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Carolina Hall

at Elon University


The Carolina Hall, named in honor of the Congressional Christian Churches of North Carolina, is an all girls dormitory founded in 1955; the Church also supplied the funding for the construction of the building.


Each academic year Carolina houses 125 female students, making it one of the most popular choices of residence at Elon University. Carolina is located in what is called the “Elon University Historic Neighborhood” on campus along with other dormitories such as Sloan Hall, West Hall, Virginia Hall, and HBB Hall. Elon University Historic Neighborhood is located at the center of campus and is surrounded by the Alamance Building, as well as the Numen Lumen Pavilion on both sides. Carolina's location also allows for easy access to places like Belk LibraryThe Root, and Moseley Center. In Carolina, each room is equipped with air conditioning and heat, along with the choice to rent a microwave, and a refrigerator. Measuring on average, the 20x10 rooms are among the largest on campus for freshman housing. Also located on each of the three floors of Carolina are two hall-style bathrooms, with communal sinks and showers. Each week the bathrooms are cleaned and restocked with toilet paper and hand-washing soap. Aside from the bathrooms, there is also a water fountain on each end of the floor. Although each floor has two hall-style bathrooms, the first floor of Carolina is the only floor with the laundry machines that are to be shared by all 125 girls. Along with the laundry machines on the first floor, there is also a separate room for trash through out the building. Residents from each floor must take their trash cans down to the first floor once they become full. Preview attachment IMG_3616.JPGIMG_3616.JPG106 KB.weblocIMG_3616.JPG

Floor plan: first floor, second floor, third floor (links accessible to members of Elon community only)

Extra Information 

Every year in honor of holidays and birthdays, there are always “Happy Birthday” signs and holiday posters hung on the walls to make the hall a little more homey. Adjacent to the Carolina Hall is the all boys residence hall, “Smith Hall” Throughout the year, Smith Hall and Carolina residents are very social with each other and are always seen outside talking, especially when the weather is nice. Both buildings are among the oldest and most iconic on Elon University campus.


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