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About Buff State

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Other Information

Buffalo State College, better known as “Buff State”, has grown into one of the largest comprehensive, public, four-year college in the SUNY (State University of New York) System. It is an accredited 1 co-ed school with 140 academic programs and educates over 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year. The college is known for its strong community connections and a continuing commitment to providing high-quality lifelong learning opportunities.

Buffalo State is located on a 125 acre campus in the City of Buffalo's museum district.

As of Fall 2020 8,339 students enrolled, 7,309 undergraduate studies, 1,030 students for graduate studies.

  • 54% Women, 44% Men
  • 48.4% Caucasian, 29.3% African American, 12.6% Hispanic or Latino, 4.11% Asian 6% other


Academic Support Programs

Visit the Academic Support Center web page for more infomation.

  • Academic Advisement Center - Students are encouraged to meet with their advisers at least once a semester to address wants, needs, concerns, and to ensure the student is on the right track with their academic schedule. Centers in South Wing or BSC StudyQuad.
  • Writing Help Center: offers assistance based on walk-in or appointments for students wanting help writing, revising or even brainstorming for papers. Located in Ketchum Hall.
  • Academic Skills Center: offers tutoring by professional tutors in all academic subjects offered at Buffalo State College. Free to students, appointments required. Located in South Wing.

Library System

Campus Life

Campus Safety

  • University Police patrol the campus and surrounding areas 24 hrs a day by car and bike.
  • Emergency response planning for all types of emergencies
  • Motorist Assistance Program provides minor motor vehicle assistance on campus free of charge.
  • NY Alert sends emergency alerts via e-mail and SMS text messaging
  • Safe Escort Program provides personal walking escorts as well as a shuttle escort van for transportation to and from buildings as well as all parking lots.


  • Child care center – the child care center is located on-site to parents and employees at Buffalo State College for a small fee
  • Commuter student services – help create the “college experience” for commuters who may feel disconnected on campus. Several programs and services such as brunches where you can meet other students and commuters as well as the commuter lounge located in the student union upstairs.
  • Counseling services – are available to help students cope with pressures from everyday society and face any issues or concerns they may be dealing with internally. Counseling services are there to provide support free of charge.
  • Dining services – student dining room equipped with computers, cafes and more.
  • Disability services – provides accommodations for students with disabilities that may need academic assistance.
  • Minority student services – provides cultural programs and orientations to welcome the diverse population at Buffalo State.
  • Weigel health center – the health center provides free range health care services to students at Buffalo State.
  • Residence life- First and second year students are required to live on campus unless otherwise permitted; residence life helps ease the transition from home to college. Coordinated activities are implemented.
  • Continuing Professional Services Office offers Military and Veteran Services.

United Student Government

United Student Government (USG) represents the student body in terms of decision making and changes and helps govern student activities and organizations. USG provides activities, services and student representation at Buffalo State College. The USG is headed by an executive branch of students selected each year along with a judicial branch and senate selected at the same time. The United Student Government helps manage and disperse money provided by the mandatory student activity fee to the many organizations and clubs on campus.

  • 23 social activity clubs & organizations
  • 21 academic clubs
  • 3 club sports
  • 8 other recognized (unsponsored) organizations

Media Organizations

  • BSC-TV2
  • The Record newspaper
  • WBNY 91.3 FM radio



Buffalo State College is home to Bengal (Buffalo State mascot), the colors are orange and black. Buffalo State is NCAA division III with 8 men’s varsity teams and 11 women’s varsity teams.

  • Basketball
  • Cross country
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Track & Field
  • Cheerleading (women’s team)
  • Lacrosse (women’s team)
  • Softball (women’s team)
  • Volleyball (women’s team)


Buffalo State College sports arena’s ice arena is Buffalo’s only intercollegiate ice arena and a popular attraction for students and non-students alike. Recently, the ice arena was named the top ice-skating venue in Western New York by Spree magazine. Not only home to both men’s and women’s varsity hockey teams at Buffalo State, but also, the ice arena at offers open-skating opportunities, skate-n-shoot, learn-to-skate programs, as well. The facilities are free to students at Buffalo State College with valid I.D. 4

Buff State also offers structured intramural sports teams and activities; sign-up required.

