lobethal. Lutheran.

BAIER, T (//-//).

Umbrella maker and repairer; Adelaide (Freeman St) 1849

BARMANN, Heinrich Diedrich Friedrich (//c1820-13/8/1879).

Died Blackrock Station SA, of heart disease. (DN Observer 6/9/1879 p192a).

BARTEL, Ernst (//-//).

Settled Hundred of Onkaparinga by 1850.

BARTEL, Mrs Ernst (//-//)

BARTEL, Friedericke (//c1833-5/10/1850).

Died Hundred of Onkaparinga SA.

BARTELS, Friedrich Fritz (//-//).

Settled; Klemzig by1848. Daughter Rike Leonore Bartels b 17/7/1848 Klemzig.

BARTELS, Mrs Friedrich nee Helene Sophie Marie KOPPEN (//-//)

BARTHEIL, Johann Ernst Hermann (//-//).

Shoemaker; Adelaide, Balhannah, Lobethal.

BARTHEIL, Mrs JEH nee Johanna Charlotte DALICHO (//-//)

BAUMGÄRTNER, Ferdinand SM (//-//).

Surgeon; Eudunda 1879.

BEDDIES, Johann Heinrich Friedrich Fritz (//-//).

Publican; Maid and the Magpie, Stepney.

BEECK, August George (//c1811-17/4/1856).

Died Lobethal SA. Settled; Lobethal.

BEECK, Mrs AG nee Johanne Christiane Elisabeth LAKOSKE (//c1803-5/2/1875).

Died Lobethal SA, of supposed gout. m (2) 11/7/1861 Lobethal, Carl Behrendt.

BEECK, Gustav Rudolph (1/9/1839-//).

Labourer; Lobethal. m Caroline Maria nee FROMMBERGER (//-//)

BECKER, Hugo Leopold (//c1835-8/4/1898).

Died Adelaide SA, from committing suicide by shooting. Lived; Norwood. Teacher; Carlsruhe 1868 the Farmer;. (Biog Anna Ey Memoirs pp75, 77, 89).

BECKMEYER, Heinrich (//c1848-//).

Tailor; Lobethal then Dealer; Adelaide (Hyde St). m 17/2/1877 Registry Office Woodside, Maria Elisabeth nee MEISTER.

BEEBACK, Dorothea Friederike Marie nee STOLL (//-//).

Farmer; Mt Torrens 1860s.


m 23/4/1866 St Paul’s Pt Adelaide, Emma Pauline nee PRÄTZER.

BECKMANN, August (//-//).

m 7/3/1848 Adelaide, Franciska

BENNIER, Johann (//c1809-27/10/1881).

Born France. Died Reynella SA. Settled; Klemzig by 1848. Daughter Elizabeth Sophiea Bennier b 17/11/1848. Farmer; Klemzig, Morphett Vale, Reynella. Likely to have come from NZ c1843.

BENNIER, Mrs Johann nee Anna Dorothea SPEEK (//c1816-29/6/1895).

Born Germany. Died Reynella SA.

BENNIER, Johann John (8/4/1835-25/7/1920).

Born Germany. Died Pt Broughton SA. m 12/12/1871 St Mary Sturt, Elizabeth nee ARBON (//-//)

BENNIER, Joseph (13/7/1837-12/7/1897).

Born Germany. Died Mt Gambier SA.

BENNIER, Anna (//c1839-//).

m 19/1/1860 St Mary Sturt, Thomas BAILEY (//c1830-//) Father; Thomas.

BENNIER, Dorothea Dorothy (//c1841-25/7/1860).

Died Hackham SA. m 20/1/1859 Bride’s father’s residence Morphett Vale, Allan DELLAO (//c1833-16/4/1886) Born Essex, England. Died Riverton SA. Ag labourer, road contractor; Hackham, Riverton. Anglican. Son of James Dallao/Dellow/Dellaw. To SA 1856 Violet. m (2) 16/10/1862 Congregational Church McLaren Vale, Sarah nee Spurling.

BENNIER [later BANNEAR], Carl Charles (15/9/1843-//1919).

Born at sea. Died Riverton SA. m (1) c1864 Mary nee RICHARDSON (//c1842-27/6/1873) Born Wilts, England. Died Thurk Station [Kingston/Murray] SA m (2) 17/2/1874 Lutheran Church Peters Hill, Anna nee Lehmann.

BERGMANN, Mr (//-//).

Storekeeper; Lobethal 1852 (Observer 9/10/1852 p332d.)

BERNAU, Andreas Leberecht (//c1819-9/8/1896).

Died Stepney SA, at home Nelson St. (DN Observer 15/8/1896 p312a).

BEYER, David (//c1820-//).

In the employ of Captain Bremer at Payneham in Jan 1849. m 23/2/1849 Bridegroom’s residence Morphett Vale, Jennet ne AIRD (//c1823-//)

BIBERACH, Andreas (//c1826-//).

Farmer; Neudorf, Mt Torrens. m (2) 15/1/1856 Lutheran Church Lobethal, Maria Luise Dorothea nee HAEUSLER (//c1834-//)

BIBERACH, Mrs Andreas nee Maria Therese HAEUSLER (//c1814-13/4/1855).

Died SA.

BIERMANN/BEERMANN, Emilie (//c1837-//).

Eldest daughter of the late Franz Beerman, Postal Director of the city of Osnaberg, Hanover. m 17/12/1857 Adelaide, Robert HARRISON (//c1831-//), son of JJ Harrison, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Co Northumberland.

BLANKENHAGEN, George (//c1830-30/4/1874).

Died Nalang Station SA.

BLANKENHAGEN, Johann (//c1826-10/3/1850).

Died Adelaide SA.

BOCK, Carl Claus (//-//).

m 10/2/1875, Mary Evelyne RANDELL. Is this the Claus Bock who was linked with Mrs Johanne Helene Brauer nee Schaepe dairywoman who gave birth to a child, Christian Carl Bock-Brauer, on 27/6/1872 at Mt Torrens?

BOCK, George Diedrich (//c1818-4/12/1866).

Died Charleston SA, of phthisis. Farmer; Charleston.

BODE, George Christian (//-//).

Barber; Mt Barker, Lobethal. m 22/4/1861, Katharine Sophie Dorothea nee GRUBE (//-//). Apparently left SA.

BOEHM, Ernst (//-//).

Miner; Kooringa 1848 m 24/7/1848 Kooringa, Mathilde nee SONNEMANN.

BOEHME, Hans Alfred Robert (//c1835-13/3/1912).

Labourer; Inverbrackie then Painter; Woodside. m (1) 28/6/1861, Margaret nee GREIG (//c1841-8/3/1874) m (2) 12/8/1874, Adelheid nee Weidenhofer

BOELKE, Eduard James (//-//).

Blacksmith; Mt Torrens 1860s. m Margaret Eliza O’HARA (//-//)

BOESENBERG, Johann Wilhelm (//-//).

Publican; Adelaide 1852?


nee Johanne Maria Dorothea HELT (//-//)

BOKELMANN, George Ernst Ludwig (//c1814-20/11/1888).

Died Freeling SA. In Adelaide by 1847. Farmer; Lobethal, Gawler, Freeling.

BOKELMANN, Mrs GEL nee Johanne Maria KNOBLOCK (//c1815-7/5/1880).

Died Freeling SA.

BORCHERT, Georg Heinrich Wilhelm[George Heinrich Ludwig Friedrich] (//c1829-27/5/1895).

Died Adelaide SA. Ore sorter from Wildemann (Harz), Hanover. Labourer; Lobethal. m 8/5/1862, Luise nee Gunther

BRANDT, Christian Heinrich (//c1813-7/7/1895).

Died nr Modbury SA. Farmer; Modbury. Lutheran.

BRANDT, Mrs CH nee Anna ? (//c1817-25/11/1897).

Died Modbury SA.

BRANDT, Doris (//c1844-10/12/1866).

Died nr the Stockade SA. m 2/11/1861 Lutheran Church Klemzig, Ferdinand Thiele.

BRANDT, Julius (//-//).

Accused of theft in Tanunda July 1850.

BREZINSKY, Matthias (//-//).

Settled; Light Pass. m (2) Maria nee Wuttke.

BREZINSKY, Anna Maria (//c1837-//).

m (1) 12/11/1860 Brezinsky home Light Pass, Eduard Wuttke m (2) 24/5/1894 bride’s home Moculta, Carl Launer

BREZINSKY, Franz (//-//).

Labourer; Light Pass 1860

BRINCKER, August (//-//).

Publican; Adelaide (City Arms, King William St) insolvent 19/11/1851.

BRUHN, Dr (//-//).

Attempts to finance an expedition for him 24/10/1848 (SA Gazette 21/10/1848).

[From Liz Seaton <[email protected]> - Have just joined Local Wiki and would like to contact Reg Butler of Hahndorf about someone on his list of Unplaced People. He lists Dr Bruhn, who in fact was on ship Herman von Beckerath (arr SA 1847). His children are on the HvB list on Local Wiki.]

BRUNCKHORST/BRUNKHORST, August Ludwig (//-6/7/1919).

Born Nienburg, Hanover. Died Frewville SA, at his residence North St. Jeweller; Adelaide (Rundle St). (DN Observer 12/7/1919 p80a. Will Observer 2/8/1919 p238a).

 BRUZE, Franz (//-//).

A German ‘living in Adelaide’ (Observer 9/7/1853 p223f).

BUDER, Christian Friedrich (//c1822-10/9/1897).

Died Hope Valley SA, at home. m Anna nee TANNEBRING (//c1822-30/11/1910). Died Hope Valley SA.

BÜRCHNER, Fedor (//-//).

In SA by 1852.


Names Beginning - C*

CAMIEN, Wilhelmine Dorothea Catharine (//-14/11/1882).

m 17/6/1855, Heinrich Pelzer.

CLEDORF, Carl (//-//).

In SA by mid-1849.


Names Beginning - D*

DAEBELER, Carl Friedrich Franz (//-//)

DAEBELER, Mrs CFF nee ? (//-//)

DAEBELER, Emma (6/9/1860-18/7/1944).

m 1/2/1883 Congregational Manse Angaston, Richard Davies Hanson (nb).

DAEBELER, Therese Marie (//c1863-//).

m 28/4/1881 J Roediger residence Gawler River, Harold Oscar JACOBSEN (//c1857-//) Father; Hans.

