This Park is located right by Lake Evergreen. It offers many things to do such as hiking and camping as well as activities that one can do on a lake: fishing, boating, etc.


The campgrounds can get pretty crowded on holiday weekends like Memorial Day and Fourth of July and reservations would be needed, though usually on regular weekends its easy to find a campsite. Campsites cost 16 dollars a night, and a little more if you need electricity. To get a campsite you go to the Visitors Center which is right by the entrance of the park. You have to be eighteen to get a campsite. Most campsites are very well maintained and have many trees. All in all this is a good campground/park to go to.

Park Area

There is many picnic tables and firepits surrounding the lake and many of these are enclosed with trees on either sides. This is a nice addition to have a little more privacy. There are also a few pavillions in the middle of the park. By one of the pavillions there is a playground and bathrooms.

While at Comlara you can enjoy all sorts of activities. The park has several beautiful hiking trails all around the park. The trails range from very easy, which would be great for families too hard trail that, can be difficult if not in shape. The park has also made several new mountain bike trails that are a great work out do to the hills, and are very beautiful. Almost all of the trails are in the timber surrounding Evergreen Lake.