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Former Location
2246 Esplanade, current location of Esplanade Tires (previously Big O Tires)
Former Owners
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Business Lifespan
??? - Late 70s?

A&W was a drive-in restaurant located in North Chico. After pulling in the parking lot, you could enter the restaurant to eat in, or you could park in a “stall” and give your food order to the employees inside over a two-way intercom/speaker system. Your food was carried out on a tray and attached to your car so you could eat it there or take it to go.

Their menu included Papa Burgers, Mama Burgers, Teen Burgers, and Baby Burgers, as well as hot dogs, french fries, ice cream treats, and of course their famous root beer, freezes, and floats served in their signature mugs.

Their company website is located at: http://www.awrestaurants.com/