DAEBELER, Charles Frederick (//c1869-//).

m 12/7/1893 Registry Office Adelaide, Catheriine Mary nee GARTLAND (//c1869-//) Father; Patrick

DAENKE/DAENECKE, Wilhelm Ferdinand (//-//).

Returned from the Vic goldfields in early 1853 and was robbed. (Observer 2/7/1853 p109f).

DAHL, Friedrich Eduard (//c1831-14/6/1919).

Died Ambleside SA. Father; Ole m (1) 20/11/1857 Heinrich Jahn residence Hahndorf, Beate Luise nee HENSCHKE (//c1834-1/1/1875) Died Hahndorf SA. Father; Gottlieb. m (2) 21/5/1875 St Michael Hahndorf, Anna nee Mader.

DESENCLOS, Francois (//-//).

Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 24/6/1851.


DIECKMANN/DIEKMANN, Mrs nee Sophia (//-//).

In SA by May 1849

DIEDRICH, Gottlieb (//c1800-c27/9/1878).

Died Walkerville SA, from drowning in the Torrens River near STOW’s paddock. Gardener & a widower; lived in a cottage to the rear of the Sussex Arms, Walkerville. (Chronicle 5/10/1878 p119e).

DIEDRICH, Mrs Gottlieb nee Maria Rosine ? (//c1790-20/3/1874).

Died Walkerville SA, at home a rented cottage ‘a dirty looking place’ behind the Sussex Arms (Landlord Heinrich PELZER), of an apoplectic fit ‘well nourished and corpulent’. (Chronicle 28/3/1874 p195a).

DIER, Johanne Luise (//-//).

m 4/6/1861 Hahndorf, Ernst Gustav Riegener

DITTMAR/DITTMER, Adolph Wilhelm (//c1805-29/1/1870 or 6/2/1870).

Died Hahndorf SA. perhaps m

DITTMAR/DITTMER, Mrs AW nee Wilhelmine ? (//c1816-3/4/1898).

Died Adelaide SA.


Unnamed husband; Pirie St, Adelaide.

DOEPKE/DOPKE/DÖPKE, Mrs nee Volmer (//-//).

Court case (Observer 6/1/1885 p3g).

DOEPKE/DOPKE/DÖPKE, Albert (//c1845-//by 1928).

Son of Albert Doepke. M 2/6/1879 Bride father residence Gumeracha, Mrs George MARTIN nee Gesina Elizabeth Rundle (//c1851-22/10/1928). Died Hyde Park SA. Father; John Rundle. m (1) 25/2/1875 St James Blakiston, George Martin (//c1846-30/8/1878). Died Brompton SA. Clerk; Brompton. Father; James.


Unnamed husband; Pirie St, Adelaide. Perhaps Hermann Diedrich (//c1812-17/2/1882)

DOEPKING/DOPKING/DÖPKING, Mrs nee Volmer perhaps Anna Margarethe (//c1803-20/10/1864).

Died Adelaide SA. perhaps Catherine (//c1827-5/1/1890). Died Hackney SA. Son-in-law JH WISHERS Court case (Observer 6/1/1885)

DOEPKING/DOPKING/DÖPKING, Otto (//c1838-24/8/1896).

Died Lucindale SA. Butcher; Kensington by 1882. Father; Heinrich m 6/3/1867 St Peter Robe, Mrs Charles Frederick TANNER nee Mary NOLAN (//c1840-14/3/1904). Died Pt Wakefield SA. Father; James. m (1) 26/1/1862 unrecorded Robe, Charles Frederick Tanner (//c1835-21/2/1862). Died near Robe SA (of Robe). Father; Charles Frederick.

DORNWELL, Heinrich August (//-//by 1879).

Died poss New Zealand. Butcher; North Adelaide (Tynte St), Dunedin New Zealand. Somehow related to JCH VOLLPRECHT – perhaps Mrs Vollprecht was a sister to August Dornwell or Mrs Dornwell was a FLEGEL, sister to Mrs Vollprecht (Observer 3/3/1855 p72b).

DORNWELL, Mrs HA nee Johanna Auguste ? (//-//)

DORNWELL, Bernhard Carl Friedrich (//c1842-20/2/1885).

Died North Adelaide SA. Clerk, then auctioneer; North Adelaide. Lutheran. m 9/10/1864 Bride mother Mrs Alfred Phillips residence North Adelaide, Sarah nee Phillips.

DORNWELL, George (?/5/1842-11/5/1850).

Died North Adelaide SA, after being thrown from his horse.

DREYER, George (//-//).

In Adelaide by 1854 (Observer 8/7/1854 p280c).

DREYER, Mrs George nee Rosanter ? (//-//)

DUBE, Johann Joachim Heinrich Hans (//c1811-3/1/1853).

Farmer; Siegersdorf. Lutheran. Likely 1st wife died Germany perhaps Mecklenburg.

DUBE, Mrs JJH nee Johanne Christiane Maria PABST (2/4/1823-4/12/1895).

m (2) 12/5/1853 Lutheran Church Bethanien, Johann Friedrich Andriske m (3) 15/4/1890 Immanuel Lutheran Light Pass, Johann Christian Staehr.

DUBE, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm (24/5/1827-1/8/1907).

Born Damhage??, Mecklenburg. m (1) 10/5/1867 St Paul Lobethal, Mrs Diedrich Bock nee Anna Sophia Schmuecker m (2) 24/5/1877 Bride residence Schoenthal, Mrs JJH Juers nee Johanna Juliane nee PFEIFFER

DUBE, Auguste Albertine Friedericke (24/3/1847-25/2/1919) .

Died SA. m 11/11/1864 Lutheran Church Tanunda, Friedrich Fritz Wilhelm Moll.

DUBE, Johann Friedrich Gottlieb (20/5/1850-//).

Born Siegersdorf SA. m 26/12/1871 St John Lutheran Parsonage Tanunda, Dorothea Pauline nee GLATZ (//c1851-19/4/1923) Father; Johann


Names Beginning - E*

EHMCKE, Hermann Heinrich Wilhelm (//c1817-14/8/1877).

Born Hanover. Died Adelaide SA.

EHMCKE, Mrs HHW nee Auguste Maria Friedericke BARCKOW (//c1815-30/12/1885).

Died Adelaide SA.

EHMCKE, Johann Wilhelm Theodor (//c1842-//)

m 21/11/1867 Dreifalkeits Lutheran Church Angas St Adelaide, Auguste nee Deimel.

EHMCKE, Johanne Maria Henriette (//c1843-//)

m 27/9/1865 21/11/1867 Dreifalkeits Lutheran Church Angas St Adelaide, Franz Christian GAETJENS (//c1835-//)

EHMCKE, Margarethe Friedericke Auguste (?/2/1845-19/1/1896).

Died Adelaide SA. m 26/11/1873 Dreifalkeits Lutheran Church Angas St Adelaide, Albert Keidel.

EICHNER, Johann Samuel (//c1846-21/9/1897).

Died Adelaide SA, at the Hospital (of Tanunda). Wife; Mary.

EIME, Mr (//-//).

To SA 1848. Returned to Germany

EIME, Wilhelm (//c1841-2/9/1908).

Died Blyth Scrub SA, at home. Farmer; Hope Valley, Balaklava, Blyth Scrub. (Obit Observer 12/9/1908 p100a).

EIME, Mr (//-//)

ELLIG, Wilhelm (//-//)

At Burra 1851.

ELSNER, Ernst (//-//)

Supreme Court trial 1853 (Observer 4/6/1853 p185e).

ENGELKE, Mr (//-//)

Cornfactor; Adelaide by 1848

ERHARDT, Johann Friedrich (//c1800-4/8/1860).

Died Concordia SA. Farmer; Klemzig, Concordia. Lutheran. In SA by 1854.

ERHARDT, Mrs JF nee Catharine Margarethe OWERT (//c1816-2/11/1906).

Died Greenock SA. m (2) 6/11/1860 Groom’s residence Greenock Creek, Carl Zobel. Her father given as Johann PETERS.

ERHARDT, Sophie Marie Henriette (//c1843-//)

m 11/12/1865 Schlüter residence Gawler, Hans Adolf SCHLÜTER (//c1839-//) Father; Friedrich Schlüter.


Names Beginning - F*

FALKENHAGEN, Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard (16/2/1819-16/9/1902).

Born Rathenow, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Bourke NSW. Carpenter from Rathenow. Miner; Kooringa. To Vic c1852. At Burra 1851.

FIELKE, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (10/10/1827-12/4/1889).

Died Woodside SA, of rheumatic fever. Bricklayer from Güntersberg, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia. Bricklayer & farmer; Mt Torrens, Woodside. Lutheran. m Johanne Dorothea Elisabeth nee HENNIG/HENNING.

FIELKE, Johann Paul Ferdinand (8/9/1853-9/9/1886).

Died Lobethal SA, of cancer. Farmer; Mt Torrens, Tablelands near Eudunda, Lobethal. Lutheran. m Johanne Luise nee NEUMANN

FINK, Carl (//-//).

Labourer; Lobethal. In SA by 1861. Perhaps left SA.

FINK, Mrs Carl nee Johanna FRIESCH (//-//)

FISCHER, Andreas (//-//).

Of the Bremer 1851.

FISCHER, Edmund (//-//).

Saddler; Adelaide 1873. m Bertha nee SCHAEDEL

FRANKE, Christian (//c1804-//).

Shoemaker from Schonaich, Cosel, Sagan, Silesia, Prussia (confusion of references). To SA c1840.

FRANKE, Mrs Christian nee HAUPT (//-//)

FRANKE, Samuel (//-//).

Cabinetmaker; Blumberg. m 17/11/1871 Bethlehem Lutheran Church Adelaide, Mrs Friedrich Maerschel nee Marie Hamdorf.

FRANKE, child (//-//)

FRANKE, child (//-//)

FRANKE, James (//c1815-30/12/1890).

Died Forest Range SA, of senile decay. Miner; Forest Range.

FRANZ, Felix (//-//).

Settled; Woodside 1880s. m Helene nee TIMM

FRANZ, Friedrich (//c1832-//).

Settled; Hahndorf 1850s. m 12/8/1859 St John’s Hahndorf, Anna nee Janetzki (nb).

FRANZ, Hartig (//-//).

Settled; Hergott Springs 1880s. m Rosetta nee LEWIS

FRAUENFELDER, Johann (//c1833-//)

m 11/5/1863 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Susanna nee Bridges.

FRICK, Mrs Schuler nee Dorothea Henriette ? (//c1795-16/2/1862).

