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Welcome to the LocalWiki for the communities of Alamance County, North Carolina.

 This community website gives everyone a place to share their knowledge, ideas, opinions, media, and any other information on anything and everything in Alamance County.  This site is maintained by the entire community, therefore, you are welcome to create an account and contribute to it!

Below, you will begin to find different avenues into exploring Alamance country. Hopefully, you will be able to find pages that spark your interest. While LocalWiki is a great place to start...Alamance county is also ready to engage with you everyday. So, explore the Wiki...find some places or programs that interest you....and then go and experience! We look forward to meeting you!

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You can also explore by category:

  • Elon University
     - Elon University is a local private university. The university hosts a variety of events in which the community can become involved, plus, it is a botanical garden! So, whether you are interested in upper level education or a fun day out with the kids...check out Elon!
  • Restaurants
    - The food and dining climate in Alamance is vibrant and always offering a taste of something new. Get together with some old friends or go out and make some new ones at these local eateries.
  • Shopping
    - Alamance shopping is nothing short of amazing. Take time to look at some of the different options all across the country. While big name stores are great...you may also find some unique shops that will get you involved in the local community and what Alamance citizens have to offer.
  • Local Organizations
    - A community is not a community without the organizations that bring us together. Find your cause, explore new callings, or just indulge your favorite hobby by meeting other people around Alamance who are interested in the same things as you!
  • Entertainment
    - Have free time? Spend it exploring new ways to have a good time.
  • Recreation -

              - Enjoy sports and recreation around the Alamance community. No matter what age...you can get involved!

  • History -
     - Alamance county is rich in traditions and a past that is simply captivating. Take some time to see how Alamance has grown over the years.

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