The Brotherhood Tree

One of the most famous charities found in Bloomington Normal is the Brotherhood Tree. The Brotherhood Tree is a Christmas charity that happens every year. The Brotherhood Tree helps to deliver several thousand gifts each year to needy people. It is sponsored by the WJBC radio station. It takes place throughout the month of December. The Brotherhood Tree requires the help of many volunteers. There are many different types of jobs that people can volunteer to do and literally hundreds of volunteers are needed for this charity. Anyone can volunteer and The Brotherhood Tree really needs the help.

Gift Donation

The gifts need to be dropped off at the WJBC Studios, Eastland Mall, Heritage Plaza, Commerce Bank, Phoenix Towers, Chenoa Pharmacy, Denny's Doughnuts & Bakery, Great Harvest Bread Company, The Children's Discovery Museum, Doubletree Hotel & Conference Center, and The Digital Store at the Shoppes at College Hills. The gifts have to be donated before December 17th. The person who donates the gift has to wrap the gift and place a tag that states what the item is, age, and gender of the intended recipient. Gifts can also be dropped off at the State of Illinois Army National Guard1616 S Main St Bloomington , IL 61701.

Contact Information

Volunteers go to welfare services and places like the Home Sweet Home mission to collect the names, ages, and address of those who are in physical need. People can also sign up families who are needy by sending the necessary information to WJBC Brotherhood Tree, 236 Greenwood Avenue, Bloomington, IL 61704.

Making the arrangements

Volunteers help to arrange where the gifts will be dropped off before they are taken to the State of Illinois Army National Guard armory, use of the State of Illinois Army National Guard armory, dates and times when the charity will be doing its service, refreshments, and which corporations/companies will help with the Brotherhood Tree.

Another volunteer job is Collecting gifts and supplies and bringing them to the State of Illinois Army National Guard armory At the State of Illinois Army National Guard armory According to the Yellow Pages the State of Illinois Army National Guard Armory is located at 1616 S Main St. Bloomington , IL 61701

Army National Guard armory

There are several volunteer jobs at the State of Illinois Army National Guard armory. These jobs include setting up tables and labeling them with age and gender so that the gifts can be sorted, sorting the gifts, wrapping the gifts, tagging the gift, and preparing them for delivery.

Here is how that is done. The volunteer grabs a card that has the names, genders, ages, and addresses of everyone in a family. Then the volunteer wraps the gifts or gets gifts that have already been wrapped, places a tag on each gift that they choose (this tag contains information such as the name of the intended recipient) places the chosen gifts into the bag, ties it up good, staples (use lots of staples otherwise the card will most likely not stay on) the card that has the address of the intended recipient on to the bag, and places the bag in the appropriate area to form a pile. There are areas of the armory labeled with different cities and the volunteer places his or her bag so that the address on the bag matches the address listed next to the pile. Also at the armory there are people needed to coordinate the activities going on and help people know what to do.


Once the gifts are ready to be delivered volunteers help to deliver them. The address is located on the outside of the bag. The Delivery starts December 20th

For more information

please see the Yellow Webpage listing for the State of Illinois Army National Guard armory at And also see the WJBC website at some more general information about The Brotherhood Tree.

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