Died Lobethal SA. Widow of bootmaker Frick who had died in New Zealand. His widow and family came to SA. Washerwoman, Pastor Fritzsche’s housekeeper; Lobethal

FRICK, Carl August (//c1825-4/1/1897).

Died Lobethal SA.

FRINSDORF, Friedrich (//-//).

Publican; Farmer’s Home Enfield 1854 (Observer 16/12/1854 p560a).

FRITZ, Carl (//-//).

Farmer; Mt 7

FROST, Carl Benjamin (3/10/1807-2/6/1894).

Born Alt Widzim, Kreis Bomst, Posen, Prussia. Died Allen Creek SA. Brother to Dienegott Frost. To SA before 1848, possibly 1841 Skjold. Farmer; Bethanien, Sandy Creek, Allen Creek. Lutheran.

FROST, Mrs CB nee Anna Rosalie/Anna Rosine HAHN (//c1807-20/9/1882).

Born Alt Widzim, Kreis Bomst, Posen, Prussia. Died Allen Creek SA.

FROST, Carl August (1/8/1837-//).

Born Alt Widzim, Kreis Bomst, Posen, Prussia. Farmer; Lyndoch Valley, Worlds End Creek. Lutheran. m 25/6/1862 Lutheran Church Hoffnungsthal, Pauline nee Leske.

FROST, Heinrich Benjamin (22/11/1840-23/5/1901).

Died Allen Creek SA. Farmer; Allen Creek. Lutheran. m


Names Beginning - G*


Living at the York Hotel, Rundle St, prior to leaving for Europe in the Croesus for 'inducing the poorer classes of Germany to emigrate' - to SA and NSW. Mr KIRCHNER of SA to leave for NSW to arrange for resettlement there (Observer 15/4/1854 p142c).

GAHER, Heinrich (//-//).

Miner; Glen Osmond 1847. Name probably misspelt.

GEBERT, Johann (//-//).

Settled; Klemzig by 1848. Daughter Maria Sophia Henrieche?? b 6/10/1848.

GEBERT, Mrs Johann nee Maria WINDELBORN/WENDELBORN (//-//)

GEUE, Johann (1/1/1794-3/1/1874).

Born Tucheim, Kreis Genthin, Prussian Saxony. Died Lyndoch Valley SA. Farmer; Lyndoch Valley. Lutheran.

GEUE, Mrs Johann nee Dorothea JENRICH (20/6/1799-19/1/1886).

Died Lyndoch Valley SA.

GEUE, Martin (//c1784-18/11/1864).

Died near Freeling SA. Farmer; Lobethal, Rosenthal. Lutheran.

GEYER, Friedrich Wilhelm Christian (//c1824-5/10/1863).

Died Kapunda SA, at his brother Dr E Geyer’s home. From Müncheln, Prussia. Surgeon; Littlehampton then Chemist; Adelaide. m 21/3/1857 Christ Church North Adelaide, Josephine nee BUNN

GIERSCH, Pauline Auguste (10/5/1839-//).

Born Tierschtiegel, Kreis Meseritz, Posen, Prussia. m Ferdinand von Schwarzkopf.

GLEDOFF/GLEDORF, Carl (//-//).

In SA by Sept 1849.

GOERS/GORS/GÖRS, Johann Carl Christian (//-//)

m 5/3/1849 Adelaide, Johanne C Dora ZIMMERMANN

GOGOLL, Samuel (//-//).

In SA by May 1852.

GOTTE, Maria Caroline (//-//). Edmund STEDMAN (//-//).

In Gawler by 1850.

GRAETZ, Johann Gottlob perhaps (//c1801-19/6/1886).

Died Baldina SA.

GRAETZ, Mrs JG nee Johanna Eleonore ? (//-//).

Perhaps also parents of Mrs CHA Deckert nee Christiane Graetz.

GRAETZ, Caroline Juliane (//c1837-26/1/1910).

Born Kummernick, Kreis Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia. Died Eudunda SA. m 7/11/1856 Lutheran Church Light Pass, Wilhelm Voigt.

GRAETZ, Pauline Augusta (14/11/1842-23/10/1902).

Born Germany perhaps Born Kummernick, Kreis Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia. Died Friedrichswalde SA. m 8/11/1862 Lutheran Chapel Friedrichswalde, Christian Zerna.

GRAETZ, Wilhelm Traugott (10/1/1846-//).

Born Kummernick, Kreis Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia. Farmer; Friedrichswalde, Julia Creek, Baldina. Lutheran. m 25/4/1865 Lutheran Chapel Friedrichswalde, Anna Maria nee Pfitzner.

GRAHLOW, Carl Friedrich (//c1827-12/4/1881).

Died Adelaide SA, at his residence Rundle St, of apoplexy. Bootmaker; Rundle St. Witness in a murder trial Observer 9/12/1854 p545e. (Death inquest Observer 16/4/1881 p693b).

GRAHLOW, Mrs CF nee Christiane (//-//)


Farmer; Black Forest 1849.

GREISER/GREISSER, Gottfried (//-//).

Farmer; Lyndoch Valley, Rowlands Flat. Lutheran. To SA c1848.

GREISER, Mrs Gottfried nee ? (//-//)

GREISER, Johanna Juliane (//c1840-/8/1931).

Born Bentschen, Kreis Meseritz, Posen, Prussia. Died Square Mile SA. (Obit Chronicle 13/8/1931 p399e) m 14/1/1857 Groom step-father Friedrich Wallschlager residence Lyndoch Valley, Carl KANNENBERG (//c1834-//) Farmer; Square Mile nr Mt Gambier. Son of Friedrich Kannenberg.

GROTH, Jacob Heinrich (//c1817-12/9/1895).

Died Rhine Villa SA, at home Sapling Park. Adelaide, North Adelaide, Cockatoo Valley. Farmer; Rhine Villa. To SA c1847. (DN (Observer 21/9/1895 p584b).

GROTH, Mrs JH nee Maria Rosine LINDNER (//c1825-20/7/1919)


Settled; Klemzig by 1850. m dnr c1849 prob Klemzig, Caroline nee Pingel.


Names Beginning - H*

HAEUSLER, Johann Friedrich (3/2/1819-22/3/1859).

Died Rowlands Flat SA. Farmer; Hoffnungsthal, Rowlands Flat. Lutheran.

HAEUSLER, Mrs JF nee Johanna Luise nee SCHULZ (6/6/1826-4/8/1900)

m (2) 8/8/1861 Lutheran Church Hoffnungsthal, Friedrich Fechner.

HAEUSLER, Augustine Wilhelmine (21/8/1854-1/5/1942)

HAEUSLER, Johanne Caroline Emma (22/3/1859-3/4/1948)

HAMPEL/HEMPEL, Eduard (//-//).

Carpenter; Glen Osmond 1847

HAMPEL/HEMPEL, Mrs Eduard nee Meta ? (//-//)

HAMPEL/HEMPEL, Mr (//-//).

At Glen Osmond 1847. Perhaps Carl Hampel farmer Tanunda 1854 (Inquest Observer 22/4/1854 p155b).

HAMPEL/HEMPEL, Mrs nee Mathilde ? (//-//)

(Register 6/11/1847 p355b).

HAHNEL, Carl (15/9/1823-28/6/1888).

Died Lyndoch SA. Saddler; Rowlands Flat, Lyndoch. Lutheran. In SA by May 1852. m 28/9/1853 Lutheran Church Hoffnungsthal, Sophia Dorothea nee VOIGT (19/7/1838-21/2/1907). Died Lyndoch SA.

HAYER, Eduard (//-//).

In SA by Nov 1852. Sent to the Adelaide Gaol for a medical examination, after he terrorised SA Company officers for £500 cash and then £5,000 in Sydney to set up a Mint in NSW. He claimed to have been Napoleon’s barber. (Observer 6/11/1852 p362e).

HAYER, Eduard (//-//).

In SA by May 1852.

HEIER, Heinrich (//-//).

Charcoal burner; Noarlunga 1853. In SA by March 1853. (Observer 26/3/1853 p104e).

HEITMANN, Adelheit (21/11/1826-8/9/1903).

Died Hahndorf SA. Servant; Glen Osmond (from Bremen) m 22/1/1852 Goldsack home Glen Osmond, Heinrich Schunke.

HANKEL/HANCKEL, Heinrich Eduard (//c1802-6/9/1881).

Died Norwood SA. In SA by 1850. Began erecting a building illegally in Adelaide.

HANKEL/HANCKEL, Mrs HE nee Johanne Henriette Eva ? (//c1804-14/11/1895).

Died Norwood SA.

HANKEL/HANCKEL, Wilhelmine Maria Laura (//c1842-//)

m 3/12/1870 Unitarian Christian Church Adelaide, Ernst Heyne.

HENKENS, J Hermann

witness von Doussa marriage 8/5/1847.

HENRICKSEN, Heinrich (//c1834-/6/1852).

Born Hanover, Germany. Died at the Light River crossing when the mail coach capsised. To SA c1848. No relatives in SA. Labourer; Burra. Had a considerable sum of money about his person.

HERZOG, Christian Friedrich (//c1814-//)

m 4/10/1849 Lutheran Church Hahndorf, Maria Dorothea nee KRAHNERT (//c1814-//)

HILLEGEIST, Heinrich (//-//).

Assaulted Sophie LAST 'a young woman of very respectable appearance at Kensington' (Observer 13/5/1854 p185f).

HILMERS, Philipp (//-//).

Court Interpreter; Adelaide 1852.

HINCKLEY, Amelia (//-//).

Charged with stealing articles of wearing apparel Hindley St, Adelaide 11/12/1851.

HINZ, Wilhelm (//c1817-10/10/1850).

Died Burra SA, of heart diesase. Labourer; Burra.

HOCHREUTHER, Conrad Philipp (//-//).

Watchmaker; Adelaide (Rundle St) 1850-1855. Returned to Germany 1855. Settled; Hanau, Kurhessen.

HOLZNAGEL, Albert (//c1827-//).

Miner; Burra. m 11/10/1851 Kooringa, Margaret Ann nee CAMERON.

HOMBURG, Wilhelm (//c1816-8/5/1860).

Died Adelaide SA. Grain merchant; Tanunda, Adelaide. Lutheran. To SA c1857 from Vic.

HOMBURG, Mrs Wilhelm nee Caroline Magdelene Pauline SCHUMACHER/WEILA (//-//).

