Nature Parks

A nature park is protected land set aside for wildlife and and nature for a long-term period.  Often time they include tails designed for tourists and locals to walk.  The paths can be either paved or laid with rocks in order to indicate the direction of the path.  A nature park is different from a national park being that a national park is protected by the IUCN and is defined by categories.  Nature parks is a legally regulated protected park that is under conservation laws.


  • Tiff Nature Perserve
  • Amerst State Park
  • Buffalo Harbor State Park
  • Times Beach Nature Preserve
  • Beaver Island State Park
  • Nature View Park
  • Delaware Park
  • Chestnut Ridge
  • La Salle Park
  • Reinstin Woods Nature Preserve
  • Stigmeier Park
  • Como Park
  • Burchfield Penny Nature Preserve


Burchfield Penny Nature Preserve





Deer Bass Hawk
Woodchuck BlueGill Woodpecker
Squirrel Carp Robin
Chipmunks Trout Finch
Raccoon   Duck


  • Never walk along
  • Stay on trail
  • Do not feed wildlife