  • Flag football
  • Softball
  • Racquetball
  • Basketball
  • Dodge ball
  • Volleyball



In Spring 2019 Buffalo State begun the reconstruct of Iroquois Drive. Iroquois Drive is a major road on campus which provides access to 16 campus buildings and 8 parking lots.  It includes two of the 4 entrances to the campus and along with Rockwell Road, Grant Street and Elmwood Avenue,  The road is 22' wide with one lane in each direction with traffic signals at either end.  The road was constructed long ago and this light duty construction has proven inadequate for the traffic it sees.  

In October 2018 Buffalo State begun the reconstruct of the Central Heating Plant.The existing Power Plant was constructed in 1953 and served steam to both Buffalo State College and the Buffalo Psychiatric Center, but now serves only Buffalo State College.  Originally 6 water tube steam boilers were installed in the building, but only 4 remain.   These 4 boilers plus a newer summer boilers are way oversized for current and expected future college heating demands and therefore are inefficient and costly to maintain and operate. 



Buffalo State College History

Our BufWiki history page contains condensed synopses of material found on the Buffalo State College website's History Pages.


Buffalo State College opened its doors in 1871; it had 86 total students, 75 women and 11 men and was named the Buffalo Normal School 1. The schools main purpose was to train teachers to keep up with the fast-growing student community. In 1888 the school adopted the name, “State Normal and Training School”, and with a new name and expanding enrollment, began construction of a science building.2

Early 1900’s

Rockwell Hall ca. 1948,

By 1901, student attendance had multiplied, bringing enrollment to nearly 1000 students. In 1928 the school took the name, “State Teachers College at Buffalo, and received accreditation by the American Association of Teachers Colleges. With enrollment perpetually rising and the current accommodations proving too small, the school broke new ground on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, and by 1931 the students and faculty move to what is presently the current site of Buffalo State College.3

In 1946, a $1 million state allotment allowed more renovations with funds allocated to construction for a library, science, and industrial arts building, expansion of the gym, converting the old industrial arts building into a Home Economics Department. At this time the school adopted yet another name change and became the “New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo.” In 1948 the school built the first dormitory, Pioneer Hall, on the site of the existing Moot Hall.4

Middle 1900’s

In 1951, full-time student enrollment was 2,033 making it the largest teachers college in NY state.5 In 1960 the school was known as the "State University College of Education at Buffalo". It was the first SUNY School to have a study-abroad program, “Semester in Siena” (Italy).6 See also The 1960's.

The 1970’s were turbulent times on campus; in May 1970 students took over Rockwell Hall to protest the US invasion of Cambodia and the deaths of students at Kent State. Due to the significant amount of damage to the college grounds, the college's president, then President Fretwell, closed the campus for the semester. On a lighter note for the 70’s era; in 1972, a record 2,792 students graduated from Buffalo State College, in commencement exercises held at Memorial Auditorium. See The 1970's.

Late 1900's

Buffalo State College completed and opened the $19 million Sports Arena in 1991. It contained a basketball arena, indoor track and a Collegiate Ice Arena. Commencement ceremonies could now be held on campus with the Sports Arena holding the year’s graduation ceremonies. The Frank C. Moore Student Apartment Complex opened in 1998. It was a former dormitory fully refurbished to include family units for students with children.

2000 and Beyond

See 2000 and Beyond for details.

In 2001 the school finished the $5.6 million expansion of Moot Hall which could then house the state of the art enrollment system consisting of student admissions, registration, financial aid and student account services. They also opened the new wing of the Campbell Student Union which houses the $3.7million, 16,000sq. ft., Barnes & Noble at Buffalo State Bookstore.

In 2007 the school had a 15 year high in freshmen applications. Buffalo State also enrolled in the emergency text messaging service, “NY-Alert, to inform students, faculty and staff quickly of a crisis.

In 2008 the new $33 million Burchfield Penney Art Center on campus opened to the public.

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