HOMBURG, Friedrich Adolph (//1844-30/11/1895).

Born Brunswick, Germany. Died Tanunda SA. Brother to Robert Homburg MP. Seaman; Dutch trader: later, auctioneer & agent; Yorketown, Tanunda.

HOMBURG, Robert (10/3/1848-23/3/1912).

Born Brunswick, Germany. Died Medindie SA. Solicitor etc; Tanunda, Adelaide, Dulwich, Medindie. Lutheran. m (1) 30/4/1873 Angaston, Emilie nee PETERS (7/6/1855-18/5/1882) m (2) 16/10/1882, Johanne Elisabeth nee FISCHER.

HOPPE, August Heinrich (//-//).

Ostler; Adelaide (Mr Cobbin’s, Victoria Lane) Dec 1849

HUEBNER/HUBNER/HÜBNER, Christoph (//-//after Jan 1861).

Farmer; Blumberg.


nee Anna Elisabeth ? (//c1788-23/1/1861). Died Blumberg SA, from accidental drowning in a waterhole.


Names Beginning - I*


Names Beginning - J*


Worked for Gustav Bungert the butcher in 1853 (Observer 14/5/1853 p156b).

JAECKEL, Carl Erdmann (17/10/1816-//).

Born Peterswalde, Silesia, Prussia. Carpenter; Tanunda. To SA c1848. (Biog Observer 8/10/1853 p329f).

JAECKEL, Mrs CE nee Johanne Eleonore BLEICHER (27/7/1808-//).

JAECKEL, Hermann (//c1838-//)

JAECKEL, Auguste Luise (//c1843-//)

JAECKEL, Johann Gottlieb (//c1802-23/10/1875).

Died Light Pass SA. Farmer; Light Pass. Lutheran.

JAECKEL, Mrs JG nee Maria Elisabeth ? (//c1802-4/1/1874).

Died Light Pass SA.

JAECKEL, Johann Gottlieb (//c1820-28/2/1875).

Died Tablelands, Hundred of Julia. Farmer; Tarrawatta, Tablelands. Son called August Jaeckel.

JAECKEL, Mrs JG nee Anna Dorothea MULLER (//-//)

JAECKEL, Auguste Ernestine (8/2/1852-15/7/1922)

m 10/2/1871 Lutheran Prayer House Tablelands, Carl Pahl.

JAECKEL Johanne Helene (19/8/1854-2/7/1923).

Born at sea. m 12/2/1874 Mt Rufus, Wilhelm Reimann. Perhaps Ship JWA Lorentzen.

JANSEN, Heinrich (//-//).

At Blumberg by Dec 1853.

JANSEN, Mrs Heinrich (//-//)

JANSEN, Johann (//c1839-//)

JESNOEWSKI, Carl Ernst Theodor (18/1/1861-24/12/1918).

Apparently jumped ship in Brisbane and made his way to Hahndorf. Storekeeper; Jetty Road Glenelg, Wool Bay, Adelaide (Halifax St). m (1) Ottilie Emma nee BOERKE m (2) Anna Amalie Mala nee Strempel (18/1/1863-22/5/1921) Born Hamilton Vic. Died Adelaide SA.

JESSEL, Carl George Franz Heinrich (//-//).

Near Sir John Barleycorn Hotel Rundle St, Adelaide 1851. Complained about barking dogs.

JESSEL, Joachim Christoph (//-//). Labourer; Norwood 1852

JOHN, Maximilian Eduard Louis (//c1839-20/5/1884).

Died Queenstown SA, at home ‘after long suffering’. From Halle/Salle, Prussian Saxony. (DN Chronicle 24/5/1884 p485b).

JOPPICH, Johann Samuel (//c1802-10/12/1860).

Died Light Pass SA. Perhaps from Ransen, Kreis Wohlau, Silesia, Prussia. Farmer; Light Pass. To SA c1850. Perhaps uncle to Mrs Gottlob WURST nee Eleonore Joppich of Appila-Yarrowie.

JOPPICH, Mrs JS nee Johanne Eleonore SENF (28/5/1815-23/4/1893).

Died Appila-Yarrowie SA.

JOPPICH, Ernst Carl Samuel (8/6/1844-//).

Born Silesia, Prussia. Farmer; Light Pass, Angaston, Waterloo, Appila-Yarrowie. Lutheran. m 27/4/1866 Lutheran Church Light Pass, Caroline nee Goesch (nb).


Farmer; Blumberg 1860. m 12/4/1860 bride’s father’s home Oakbank nr Gawler, Mary eldest daughter of WH RUSSELL Oakbank near Gawler


Names Beginning - K*

KALSTROM, Hermann (//-//).

At Burra 1851.

KAMENKA, Christian (31/1/1822-20/10/1903). Born Werben, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Peters Hill SA. Farmer; Peters Hill.

KAMENKA, Mrs Christian nee Maria DOMASCHENZ (25/12/1823-15/1/1890).

Born Werben, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Peters Hill SA.

KAMENKA, Maria (//c1845-28/5/1926).

Born Werben, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died SA. m (1) 8/2/1870 Holy Trinity Riverton, William Bathurst. m (2) 19/11/1872 Stow Church Adelaide, Martin Suckling.

KAMENKA, Anna (11/8/1849-27/5/1923).

Born Werben, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Saddleworth SA. m 8/7/1870 Peters Hill, August HUPPATZ.

KAUFFMANN, Alexander (//-//).

Storekeeper; Truro m 3/4/1857, Therese nee Victorsen

KEIL, Gustav (//-//).

At the Vic goldfields in Sep 1852. (Observer 23/10/1852 p345a).

KIRSCHNER, Elise (//c1835-//)

m 24/5/1851 Kooringa, Franz VANSELOW.

KIRSCHNER, T (//-//).

At Burra 1850s.

KLAER/KLAR/KLÄR, Christian alias William KLUFFS/CLUFFS (//-//).

From Kiel, Holstein, via VDL by 1847 (SA 23/11/1847 p264c)

KLAUCK, Friedrich Johannes Carl Heinrich Henry (//c1844-5/10/1888).

Died Peters Hill SA. Carpenter, blacksmith; Peters Hill. Lutheran. m 29/11/1878 Lutheran Church Peters Hill, Caroline nee Zerner (nb).

KLAUCKE, Johann Samuel (//c1794-5/12/1872).

Died Grünthal SA. Gardener; Grünthal. m (2) 30/12/1868 St Michael Hahndorf, Mrs Katharine PREISS nee KUNOW

KLAUCKE, Mrs JS nee Johanna ? (//c1800-14/11/1868).

Died Bassett Town SA.

KLAUCKE, Johanne Luise Emilie (//c1833-15/8/1916).

Died Bassett Town SA. m 4/9/1861 St George’s Gawler, William Bassett.

KLAUCKE, Alwine Therese Mathilde (//c1835-//)

m 5/8/1853 Lutheran Chapel Buchsfelde, Friedrich Mosel.

KOEPKE/KOPKE/KÖPKE, Hermann August (//-13/1/1855).

Died near the Light River SA, at the Foresters Arms, possibly of sunstroke (Observer 20/1/1855 p21h).


KOERBER/KORBER/KÖRBER, Mrs Heinrich (//-//)

KOERBER/KORBER/KÖRBER, Luise (//c1849-//)

m 9/12/1869 St John Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, Ludwig Fullgrabe.


KRAMER, Hermann (24/9/1826-19/12/1854).

Died Adelaide SA. Miner; Mt Barker Mine then Farmer; Tabor nr Lobethal. m 30/7/1849 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Johanna Anna nee Bohn.

KRAMM, Gottlob (//c1815-29/1/1902).

Died Bower SA, at his daughter Mrs Hoffmann residence.

KRAMM, Mrs Gottlob nee Anna Rosina ? (//c1799-25/12/1875).

Died Hundred of Neales SA.

KRAMM, daughter (//-//)

m HOFFMANN. Parents of H Hoffmann at Bower 1902. Louise Kramm m Christoph Ossig

KREUSLER, Mrs (//-//)

KREUSLER, daughter (//-//)

KREUSLER, daughter (//-//)

KREUSLER, Wilhelm (//-//)

KROSEMANN/KROSSMANN, Elisabeth (//c1824-19/1/1879).

Died Belair SA. m 26/10/1847 prob Klemzig, Gottfried Koll

KRONK, Nicholas Friedrich (//-//).

Chemist; Adelaide. Insolvent 1851.

KRUGER, August Friedrich (//c1826-21/11/1903).

Born Potsdam, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Nuriootpa SA. To SA c1855. Brickmaker; Tanunda, Farmer; Bethel, Enginedriver; Daveyston, Farmer; Keyneton 1859 (20 years), Brewer; Nuriootpa. (Obit Chronicle 28/11/1903 p642a).

KUNST, Johann (//c1824-//).

Miner; Kooringa 1851 m 6/12/1851 Church Kooringa, Maria Sophia nee WISSEL (//c1833-//).

VOSS, Friedrich von 1851


Names Beginning - L*

LANGE, Heinrich Friedrich (//-30/1/1885).

Died Lobethal SA. Shepherd, farmer, agent; Mt Torrens, Lobethal. m 28/9/1843 Lobethal Lutheran Church, Henriette nee GRÖPLER (//-//).

LASS, Madgalene Elisabeth (1/1/1819-12/10/1895).

Born Friedrichstadt/Eider, Holstein. Died Adelaide SA. Lutheran. Obit Observer 19/10/1895 p766e. m 11/5/1849 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Johann Menz.

LATTORFF, George Emanuel Heinrich (//c1831-6/7/1909).

Born Glogau, Kreis Glogau, Silesia, Prussia. Died Stony Creek near Wilmington SA. Farmer, gardener; Wilmington. To SA c1847. Husband of Louisa Dorcas Lattorff.

LEHMANN, Anna Maria or Marianne Mary

m 29/7/1847 St John Adelaide, William Pratt the Younger. Lived; Adelaide (Sturt St) Court case (SA 9/5/1848 p148a).

LEHMANN, Johann Friedrich (//-//).

Publican; Nuriootpa Hotel 1851-1858. Death apparently not registered.

LEHMANN, Mrs JF nee Grace ? (//c1815-4/6/1884).

Died Nuriootpa SA, ‘of abdominal paralysis’. (DN Chronicle 14/6/1884 p557b). To the Aust colonies c1829. Likely not a German. Linked with James Clark of Nuriootpa.

LESKE, Johann Friedrich (/12/1803-//).

