Taken by; Maggie Carter

Cycling through Alamance county is a great way to get exercise and get a great view of a beautiful location. With numerous bike shops throughout the county, it is easy to rent a bike if you don’t have one, or get other things that you might need for your biking experience. Many of the bike shops are located in Burlington, and you can easily find them on Google or Yelp. There are many road bike routes and mountain bike routes through the county as well that you can enjoy.

            One great ride is the Historic Alamance County Cruise.  It is a very gentle ride that consists of gentle hills, allowing you to coast along smoothly and then bike up gradual climbs. This quite ride goes through three historic sites in Alamance County from the 18th to the 19th century. The first one is the battleground that commemorates the last battle of the War of Regulation. The second is the Alamance Historical Society, which includes a restored manor from the 19th century and other buildings with beautifully restored gardens. Lastly is historic Snow Camp, which holds numerous dramas outdoors so that people can get a sense of life for the Quakers who settled in Snow Camp in the 18th century. 

            The roads through Alamance County are relatively bike friendly with lots of routes that take you on wide roads that are not too busy. Biking is great way to get to know the area, while getting into shape too. 


A great way to enjoy cycling in Alamance County would be through the creation of a social cycling club.

These clubs are often called "slow ride" clubs, and one of the best is in New Orleans. Their website can be found here: http://nolasocialride.org/what-is-nola-social-ride.html

Alamance Social Ride would be a similar club, with rides such as "Best Doughnut in Town", "Park Tour" and "It's Highschool Football Time!".

Join us on facebook to get it going: https://www.facebook.com/groups/492375514173406/