VISTA / volunteer organization partnering with non-profits in historic coal mining communities. 

General About the Organization/Mission

The Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team (ACCWT) is a program of OSMRE/VISTA. It exists to help communities spanning 7 counties in addressing the environmental impacts of historic coal mining.  Main headquarters are in Beckley, WV.

Basic Info

ACCT and ACCWT are volunteer groups working in partnership with local non-profit hosts to build grassroots capacity, support community revitalization and economic impact as well as provide environmental stewardship support through watershed research and clean water initiatives. In keeping with their mission, they advocate for sustainable agricultural practices, community supported agriculture and building local food systems.

VISTA, (Volunteers in Service to America), is a program by which volunteers serve a minimum of one year engaged in community development projects in the areas of economic development and environmental stewardship. OSMRE/VISTA operate under the non-profit Conservation Legacy.

Type of Organization Non-profit


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Issues of Focus 

Environmental stewardship and community development in coal-mining counties.

History of Organization

The Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team (ACCWT) formed in 2001 as the first OSMRE/VISTA project through the Department of Interior’s (DOI), Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE). More than 200 OSMRE/VISTAs have served more than 140
organizations in projects as a part of the ACCWT and later the Appalachian Coal Country Team (ACCT).

Programs and Projects 

  • Watershed Studies
  • Microbial Tracking Research
  • STEM Education among children
  • Releasing Research
  • Promoting healthy practices

Partners and Frequent Collaborators

ACCT partners with regional non-profits that help propel a new Appalachian economy based on conservation, partnership and community development.

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