Born Nekla Hauland, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia. Farmer; Hoffnungsthal. Lutheran.

LESKE, Mrs JF nee Caroline MIBUS (//-//)

LESKE, Carl Ludwig (25/8/1833-//)

LESKE, Henriette (4/1/1836-8/8/1895).

Born Nekla Hauland, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia. Died Laura SA. m 30/4/1857 Lutheran Church Hoffnungsthal, Carl Noske.

LESKE, Wilhelmine Pauline (20/12/1839-14/4/1923).

Died SA. m (1) m 25/6/1862 Lutheran Church Hoffnungsthal, Carl Frost m (2) 23/7/1883, Christian Dohnt.

LESKE, Juliane (2/4/1842-//)

LOHE, Carl August (//c1824-26/12/1875).

Died Kensington SA.

LOHE, Mrs CA nee Christiane Maria Friederike ? (//c1827-30/4/1885).

Died Norwood SA.

LOHE, Franceske Mathilde (//c1853-//).

m 5/4/1878 St John’s Adelaide, Paul Little.

LÜDECKE/LUDECKKE, Friedrich A (31/8/1815-22/4/1875).

Buried Tabor Cemetery, Tanunda.


Names Beginning - M*

MAERSCHEL, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1830-26/5/1864).

Died Blumberg SA, of dysentery. Wheelwright; Blumberg. Lutheran. m dnr Maria nee Hamdorf.

MAETZE/METZ, Heinrich (//c1814-20/11/1865).

Born Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark. Died Adelaide SA. Blacksmith; Magill, Noarlunga, Morphett Vale, Adelaide. Lutheran. At the Bendigo diggings Vic (Observer 20/5/1854 p196c). m dnr Sophie ADAMS

MAEUSEL, LHF (//-//).

Carpenter, builder; Lobethal. Childless couple. (Biog Anna Ey Memoirs pp40-41, 46).

MAEUSEL, Mrs LHF nee Anna ? (//c1807-4/7/1884).

Died Springton SA. Dressmaker; Lobethal.

MAGNUS, Eduard (//c1810-8/6/1855).

Born Königsberg, East Prussia. Died Kensington SA, at home. Storekeeper, agent; Tanunda, Kensington. Hebrew. Had a prayer meeting house in Tanunda 1849. In SA by 1849.

MANNHEIM, Eduard (//?-?/10/1880).

Died Ranitz??, West Prussia. Formerly of Robe S-E. Brother to M Mannheim of Moonta (DN Observer 16/4/1881 p688b)

MATTHES, Joachim (//c819-24/10/1849).

Died near Section 2641 Survey A the property of Carsten Luhrs, meeting his death through trampling by a runaway horse. Labourer for Carsten Luhrs.

MATUSCHKE, Christian (//-//).

Farmer; Concordia.

MEGZER, Johann G (//-c6/2/1853).

Died between Pt Adelaide and the Reedbeds SA, in a waterhole. Recently returned from the Vic goldfields. Lived at the Alberton Hotel. ‘Of steady, sober habits’ (Observer 12/2/1853 p53e)

MEINHOFF, Joseph (//-//).

Farmer; Black Forest 1849.

MEINIG, Mr (//-//).

Medical apparatus inventor; Adelaide (Observer 1/4/1854 p121c).

MEISTER, Elisabeth Maria (//c1856-//).

Servant girl from Switzerland. Daughter of Conrad Meister. m 17/2/1877 Registry Office Woodside, Heinrich BECKMEYER (//c1848-//) Father; Thomas.

MEYER, Johann Jacob Gustav (//c1848-9/10/1897).

Died Sheaoak Log SA. Only son of Mrs Charlotte Meyer of Concordia. (DN Chronicle 23/10/1897 p367a).

MINKE, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1838-12/8/1894).

Died Lobethal SA, of cystitis. Farmer; Lobethal.

MINKE, Mrs JFW nee Anna Luise MERLKEN (//-2/6/1913).

Died Murray Bridge SA.

MOLLER, Theodor (//c1802-31/12/1869).

Died Carey Gully SA. Storekeeper; Carey Gully.

MÜLLER, A (//-//).

Baker; Adelaide (18 Rundle St) 1865.

MUELLER, Friedrich (//-//).

Barber; Adelaide (Rundle St) 1853. Had returned with Wilhelm Ahle from the goldfields

MUELLER/MULLER/MÜLLER, Louis (//c1835-23/3/1891).

Died East Adelaide SA, at home Sixth Ave. Husband of E Muller. (DN Observer 28/3/1891 p600b).

MULLER, Wilhelm (//-//).

Settled; Klemzig by 1848. Son Wilhelm Bernhard Muller b 27/12/1854.

MULLER, Mrs Wilhelm nee Eliza RUNGE (//-//)

MUSTER, Johanna Friedericke Wilhelmine (//c1830-//).

Prob sister to Johann Gottfried Muster and Mrs JG Kroehn nee Johanna Beate Luise Muster. m 16/8/1850 Lutheran Church Lobethal, Wilhelm WAGENKNECHT (//c1825-//)

MUSTER, Johann Gottfried (//c1822-6/7/1904). Died Rosenthal SA. Settled; Neudorf, Lobethal, near Bethel etc, later Retired; Rosenthal. Lutheran.

MUSTER, Mrs JG nee Johanna Juliane LEHMANN (//c1825-1/1/1919).

Died Rosedale SA.

MUSTER, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1848-//)

m 1/8/1873 St Martin Rosenthal, Johanna Auguste Caroline nee Schirmer (nb).

MUSTER, Johann Carl August (//c1856-//)

m 13/11/1884 St Martin Rosenthal, Maria Magdalene nee ELSHOLZ (//c1860-//). Father; Johann Friedrich

MUSTER, Johanna Beate Luise (//c1850-//)

m 9/6/1861 Lutheran Church Lobethal, Friedrich Ernst PFEIFFER (//c1846-//). Father; Johann Gottlieb Pfeiffer.

MUSTER, Juliane (//c1855-//)

m 23/2/1878 Groom father Gottlob Zilm residence Greenock, Hermann Zilm (nb).

MUSTER, Auguste (//c1858-//)

m 21/8/1879 St Paul Lutheran Lobethal, Hermann GERHARDY (//c1857-//) Father; Heinrich

MUSTER, Johanne Ernestine (//c1860-//).

Perhaps born at sea/Native Born. m 9/5/1887 zum Weinberge Christi Lobethal, Friedrich Gustav SCHMIDTKE (//c1858-//) Father; Gustav

MYERS, Echart/Erhard (//c1811-1/9/1847).

Died Adelaide SA, at the Hospital, of apoplexy brought on by habitual drunkenness. Lived in Hindley St, Adelaide.


Names Beginning - N*

NAGEL, Ernst (//-//).

Settled; Grünthal. Son Carl William Henry Nagel b 10/11/1855.

NAGEL, Mrs Ernst nee Ernestine NAGEL (//-//)

NAGEL, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Friedrich (1/4/1837-28/8/1915).

Born Lautenthal (Harz), Hanover. Died perhaps Millendella SA. Farmer, miner; Grünthal, Lobethal, Lyndoch, Millendella. m 28/5/1856 Lutheran Church Lobethal, Juliane nee Noske.

NAGEL, Heinrich Wilhelm (//c1814-18/3/1866).

Died Hahndorf SA.

NIEHUS, Matthias (//c1818-3/7/1903).

Died Norwood SA. Cabinetmaker; The Parade, Norwood. m 10/11/1850 North Adelaide.

NIEHUS, Mrs Matthias nee Agathe Sophie Eleanore RICHTER (//c1819-3/9/1894).

Died Norwood SA.

NIEHUS, Matthias (//-//)

NIEWANDT, Andreas (//-//)

m 9/4/1855 St James Blakiston, Ellen nee Jenkinson.

NITSCHKE, Carl (//-//).

Baker; Adelaide (Hindley St) 1846

NITSCHKE, Johann Gottlieb Senr (17/12/1817-20/11/1896).

Born Karge, Kreis Züllichau-Schwiebus, Brandenburg, Prussia.

NITSCHKE, Mrs JG nee Johanne Dorothea nee EGEL (25/8/1821-5/6/1878).

Born Glogsen, Kreis Züllichau-Schwiebus, Brandenburg, Prussia.

NITSCHKE, Carl Heinrich (13/10/1847-24/7/1901).

Born Glogsen, Kreis Züllichau-Schwiebus, Brandenburg, Prussia. m 7/8/1873 Strait Gate Lutheran Light Pass, Maria Magdalene nee Haeusler (nb).

NITSCHKE, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1849-//)

NITSCHKE, Johann Gottlieb Junr (16/11/1851-9/3/1938).

Born Karge, Kreis Züllichau-Schwiebus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Sedan SA, at the residence of his daughter Mrs Wilhelm Schumacher nee Agnes Nitschke. m 9/11/1876 Lutheran Church Gnadenberg, Dorothea nee Terlich.

NITSCHKE, Johanne Luise (16/11/1851-17/11/1914).

Born Karge, Kreis Züllichau-Schwiebus, Brandenburg, Prussia. m 2/10/1873 German Chapel Stockwell, Gottlieb Wiesner (nb).

NOACK, Gottlieb (2/7/1818-29/12/1896).

Born Schönhöhe, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Peters Hill SA. Farmer; Peters Hill. Lutheran.

NOACK, Mrs Gottlieb nee Anna ? (10/3/1825-14/4/1904).

Born Ruben, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Peters Hill SA.

NOACK, Maria (//c1850-//)

m 24/4/1869 Lutheran Church Peters Hill, Friedrich Marschall.

NOOTNAGEL, Heinrich (//c1818-10/8/1900).

Born Hamburg. Died Belair SA.  To SA c1848. Wine merchant, then Solicitor’s clerk then Foreign languages professor; Adelaide. (Obit Observer 18/8/1900 p329c). m 23/1/1858 St Matthew Kensington, Christiane Caroline Maria nee TRAPP (//c1835-//). Daughter of Carl Trapp architect Rostock, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Sister to Ludwig AC Trapp.

NOSKE, Traugott (?/6/1834-19/6/1923).

Born Nekla Hauland, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia. Died Moutajup Vic. Farmer; Hoffnungsthal. To Vic 1851 with other Lutherans to inspect Western District land, then Farmer; Hochkirch, Tabor, Woorak, Dimboola, Moutajup. Lutheran. Biog T Noske FH. m 5/10/1855 Lutheran Church Hochkirch Vic, Auguste nee Lehmann.

