8934 Old Lakeshore Rd, Angola, NY 14006
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Mon-Thurs 11am-12am Fri 11am-2am Sat-Sun 11am-11pm 
(716) 549-3000 
Dave Schutte

Mickey Rats Beach Club is a bar and a restaurant. It is a classy little spot found just about a half hour outside downtown Buffalo. For thirty seven years, Richie Alberts has provided Angola,NY with their one and only source of entertainment for young adults all summer long. It's so wonderful, people from all over the Queen City have come to experience the beach, booze, and perfect summer cuisine. Richie's summer staff will surely steal your heart, and get you drunk. Mikey Reinard always has the Kamchatka close by, if that's not your style, just ask Brian Ox to mix up one of his famous "Ox shots". If your lucky,you may even catch bartender Mikey O's Outstanding bar top performances weekly. Or maybe you will get the opportunity to join Mickey Rats legend "Dancin Karl" on the dance floor, or wherever hes shakin' it at the time. Every day food and drink specials are offered, allowing you to test your drinking limits,and conserve money all at once. Just warning you however, if you push those limits too far, the big muscles at the door,provided by Jay, Dan, Corey, and Tim and others may push your drunken self right back out. If you enjoy live music, and the beach environment, give it a shot. I'm not promising you will be proud of your actions in the morning, but I can guarantee you will want to come back for more.

Summer Events Include:

Annual Pirate Raid! Every year the crazy patrons of Mickey Rats let their inner-pirate shine. Everybody jumps on their pirate ship(or boat) dressed head to toe in their best costumes. Armed with weapons such as water balloons, and squirt guns, they storm the Rat's beach to find as much rum and fun as possible. Year after year, this proves to be one of the most interesting days to attend.

4th of July! The Mickey Rats 4th of July celebration includes a huge fireworks display, bonfire on the beach, and a massive party inside the beach club. It is more than a party, because for years it has been bringing the community together. Families from all over the city, as well as Mickey Rats customers gather around the fire and enjoy the display of fireworks, and each others company down on the beach.When the fireworks are over, the party is just beginning inside the Beach Club.

Mickey Rats doesn't typically need a special occasion to have a celebration. There are everyday specials offered, and enjoyed. Mickey Rats nightclub prides itself on state-of-the-art lighting, sound, DJ's, live music, dancing every day. There is also the occasional volleyball and Kan Jam tournaments held on the sandy beach. Appearances by local radio stations, and prize giveaways are also common throughout the summer season.

The Restaurant's menu is perfect for family dinners, or helping you sober up. Your options include:

APPETIZERS MOZZARELLA STICKS $5.25 Six breaded sticks of mozzarella, deep fried and served with marinara sauce. JALAPENO POPPERS $5.25

Stuffed with cheddar cheese, breaded & deep fried, served with salsa for dipping. NACHOS & CHEESE $4.25

Freshly fried tortillas with nacho cheese sauce, salsa & sour cream served on the side. NACHOS SUPREME $8.25

Freshly fried tortilla chips topped with your choice of seasoned ground beef or chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion & nacho cheese, salsa & sour cream on the side. CHICKEN WINGS

Buffalo style, hot medium or mild, bleu cheese & celery. SINGLE (10) $6.75 · DOUBLE (20) $11.25 · TRIPLE (30) $15.25 CHICKEN FINGERS $7.75

Four breaded chicken tenders deep fried, served with bleu cheese, celery & french fries. Served hot, medium, mild or BBQ. CLAMS STEAMED/ RAW 1/2 DOZEN $6.95 · DOZEN $10.75 CLAMS CASINO 1/2 DOZEN $7.25 · DOZEN $11.50 STUFFED BANANA PEPPERS $7.95

Three cheese & sausage. SHRIMP COCKTAIL $7.45

Five shrimp with sauce SHRIMP $6.25

Lightly breaded shrimp, deep fried & served over french fries. SAMPLER DISH $8.25

Poppers, mozzarella sticks & fingers over french fries. PIZZA BY THE SLICE $2.75 Cheese and pepperoni FRENCH FRIES Heaping portion of straight-cut fries SMALL $2.25 · LARGE $3.25 WITH NACHO CHEESE SAUCE SMALL $2.60 · LARGE $4.25

SALADS Dressings include Italian, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, French CHEF SALAD $4.25 Fresh greens topped with cucumbers, tomato and onion with your choice of dressing WITH MARINATED CHICKEN STRIPS $7.65 · WITH SHRIMP $8.25 TUNA SALAD $6.25

Fresh albacore tuna on a bed of mixed greens with cucumbers & tomatoes. SOUVLAKI SALAD Choice of marinated sirloin tips or chicken strips served over a bed of greens with tomato, onion, black olives & feta cheese. Served with a grilled pita & our own Greek dressing. CHICKEN $8.25 · STEAK $8.60 TACO SALAD $8.25

Mixed greens, cheese, tomato, peppers, onions & jalapenos in a crisp flour tortilla bowl with our special seasoned taco beef, sour cream & salsa on the side. PITTSBURGH SALAD $8.50

A unique combination of mixed greens, warm fries, cheddar, diced tomato & onion with grilled chicken or steak with warm Rivera dressing on the side.


Grilled strip steak, sauteed green peppers, onions & cheddar cheese, stuffed in a flour tortilla; sour cream & salsa on the side. CHICKEN $6.50

Grilled chicken breast, sauteed green peppers, onions & cheddar cheese, stuffed into a flour tortilla; sour cream & salsa on the side.

SANDWICHES & STUFF Served with a fresh deli dill. Ask for lettuce, tomato or onion. HAMBURGER $3.00 1/4 pounder flame broiled WITH AMERICAN CHEESE $3.50 DOUBLE HAMBURGER $5.10 WITH AMERICAN CHEESE $5.60 STRIP STEAK $10.25

8oz. Strip steak grilled to your specifications. CHICKEN SANDWICH $5.75

6oz. Boneless chicken breast grilled & served on a kaiser roll with melted provolone. ITALIAN SUASAGE $6.25

Sausage patty flame broiled topped with sauteed peppers & onions, served on a kaiser roll with provolone cheese. GRILLED HOT DOG $2.50 ROAST BEEF $6.25 WITH CHEESE SAUCE $7.00 BBQ RIBS & FRIES BASKET $7.50 FISH & CHIPS SANDWICH $6.50

5oz. Haddock battered filet on a kaiser roll served with french fried chips, side of tartar sauce & a pickle.


Lettuce, tomato, onions & cheddar cheese, stuffed into a grilled pita or flour tortilla shell with your choice of dressing. CHICKEN $6.50

Marinated chicken strips GREEK CHICKEN $6.50

Marinated breast strips in Greek dressing, lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives & feta cheese. TUNA $6.00

Fresh Albacore STEAK $6.50

Marinated sirloin tips. VEGGIE $5.25

Assorted veggies. STEAK PITA $6.50

Marinated sirloin tips stuffed into a pita with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion.


Taco seasoned ground beef, tomato, lettuce, onions & cheddar cheese stuffed into a flour tortilla shell - hot, medium or mild. CHICKEN $5.10

Marinated chicken strips, tomato, lettuce, onions & cheddar cheese stuffed into a flour tortilla shell - hot, medium or mild.


Includes 1 small soda - Kids under 10 years old. HOT DOG & FRIES $4.25 CHEESEBURGER & FRIES $4.50 FINGERS & FRIES


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