COM100 (D): Communication in a Global Age (Dr. Lellis)


For this challenge, you’ll work in teams to develop one stub article to share on the wiki. Each article will provide interesting and useful information about our local community.

Short wiki articles are called “stubs.” Your stub article will introduce a topic, and provide a starting point for future article development and discussion. These articles might introduce a local restaurant or business, a community organization or group, or other points of interest in Alamance County. Your stub article will comprise at least 200 words, and include a map (if appropriate) and at least one photo taken by you.

Your articles should focus on bringing new and interesting local perspectives to the web. Information that is already contained in Wikipedia articles or on other web pages should not be simply replicated. Both Belk and May Memorial Library (in downtown Burlington) will be excellent resources for this assignment.

Grading is based on:

  1. Sophistication of your insight/ideas (3 points)
  2. Creativity and potential connection to audience (3 points)
  3. Organization and writing proficiency (2 points)
  4. Evidence of journalistic values (1 point)
  5. Evidence of teamwork (1 point)

Suggested Deadlines:

  • Create wiki account and assign roles (Monday, October 1)
    • Learn how to edit wiki, create sandbox articles
    • Assign journalism roles within your team: reporter, photographer/designer, editor
  • Select and claim topics (Monday, October 8)
    • Check to see if someone else has already claimed the topic -- search the wiki, and check the Under development page. If not, add your topic to the master article list on the Under development page.
    • Add the topic to the COM100D article list on this page.
  • Produce drafts of article in personal sandbox (Friday, October 12)

Final Deadline:

List of COM100D student article projects

Add your name and work to the following list in alphabetical order. Provide links to the sandbox versions of your articles (so your edits are apparent). Example:

Lellis, Julie