NYKIEL, Johann John Senr (//c1799-19/8/1886).

Settled; Sevenhill. RC.

NYKIEL, Mrs Johann nee Marianna RUCIOCH (//c1806-//)

NYKIEL, Johann John Junr (//c1836-27/2/1910)

m 14/7/1861 St Aloysius Sevenhill, Dorothea nee Stanitzky.

NYKIEL, James (//c1841-19/5/1880)

m 15/9/1861 Tanunda, Marianna nee Rucioch.


Names Beginning - O*

OCHTOMANN, Johannes Friedrich Carl (//c1837-12/10/1894).

Died North Kensington SA. m 30/1/1868, Lydia Isabella nee MACHON (//c1848-5/10/1912). Died Adelaide SA. Lived; Kadina in widowhood.

OHLMEYER, Wilhelm Anton (23/10/1829-26/6/1912).

Born Hamburg. Died Tanunda SA. To Vic 1849 Ocean. Vic goldfields. Then to SA. m 10/5/1855 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Charlotte nee Grovermann. Surveyor, grocer (with Goerecke & ROSENHAIN); Adelaide then Publican, grocer; Tanunda.

OHLMEYER, Wilhelm Louis (//-//).

Of Fullarton. Charged 5/10/1849 with shooting Henry TREBLE’s mare.


Named Beginning - P*

PAHLOW, Martin Ludwig (//-//).

Water carrier; Pt Adelaide 1851[-1854]. Insolvent 11/9/1851.

PFAENDLER, Benedict (//c1834-9/5/1868).

Died Adelaide SA, at home Pirie St, from an accident. m 30/8/1865 Bride's father Samuel Davis residence Glynde, Sarah nee DAVIS (//c1844-//)

PICKERT, Carl (//-//).

Perhaps of Kensington (Observer 87/1854 p277f).

PICKERT, Mrs Carl nee Juliana ? (//-//)

PIHL, Peter (//-//).

At the Ballarat goldfields. Brother recently arrived in SA (Observer 20/5/1854 p196c).

PINGEL, Heinrich (4/2/1842-c28/12/1918).

Born Horst, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark. Died Lobethal SA. Able seaman aboard The Sailer?? 1863. Publican; Teetulpa, Silverton then Brewing labourer, mason; Lobethal. Lutheran. (Obit Observer 4/1/1919 p3b.) m c1866, Friedericke nee Pietsch.

POHL, Johann Carl (//-//).

Farmer; Yankalilla 1852

PROMNITZ, Johann Friedrich (//-//)

PROMNITZ, Mrs JF nee ? (//-//)

PROMNITZ, Johann Friedrich Gustav (//c1847-14/4/1918).

Born prob Crossen/Oder, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Birdwood SA. Blacksmith; Oliventhal (Blumberg]. Lutheran. Son of Johann Friedrich Promnitz. Prob nephew to JCA Promnitz and Mrs FA Graeber nee AD Promnitz. m (1) dnr Caroline nee Matthes m (2) 7/11/1882 Lutheran Parsonage Flinders St Adelaide, Mrs HGA Brauer nee Helene Schaepe.


Piano maker; Adelaide (Vosz Buildings, Pirie St) 1849. Likely to be Carl PRUEFS who died 5/6/1864.


m 28/12/1866 Adelaide, Maria nee LOESSEL/LOSSEL/LÖSSEL


Names Beginning - Q*


Names Beginning - R*

RAYNER/REYNER, Ferdinand (//-//).

Charged with theft Jan 1848

REINECKE, Friedrich Adolph (//c 1821-2/11/c1879).

Died Mt Gambier SA. To SA c1853

REINECKE, Mrs FA nee Dorothea Amalie ? (//c1818-23/12/1892).

Died Mt Gambier SA, 'of heart disease'.

REINECKE, Dorothea Friedericia (//-//)

REINECKE, daughter (//-//)

REINECKE, daughter (//-//)

REINHARDT, Johann Gottlieb (//c1824-6/8/1900).

Died Kent Town SA, at his son-in-law FJ Sobels residence King William St.

RIBBECK, Albert (//c1817-/3/1877).

Died near the Alma Mine Waukaringa SA. Settled; Lobethal 1852 (Observer 9/10/1852 p332d). (Biog Observer 10/3/1877 p192a).

RITTER, Johann Wilhelm (//c1795-28/12/1874).

Born Hamburg. Died Coleraine Vic, 'after a long illness'. To SA 1850.

RITTER, Mrs JW nee Anna Catharine BAUHEIMER (//c1800-25/9/1873).

Died North Adelaide SA.

RITTER, Amalie (//c1835-14/1/1927).

Died Collinswood SA, at her residence Salisbury Tce. (Obit Observer 22/1/1927 p236e). m 21/7/1858 Bride father residence North Adelaide, Heinrich Henry Heuzenroeder.

RITTER, Rudolph (//-//).

Pupil Freeman St German School 1853 (Observer 9/7/1853 p221d).

ROGENER, Heinrich (//-//).

In SA by 1850

ROGENER, Mrs Heinrich nee Elisabeth DIENELT (//-//)

RUCIOCH, Martin (//c1816-25/7/1900)

RUCIOCH, Mrs Martin nee Catherine ? (//c1820-11/8/1904)

RUCIOCH, Victor (//c1839-24/9/1919)

m 28/8/1871 St Aloysius Sevenhill, Maria Mary nee WAJMAN (//c1852-//) Father; John.

RUCIOCH, Marianna (//c1840-29/11/1938)

m 15/9/1861 Tanunda, James Nykiel.

RUCIOCH, Michael (//c 1845-//1918)

m 25/7/1870 St Aloysius Sevenhill, Maria Mary nee PAWELSKA/PAWELSKI (//c1849-//) Father; Valentine.

RUCIOCH, Regina (//c1851-//1945)

m 26/8/1871 St Aloysius Sevenhill, Valentine PAWELSKA (//c1850-//) Father; Lucas.

RUDHERFORDT, Peter (//-//)

‘A native of Poland’ in Adelaide 1853 (Observer 9/7/1853 p223f)

RUSS, Joachim Albrecht Heinrich (20/11/1802-2/7/1870).

Born Pluschow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Died near Freeling SA. Farmer; Lyndoch Valley, Rosenthal, Freeling. Lutheran,

RUSS, Mrs JAH nee Maria Elisabeth Friedericke GOESCH (6/3/1812-23/3/1894).

Born Retschow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Died Minlaton SA. Poss sister to Christian Goesch.

RUSS, Friedericke Dorothea Maria (//c1838-//).

Born Althof nr Doberan, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. m 30/6/1854 St Martin’s Rosenthal, Johann Friedrich Heinrich STEIER (//c1822-//) No further record in SA records.

RUSS, Joachim Heinrich Albrecht (25/2/1843-25/2/1916).

Born Althof nr Doberan, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Died SA. m 2/10/1868 Schoolroom Freeling, Sophia nee Schumacher.


Names Beginning - S*

SANDER, Bernhard (//-//).

Publican; Adelaide (White Hart Hindley St) 1865-1866. His marriage broke down 1866 and he left SA. m 4/5/1865 St Luke Adelaide, Mrs Thomas PHELPS nee Eliza Ellen POOLE

SANDMEYER, Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard (//c1819-24/11/1893).

Farmer; The Bremer, Drop Drop nr Mt Gambier SA. m 8/2/1849 Congregational Chapel Adelaide, Auguste Luise Friedericke nee HERDIN (//c1819-10/9/1886). Died Drop Drop nr Mt Gambier SA.

SAPIATZER/SAPPIATZER, Friedrich George (//-//).

Born Turnow, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died SA. To Melbourne 1855 Asa Sawyer. To SA 1857. Farmer; Klemzig, Hope Valley, near Millicent. (Biog SA 28/10/2007 p96a).

SAPIATZER/SAPPIATZER, Mrs FG formerly Mrs FG MAROSKE nee Anna ? (//-//).

Born Turnow, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died SA.

MAROSKE, George (24/12/1845-13/10/1918).

Born Turnow, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Ipswich Qld. Farmer, carrier; Millicent. Lutheran. To Qld 1891. m 10/4/1871 St Martin Lutheran Church Clareville, Johanne Emilie nee Kroehn.

SAPIATZER/SAPPIATZER, Martin George (//c1849-//).

Born Turnow, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died SA. Farmer; Millicent. m 31/12/1872 Lutheran Church Pirie St Adelaide, Caroline Wilhelmine Juliane nee POLLE (//c1849-//) Father; Heinrich.

SAPIATZER/SAPPIATZER, Maria (//c1851-//).

Born Turnow, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died SA. m 8/4/1874 William Stunsbrin residence Mt Gambier, Heinrich Henry HOLZGREFE (//c1846-//) Father; Christoph.


SCHADOWSKY, Gustav (//-//).

Barman & confidential servant; Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel Adelaide (Observer 20/10/1885 p361e).


Perhaps an agent. In SA by Oct 1848.

SCHAUMBURG, Christian (//c1831-17/5/1864).

Baker; Adelaide (Flinders St) m 17/3/1863 St Luke Adelaide, Johanne nee Dreyer.

SCHEIBCHEN, Johann Carl Gottfried (//c1821-9/7/1891).

Died Gnadenfrei SA.

SCHEIBCHEN, Mrs JCG nee Johanne Elisabeth ? (//c1827-25/3/1894).

Died Gnadenfrei SA.

SCHEIBCHEN, daughter (//-//)

m Carl OTTO Settled; Gnadenfrei by 1891.

SCHEIBCHEN, Johanne Christiane Ernestine (//c1859-11/4/1860).

Died Hundred of Nuriootpa SA (of Gnadenfrei).

SCHEMANSKI, Stanislaus (//-24/9/1851).

Died Tanunda SA, by falling from a dray. Farmer; Tanunda.

SCHILG, Johann Gottlieb (//c1801-5/5/1856).

Died Bethanien SA. To SA c1849. Settled; Bethanien.

SCHILG, Mrs JG nee Luise Dorothea WESSENDORF (//c1819-15/4/1895).

Died Albury NSW. Her father and brothers & sisters To SA 1851.

SCHILKA, Liese (//-//).

Servant from Werben, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. To SA from mid 1857.

SCHINTLER, Carl Christian (//c1826-15/9/1881).

Died Magill SA ‘suddenly at his residence’.

