3701 East Las Posas Road
911 for emergencies
(805) 388-5100 (general use)
other numbers
Patrol Services
Patrol Services divides the city into four patrol areas; this includes four 24/7 "Beat" cars, "Cover" cars, a city/county shared K-9 unit, and other support services. Their primary responsibilities include enforcement of local laws and "calls for service." Each patrol shift is under the supervision of a patrol sergeant.
Traffic Unit
The Traffic Unit consists of four traffic cars and two motorcycle units. Their primary responsibilities include enforcement of traffic laws and traffic collision investigation. A senior deputy is also assigned as a traffic collision reconstruction expert. The unit also coordinates traffic control for special events, such as parades. The unit is under the supervision of the traffic sergeant.
Investigations Unit
The detective unit investigates the vast majority of crimes that are committed in the city; typically including burglary, grand theft, identity theft, battery and assault, robbery, and forgery. Detectives work closely with crime prevention, the special enforcement detail, and the crime analyst to deter criminal activity. The unit is under the supervision of the detective sergeant.
Crime Prevention Unit
The Crime Prevention senior deputy, with assistance from the volunteer coordinator, is responsible for developing and coordinating community programs designed to enlist the active participation of citizens in reducing crime in the community. These programs include volunteer services Citizen Patrol and Disaster Assistance Response Team; Neighborhood Watch; Citizen Academy; Kid Print; National Night Out; and other programs. The unit is under the supervision of the Community Resources sergeant.
Youth Services Unit
The Youth Services senior deputy was established exclusively to handle juvenile related crime and issues. The youth officer is responsible for a variety of programs and educational opportunities for both youths and their parents. The Diversion Program is designed and available to many Camarillo residents under age 18 that have been arrested for minor offenses. The Parent Project is a 10-week program designed to help parents identify problems and motivate their children to change destructive behavior. The youth officer is also responsible for Camarillo's three School Resource Officers (two for OUHSD and one for PVSD). The unit is under the supervision of the Community Resources sergeant.
Special Enforcement Detail
The Special Enforcement Detail (SED) consists of two senior deputies and three deputies. They enhance patrol operations and conduct special, focused enforcement, usually in "plain clothes," within the city typically involving drug or gang related conduct. The detail also has a dedicated graffiti officer who is responsible for investigating all graffiti within the city. The unit is under the supervision of the SED sergeant.
Ventura County Sheriff's Department Special Services

One major advantage in the City of Camarillo contracting their law enforcement services with the Sheriff's Department is the utilization of their Special Services. These services include: Dispatch Center K-9 Unit Air/Helicopter Unit SWAT Major Crimes Unit Evidence (CSI) Unit Forensic Sciences Laboratory Narcotics Unit Intelligence Bomb Unit Hostage Negotiations Information Systems County Service Yard (vehicle maintenance) If Camarillo maintained their own police department, they would have to budget and pay for many of these services on their own or simply not provide the service at all.

Additional Information

Camarillo doesn't have it's own police force, but has contracted with the Ventura County Sheriff for law enforcement services since incorporation in 1964. The department has grown from a nine-man force in 1964, their first police station (next to PV School on Ventura Blvd) in 1966, to their present force and station on Las Posas Rd.

Cmdr Steve DeCesari serves as the Chief of Police for Camarillo.


They used to have their own police force, but lost it when some of the city's investments went sour.

— Not true, the City of Camarillo never had its own police department — DaveFish

— The official website seems to claim that it has been a contracted force with Sheriff since the city was incorporated.