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Welcome to the LocalWiki for Yuba and Sutter Counties of California!  This project is entirely created and maintained by the people who use it: Everyone can edit this website!


Welcome to the Wiki provides a general introduction to the Yuba-Sutter Wiki and commonly accepted rules of netiquette on the wiki.

This is a great place for local event organizers to publicize upcoming events, photographers to share and host photos, athletes to find places to participate in their preferred sports, foodies to find and review local restaurants, history buffs to share knowledge of local history, gardeners to share knowledge of plants that grow well in our area, animal buffs to share their knowledge of local wildlife, bloggers to connect with other local bloggers, business owners to inform the public about local businesses, activists to raise awareness of issues that concern them, and people in general to create personal homepages and get to know each other better. In fact, you can use it to share information about virtually anything in the Yuba-Sutter area!

About the Yuba-Sutter LocalWiki

How can I edit this website? Simply click on the "Edit" icon at the top of any article, or click on any dashed link representing a requested article that does not yet exist. Read the Help page if you need more information on contributing.

Why not just put all this same stuff on Wikipedia? Wikipedia is intended for a global audience, and therefore only allows information to be posted on it that could be reasonably expected to interest a global audience. The Yuba-Sutter wiki is intended for a local audience, so you can feel free to go into a lot more detail here about things that might not interest the entire world - even rather silly things, such as posting personal pages about each of your pets. It is our hope to enhance the feeling of small-town familiarity with our neighbors by helping all of us get to know each other better.

How is this project supported? The Yuba-Sutter LocalWiki is part of LocalWiki, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, member-supported project that aims to collect and open the world's local knowledge.

Cover photo of Sutter Buttes by Alisha Vargas .