SCHLESINGER, Wilhelm (//-//)

Adelaide; 1847 (Jan) Worked for a Mr MUNRO. In 1849 operated an employment and commission agency in King William St, Adelaide (opp the Exchange).

SCHLOSSER, Carl (//c1812-1/5/1910).

Died Adelaide SA (of Norwood).

SCHMIDT, Master H (//-//).

Won a prize at the Pultney St, Adelaide Dec 1848.

SCHMIDT, Erhard Heinrich (//-//).

Settled; Klemzig by 1849. m 18/10/1846 Klemzig, Johanna Sophia nee LANGE. Marriage does not appear to be registered?

SCHNEIDER, Alexander (//-//).

Timber cutter; Charleston/Woodside Court case (Observer 6/5/1855 p143g).


Settled; Mt Torrens. (Observer 21/4/1855 p125h).

SCHOENEMANN, Mrs Carl nee Charlotte ? (//-//)

SCHOESKI/SCHOESKE, Matthes (//-//).

Gardener’s son from Werben, Kreis Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia. To SA from mid 1857.

SCHONBERG, Joachim (//-//).

Clerk to Mr NATHAN an Adelaide merchant 1848. (SA 1/9/1848 p278e)


In Adelaide by Jan 1848


Farmer; Bugle Ranges. m Alwine nee AUERSBERG.


Gardener; Grünthal.


SCHUETZ/SCHUTTS/SCHUTZ/SCHÜTZ, Caroline Wilhelmine Georgine (//-//)

m 13/2/1866 St Michael Hahndorf, Wilhelm Dreschler.

SCHULZ, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//).

Gardener; Aldgate late 1880s then Glen Cotton Mylor 1890s-1900s.

SCHULZ, Mrs FW nee Anna Catherine WELZOW (//c1849-3/12/1904).

Died Mylor SA, by accidental poisoning through drinking arsenical soda solution in mistake for tea. (MtBC 9/12/1904).

SCHULZE, Eduard Alexander (//-//)

SCHUMANN, Friedrich (//-//).

Hairdresser; Adelaide (Rundle St) 1848. He had been absent from Adelaide just before opening the shop (SA 16/5/1848 p153b)

SCHUNKE, Ernst Christian Julius (//c1829-2/2/1882).

Died Lyndoch SA. m Henriette nee Wimmer

SCHURLMANN, Carl (//-//).

Wheelwright; Mt Torrens (Observer 10/12/1853 p414f).

SCHUTT, Otto (//c1851-//).

Of Stanley St, North Adelaide. Married Agnes Weger, daughter of Mr Weger the blacksmith. (Observer 13/6/1885 p1136c).

SEEFORTH, Friedrich (//-//).

Professional beggar (Observer 24/2/1855 p60a).

SEEKAMP, Diederich (//-//).

In SA by August 1849, when William WINGATE farmer Gawler River employed him as a labourer. m 29/5/1850, Emilie nee VOIGT

SIEBEN, Ambrose (//c1818-30/8/1865).

Born Germany. Died Adelaide SA, in the Hospital ‘after eight weeks’ suffering resulting from amputation of the leg’. 2 children. m 22/5/1862 Methodist Chapel Pirie St Adelaide, Annie nee MARTIN (//c1836-//) Father; William. She m (2) 28/7/1869 Wesleyan parsonage Pirie St Adelaide, Leonard KNIGHT (//c1835-//) Father; Thomas.

SIEGLE, Christian Jakob (16/7/1864-28/4/1950).

Born Gross Heppach, Württemburg, Germany. Died perhaps Melbourne Vic. To Aust 17/8/1888 America. Lutheran Pastor; Appila-Yarcowie, Point Pass, Edillilie, Murto

SIEVERS, Albert (//c1796-18/7/1852).

Died Adelaide SA. Taxidermist; Adelaide; Murray River.

SIEWERT, Auguste (//-//).

A widow, who possibly lived either at Klemzig or Walkerville (Chronicle 5/10/1878 p119e).

SIMON, Joachim Christoph Ludwig ( 8/12/1822-//).

Born Suttensee, Germany. m Anna Rosine nee Haeusler In SA by late 1840s.

SOMMER, Christian (//-//).

Farmer; Bremer Ranges.

SOMMER, Mrs Christian nee Henriette Auguste ? (//c1804-8/1/1877).

Died Callington SA.

SONNEMANN, Mathilde (//-//)

m 24/7/1848 Kooringa, Ernst BOEHM.

SPANHAKE, Johann Hermann Friedrich (//c1810-//).

Police constable; Adelaide 1846. m (2) 20/1/1850 Groom's residence North Adelaide, Johanna Maria nee SCHNEIDER (//c1829-//)

SPANHAKE, Mrs JHF nee Sophia Dorothea SUBRITZKY (//c1818-4/9/1849).

Died North Adelaide SA.

STANGE, Otto George Christian (//-//).

Music teacher; Adelaide.

STANGE, Mrs OGC nee Maria HESSE (//-8/2/1891).

Died Baden Baden, Germany, of inflammation of the lungs (DN Observer 28/3/1891 p600b).

STADE, Johann (//-//).

Mason, gardener; Klemzig by 1845, Grünthal.

STADE, Mrs Johann nee Johanna Maria Friedericke SEEFELDT (18/12/1821-18/12/1895).

Died Daveyston SA. m (2) 2/4/1872 St Michael’s Hahndorf, Eduard Hempel.

STEFFENS, Carson Friedrich (//c1830-5/12/1889).

Died Hahndorf SA. Perhaps brother to Mrs August Grummet nee Anna Maria Steffens. A number of Steffens people emigrated to SA in the 1850s.

STEHN, Hans Christian (//-//).

Farmer; Red Creek, Point McLeay. Lutheran. Father; Johann Friedrich Stehn. m 6/4/1869 Lutheran Church Salem/Bremer.

STEHN, Mrs HC nee Maria Catherine REIMERS (//-//).

Father; Johann Heinrich Wilhelm.

STEHN, Johann Christian Wilhelm (11/12/1846-21/12/1932).

Born Altona, Holstein, Denmark. Died Headington Hill Qld, at home Holzhausen. Farmer; Red Creek, Point McLeay. To Vic 1875 then To Qld 1900. Lutheran. Father; Johann Friedrich Stehn. m 22/11/1872 St Michael Hahndorf, Elisabeth nee Ampt.

STEHN, Johann Diedrich [perhaps Friedrich] (//-//).

Farmer; Tin Pot, Peg Gully.

STEHN, Mrs JD nee Catherine Sophia SAGGAN/SAGGAU (//-//).

Prob sister to Mrs Hans Block formerly Mrs August Hinch nee Magdalena Elisabeth Saggan.

STEINFELDT, Carl (//-//).

Lived Adelaide (Peacock Buildings) June 1850.

STIARNY, Oscar (//-//).

Doctor; Salisbury. From Germany. (Observer 28/10/1854 p477bf).

STICHEN/STICKEN, Michael (//-//).

Court case (Observer 9/12/1855 p547c).

STOWING/STOVING, Louis (//-//).

Of Stepney. At the goldfields. Married man (Observer 9/4/1853 p116b). Probably misspelt.

SUBRITZKY, Johannes Anton (//c1830-//).

Settled; North Adelaide. m 27/6/1851 Freeman St manse Adelaide, Betsy nee HOARE (//c1834-//).

SUHLING, JD (//c1838-22/8/1916).

Born Germany. Died Bremen, Germany. Lived Adelaide at some stage. (DN Observer 30/12/1916 p920d).


Names Beginning - T*

TELTEMANN, Andreas (//c1820-21/12/1874).

Died Neu Mecklenburg SA. (DN Observer 26/12/1874 p434g).

THEEL, Christian (30/11/1833-/7/1904).

Born Swinemunde on the Baltic Sea, Pommern, Prussia. Died Gumeracha SA. To SA 25/2/1855. Farmer; Farmer; Fifth Creek then Steward Kenton Park, Carpenter; Gumeracha. Baptist. (Obit Observer 6/8/1904 p683e).

This Thiele Family arrived Vic from Germany in the 1850s - no record of SA arrival either by land or sea.

THIELE, Johann Gottlob (10/11/1811-21/6/1899).

Born Glogsen, Kreis Züllichau-Schwiebus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Salem SA. Farmer; Salem/Bremer then Kanmantoo Mines. Lutheran. [Is his age mis-calculated – is he the son of Samuel Thiele b 1/10/1816? No record of this son as emigrating in 1838]

THIELE, Mrs JG nee Christine HÄMMERLING (8/6/1816-19/1/1890).

Born Pommerzig, Kreis Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Kanmantoo Mines SA.

THIELE, Johann Luise (21/3/1836-23/11/1907).

Born Prussia. Died Hahndorf SA. m 25/11/1856 St Michael Lutheran Church Hahndorf, August Thiele.

THIELE, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (22/7/1837-18/3/1926).

Born Glogsen, Kreis Züllichau-Schwiebus, Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Salem SA. Farmer; Salem/Bremer. Lutheran. m 8/5/1862 St Michael Lutheran Church Hahndorf, Luise nee Thiele (nb)

THIELE, Johanne Dorothea (24/8/1839-7/9/1873).

Died SA. m 21/8/1862 Peace Lutheran Church Salem/Bremer, August Baum.

THIELE, Anna Maria (14/5/1856-//).

Born Salem/Bremer SA. Perhaps she and her new husband lived with her parents at Kanmantoo Mines. m 10/2/1883 Bride father Gottlob Thiele residence nr Kanmantoo, Carl Sawade.

THIELE, Johann August (14/5/1856-//).

Born Salem/Bremer SA. Farmer; Kanmantoo Mines, Loxton. Lutheran. m 9/2/1888 St Peter Callington, Clara Helene nee Thiele (11/4/1867-//) Born nr Mt Barker SA. Daughter of Wilhelm Thiele and Martha nee Kruger.

THOMAS, Mr (//-//)

THOMAS, Mrs nee Johanne ? (//-//)

THOMAS, Caroline (//-//).

Charged with stealing articles of wearing apparel Hindley St, Adelaide 11/12/1851. Again from Henry Balls' general store at Kensington (Observer 6/5/1854 p176d). m 10/2/1853 Lutheran Church Klemzig, Friedrich Wilhelm KREIGETT/KREISLER


(farmer) m 21/1/1856 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Bridget LINE/LINES (//c1834-15/6/1912). Died Portland Estate SA.

TIDEMANN, Mrs CE nee Anna Catherine PANSING (//c1801-14/3/1877).

Born Bremen. Died Gawler SA. Widow of Carl Tidemann. To SA 1865 Troas.

TIDEMANN, Anna Catherine (//c1843-//1924)


TIETZ, Vincent (?/1/1840-//).

Farmer; Hill River, Petersburg, Dawson, Sevenhill. m 8/9/1863 Bomst. To London 6/6/1874 then to SA Denapore . (Biog Observer 20/9/1913 p150c).

TIETZ, Mrs Vincent nee Barbara RICHTER (?/11/1838-//)

TIETZ, Franz Frank (//-//)

TIETZ, John (//c1870-//)

TIETZ, Theresia (//c1874-//)

m Bermard John BYRNES of Petersburg.

TIETZ, Paul (//c1877-//)

m 29/1/1907 Council Chambers Coglin, Ethel Annie nee HURST (//-//)

TIETZ, Mary Balbina (//c1884-//)

m KNOPKE of Penwortham.

TIETZ, Hedwig (//-//).

Of Broken Hill 1913. Never married.


Farmer; Bugle Ranges. m Maria Anna WALTERS.

TUCHEBAND, Christian Friedrich (//-//).

Settled; Black Forest. Adopted daughter, Mary nee LIERKE (//c1836-//), was a barmaid at the Hand and Heart Inn South Road. Claimed illegitimate child by Robert JOSE of the Somerset Hotel, Pulteney St (Observer 10/2/1855 p43f).



Names Beginning - U*

ULLMANN, Carl August Wilhelm (//c1830-29/10/1891).

Died Mt Bryan SA. Butcher; Burra then Farmer; Mt Bryan. Won a law suit SA 13/11/1846 133b m 4/12/1861 Kooringa SA, Maria WILLIAMS (//-26/10/1891)

ULRICH, Mr (//-//).

Blacksmith; Burra Mine 1847 Perhaps OELRICH/ÖLRICH, Friedrich Farmer; Hope Valley 1847

UNGAR/UNGER, Ernst Christian (//c1826-//).

Slaughtering licence; Kanmantoo 1854 (Observer 22/4/1854 p155f). m 9/11/1850 St James Blakiston, Agnes nee ROWLINGS/RAWLINGS (//c1828-//)


Names Beginning - V*

VOEGE/VOGE/VÖGE, Carl (//-//).

Baker; Klemzig 1847. m Maria nee SCHUTEN.

VOGLER, Hermann (//c1838-//).

Witness at inquest (p313 Observer 11/10/ 1851).

VOGLER, Oscar (//-//).

In SA by late 1854 (Observer 16/12/1854 p559f).

VOLBRECHT/VOLLBRECHT, August (//-10/11/1854).

Died Pt Adelaide SA, through murder by William BELL who was executed at the Adelaide Gaol on 27/12/1854 (Observer 6/11/1880 p788c).

VON UNNA, Heinrich August Samuel Friedrich (//-15/11/1859).

In SA by 1853 (Observer 26/11/1853 p394f). Lived; Nuriootpa. From England to Pt Philip then to SA c1851 (Observer 10/12/1853 p414b.) m Mrs George PRICE nee Sarah Maryanne GIBBINGS (//c1822-3/10/1901). Born Torquay, Devon, England. To SA 1856 Magdalena. m (2) 1/1/1862 Angaston, Thomas SMITH (//c1812-//) Father; George.

VOSZ, Catherine (//c1824-2/10/1899).

Died Booleroo Centre SA. m 1854 DNR, Friedrich Wichmann.


Names Beginning - W*

WALDE, Friedrich (//-//).

Cabinetmaker; South Road, near the Maid of Auckland Hotel Black Forest 1853 (Observer 15/1/1853 p21e)

WALSGOTT/WALTSGOTT, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)

WALSGOTT/WALTSGOTT, Mrs FW nee ? (//-//)

WALSGOTT/WALTSGOTT, Henriette (//c1837-//)

m 25/6/1857 Lutheran Church Rosenthal, Ernst Hermann POHLNER


WALSGOTT/WALTSGOTT, Johann Ernst Wilhelm Gustav (//c1841-//)

m 3/9/1862 Presbyterian Church Mt Gambier, Anna Maria Auguste nee SCHMIDT (//c1843-//) Father; Johann.

WALTEMATH, Johann Friedrich Christoph (//-//).

Publican; Adelaide (Robin Hood Gouger St 1849)

WARDMANN, Johann (//-//).

Born Switzerland. Died World End Run SA, suddenly of heart disease. Shepherd; Worlds End Run. Reputed to be wealthy and about to retire to Switzerland (Obit Observer 3/10/1868 p814e).

WEDEMEYER, Alfred (//-//).

Brother to George Wedemeyer.

WEDEMEYER, George (//-/9/1897).

Died Adelaide SA, by suicide through hanging himself in his employer’s hay loft. Coachman; Adelaide (JM Wendt – for 5 years). (Inquest; Chronicle 2/10/1897 p231a)

WEDEMEYER, Mrs George nee Agnes ? (//-//)

WEDEKIND, Andreas Christoph Heinrich (//c1836-//).

At Kooringa 1851. Did he come out with JH Wedekind? m 23/11/1859 Lutheran Church Tanunda, Eleonore nee Piefke.

WEHL, Max Wilhelm (//-//).

Steam mill manager; Mt Gambier. Prob a brother/relative to Dr Eduard Wehl. To SA George Washington 1849

WEIGERT, Emma (//c1837-//).

Daughter of Carl Weigert. m (1) 6/9/1857 Dr Carl Muecke private chapel Tanunda, Wilhelm Leopold (2) 19/12/1895 Groom residence Friedrichstadt, Heinrich Pfennig.

WEIGERT, Wilhelmine Caroline Luise (//c1843-//)

m 3/6/1860 Frauenfelder residence Greenock, Heinrich Frauenfelder.

WEINGARDT, Wilhelm August (//-//).

In SA by 1858. Chemist; Adelaide, Macclesfield, Hahndorf, Institute Committee member 1862, Steventon (Tea Tree Gully).

WEINGARDT, Mrs WA nee Malvine BELCK (//-//)

WEHRLICH, Mr (//-//).

Lived; Carlsruhe 1871. Ref Anna Ey Memoirs p81

WEHRLICH, Mrs (//-//).

No further references yet found.

WEHRLICH, family

WIELAND, Carl FI (//-//).

Miner; Burra 1851.

WIELAND, Mrs CFI nee Johanne HAUSDORFER (//-//)

WILBERTH, Carl Ludwig Sophus Friedrich (21/8/1839-21/3/1912).

Son of Friedrich Wilberth. m 8/2/1866 Bride father residence Tanunda,

WILBERTH, Wilhelmine Sophia Friedericke (//c1824-6/7/1870).

Born Kiel, Holstein, Denmark. Died Kiel, Holstein, Germany, ‘after a long and painful illness’. m 8/8/1860 Registry Office Adelaide SA, Theodor Butefisch.

WILHELMI, Herr (//-//).

To SA 1849. Botanist. Settled; Poonindie. To Vic 1854.

WILMERS, Philipp (//-//).

In SA by early 1845.

WINDSCHEID, Friedrich Otto (//c1826-19/7/1878).

Died Nuriootpa SA. m 21/12/1852, Amalie nee Wiesner.

WIRTH, Johann Carl Hermann (//c1836-15/10/1927).

Died Hahndorf SA. To SA c1874. Labourer; Hahndorf. Brother to Carl Wirth. No family.

WIRTH, Mrs JCH nee Caroline Wilhelmine Louise ? (//c1841-/9/1934).

Died Adelaide SA.

WITT, Adolph (//-//).

Merchant’s clerk; Adelaide (FW EHMCKE) 1849

WUNNENBURG, Hermann Friedrich (15/11/1836-28/2/1916).

Miller; Stockport. To SA c1850/1851 m 1/4/1869 Bride father residence Stockport, Rebecca nee Rodgers.

WOHLFEIL, Johann Gottlieb (//c1808-16/9/1897).

Died Woodside SA. Son of Gottfried Wohlfeil. m (2) 21/4/1876 Lutheran Church Rowlands Flat, Mrs Carl Kalms nee Wilhelmine Fengler.

WOHLFEIL, Mrs JG nee Caroline ? (//c1801-22/12/1871).

Died Lyndoch Valley SA.

WOHLFEIL, Wilhelm August (18/1/1837-1/12/1906).

Died Australia Plains SA. m 20/2/1868 Lutheran Prayer House Pine Hut,

WOHLFEIL, Johanne Caroline (//c1840-//)

m 28/11/1861 Lutheran Church Hoffnungsthal, Johann Gottlieb Klemm.

WOHLFEIL, Johanne Ernestine (//c1843-//)

m 4/9/1862 Lutheran Church Hoffnungsthal, Johann Gottlieb NEUMANN – perhaps placed Father; JFW Neumann.

WOHLFEIL, Ernst Wilhelm (//c1848-23/4/1939)

m 28/4/1871 Lutheran Chapel Light Pass, Anna Rosine nee Hampel.

WUNNENBURG, Johanne C (//c1828-26/5/1912).

Died Glenelg SA, at home Partridge St. 2nd daughter of the late Captain Wunnenburg of Bremen. m 2/4/1859 Groom residence Helendale nr Kapunda, John Palmer.


Names Beginning - Y*


Names Beginning - Z*

ZENNER, Adolph Moritz Julius (//-//).

Painter; Lobethal 1853. Anna Ey Memoirs p64. m 22/12/1848 prob Adelaide, 2/328, Susannah nee AMMACHER (//c1826-9/6/1871) Died Lobethal SA.

ZENNER, Carl Heinrich Eduard Paul (//c1853-29/12/1908).

Died Angaston SA.

ZIMLER, Carl Theodor (//-//).

Chemist; Adelaide Insolvent 1851.

ZIMMERMANN, Johanne C Doris (//c1820-//).

From Hamburg, where she worked for Friedrich Schleicher who also emigrated to SA. m 5/3/1849 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Carl GOERS/GORS/GÖRS (//c1821-//)

ZOLLNER/ZÖLLNER, August (//-//).

At Kooringa 1851.

ZYDERFELDT, Wilhelm (//c1882-6/8/1901).

Died Whyte Yarcowie SA (of Canowie), at the Commercial Hotel, from suicide by taking strychnine. (Observer 17/8/1901 p793b).


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